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COG OTTAWA pays tribute to 200+ volunteers in 2010! PowerPoint Presentation
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COG OTTAWA pays tribute to 200+ volunteers in 2010!

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COG OTTAWA pays tribute to 200+ volunteers in 2010! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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COG OTTAWA pays tribute to 200+ volunteers in 2010!
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Presentation Transcript

  1. COG OTTAWA pays tribute to 200+ volunteers in 2010! COG Booth Vollunteers Andrea O'Higin Anna Cullinan Augusto Viera Connie Mooney Emily Chan Evelyne Laurin Heidi Krol

  2. Kim Fetter Leesa Franklin Leesha Cunnigham Linda Harvey Lloyd Strachan Lynn Paibomesai Mat Paterson Mike Ilgert Peter Bradley Petra Stevenson Rob Rump Sally Mooney Telsing Andrews

  3. Down to Earth Volunteers Laura Stewart, Editor Allison Gibson, Co-Editor, Sally Luce, Contributor Ray Pearmain, Book Reports Stephanie Pelot, Layout Editor Valerie Maier, Mailing, Matthew Patterson, Mailing Faith Phillips, Mailing Freya Van Every, Mailing Jo Van Every, Mailing Margaret Townson, Steering Committee Liaison Corrie Adolph, Culinary Corner Doug Maclean, Web Master,Technology

  4. Feast of FieldsOrganic Farmers & Chefs • Robert and Petra Oechsli • Roger Weldon • Tim & Roshan Aubin • Bruce Enloe • Robin Turner • Dave Loan • Gord McGregor & Janet Larabie • Chef Neil Mather • Stuart Colliins • Tracey Black • Kylah Dobson & Zach Loeks • Ron & Poppy • Marie-Elise Trottier & Christophe Marineau • Jennifer Warren Part & Charles Part • Daizy & Jonny Näf

  5. FEAST OF FIELDS cont’d Christine Estermann Christian Barque Ida Vallaincourt & Gary MacDonell Sean Murphy John & Bev Badger Chris Edwards Richard & Cheryl Allan Warren Sutherland Bob & Lylah Dobson Subodh Mathur Dominic Kelly Robert Jutas Mark Mackenzie Ian Lipski Derek Rhodenizer Jeff Russel Gerrie Baker Lori Nicol Davies Greta Kryger Scott Adams

  6. DESSERT PROVIDERS • Brad Campeau • Graham Beck • Auntie Lou • Organic Meadows • Rob Walbridge • Ross Batstone • Colleen Ross • Stephanie Matthieson • Christine Anderson • La Siembra • Margaret Tourond-townson • Ruby Cocoa Chocolates • Kerry Duffy • Roger & Jane Mattiuz

  7. Feast of Fields • Event Day Volunteers • Intisar Alam • Katie Ayoub • William Baker • Elisa Bernier • Danielle Bertrand • Beverley Cameron • Lara Chibuk • Jennifer Duschenes • Violet Fiszer • Stacey Haley • Lisa Hibberd • Michiko Hirohashi • Chelsey Hutson • Jean Ing

  8. MORE EVENT DAY VOLUNTEERS feast of fields Andrea Lillico Madonna Limoges Dianna Mohid Hieu Nguyen Leopold Papez Andy Phu Linda Piovesan Elizabeth Que David Romanyk Christina Rose Subbhan Sedigi Julie Thursday Augusto Vierira Jesse Want Krista Wells Daphne Welllman Katie Woolfson

  9. Demonstration Garden- Experimental Farm Gillian Boyd Jim & Denise Davidson Rita Paterson Lloyd Strachan David Harper Hi Lloyd Everything is perfect, Denise and Iwent by in darkness, but we sat on them and touched them and admired them. Very impressive. I love the wood and the attention to detail, I think they are amazingly strong and I was almost thinking fancier than church pews. I hope you sleep well and David should be tired too,I hope the digging wasn't too arduous, your muscles will tell you tomorrow guys. Please give my best to David and everyone else involved in the project, it makes for a significant “tour de force”. We shall work all the more enthusiastically as our guests come flocking over to the nearest benches in the line of sight when people arrive for a flower tour, be that at the COG beds (yes people... do that) or go to the upper beds (yes people ... do that... do both, Denise and I sneak up there too sometimes). In summary, I think its great. Placed exactly where they should be, no question - looking great, and solid - so whole families can sit and enjoy. I am a happy camper, call it a birthday present for my Dad who just turned 88 today. (And no, I won't be painting piano keyboards on any of the benches). Jim Davidson and Denise

  10. 2010 Steering Committee • Mike Ilgert • Gary Weinhold • Dick Coote • Lloyd Strachan • David Townson • Sophie Beecher • Caroline McNicoll • Doug MacLean • Susan Preston • Tara Goetze • Arn Snyder • Margaret Tourond-Townson • Robert Battistella

  11. 2010 Communications Committee • Robert Battistella • Margaret Townson • Petra Stevenson • Deirdre Furlong • Telsing Andrews • Torry Reid • Collin Lundy • Lloyd Strachan • Evelyn Laurin

  12. Eco Farm Day • Tom Manley • Lisa Brazeau • Bill Barkley • Arn Snyder • Alyssa Blais • Christine Esterman • Mike Ilgert • Connie Horbas • Debbie Holzman • Richard McArthur

  13. Growing Up Organic • Derek Rhodenizer • Gwen Rhodenizer • Jeff Iles • Anne Marie Korba • Lynn Armstrong • Andrew Robertson • Mary Young • Gina Becker • Ashley Simpson • Marian Gouin • Stephen Skoutajan • Holly Newsome • Tracey Gainforth • Tracey Clark • Cheryl Tweedie • Marni Oliver

  14. Growing Up Organic- Van Kleek Hill Village Green/GUO Events Eleanor Jones Esma Jones Genevieve Jones Jaxson Bigus-Gagnon Brendan Frauzel Xiomara Campos Phil Arber Samme Putzel Mandy Jefferys & The Limes Cafe Vankleek Hill Farmers' Market Vankleek Hill & District Historical Society Shelly Lydiate Meesa Lydiate Gavin Lydiate

  15. Trophy Hill Promotional Solutions Dorothy Hodge The Vankleek Hill Review Trinity United Church Elisabeth Bachem Grant Hepburn Sabrina Martinez Michel Pepin Bill Janusz Josac Marcotte Elliott Smith Diane Bedford Nick Goursky Gail Kronwald Julia Graham Glengarry District High School Hospitality & Tourism program

  16. Organic Week- Kitchen Table Meeting • Tom Manley • Steve Beauchesne • Lloyd Strachan • Phil Arber • Beaus All Natural Brewing Company • Kitchen Table Meetings • Kim & Robert • Tim and Roshan Aubin • George Bushell • Fleurette Huneault • Promotion Seminar • Cathy Allard

  17. Summer Tours • Upper Ottawa Valley • Mike Ilgert • Margaret Townson • Garden Tour • George Bushell • Mary Ann Van Berlo • David Townson • Margaret Townson

  18. Fall Reflections • Joel Béland • Torry Reid • David Harper • Colin Lundy • All Steering Committee Members • COG Ottawa E-News • Doug MacLean • Margaret Townson

  19. COG Ottawa Staff 2010 Program Coordinator: Petra Stephenson Growing Up Organic Coordinator: Torry Reid Farmer Outreach GUO: Colin Lundy Growing Up Organic (Van Kleek Hill): Kim & Rob Fetter Feast of Fields Events Manager: Michele Green