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Science. By Tan Zi Jie (30) 1P1. Contents. Laboratory Rules Thistle Funnel Retort Stand Filter Funnel Bell Jar Tripod Stand Beaker Flat-bottomed Flask. Contents. Test tube Measuring Cylinder Conical Flask Water Trough Round-bottomed flask Evaporating Dish Gas Jar Bunsen Burner.

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By Tan Zi Jie (30)


  • Laboratory Rules
  • Thistle Funnel
  • Retort Stand
  • Filter Funnel
  • Bell Jar
  • Tripod Stand
  • Beaker
  • Flat-bottomed Flask
  • Test tube
  • Measuring Cylinder
  • Conical Flask
  • Water Trough
  • Round-bottomed flask
  • Evaporating Dish
  • Gas Jar
  • Bunsen Burner
laboratory rules
Laboratory Rules
  • Never enter the laboratory unless a teacher is present.
  • Never run or play in the laboratory.
  • Never remove anything from the laboratory without your teacher's permission.
  • Never use your bare hands to transfer chemicals.
  • Never leave experiments unattended.
  • Never smell gases directly - fan a little of the gas towards the nose instead.
laboratory rules1
Laboratory Rules
  • Always follow strictly the instructions given.
  • Wear safety glasses when conducting experiments
  • Always read the label on bottles carefully to make sure it contains the chemical you want. Put the bottle in its original place immediately after use.
  • Always handle flammable liquids with great care and keep them away from naked flames.
  • Always handle concentrated acids with great care.
  • Report all accidents and breakage to your teacher. If any chemicals get onto your skin or clothing, wash the affected area with a large amount of water.
laboratory rules2
Laboratory Rules
  • Never look directly down the test tube or point the mouth of a test tube towards anyone when heating.
  • No eating or drinking in the laboratory.
  • Always adjust the Bunsen burner to give a luminous flame when not using it(or turn it off
  • Always tie up your tie or long hair.
  • Always wash hands after experiments. 
thistle funnel
Thistle Funnel
  • A thistle funnel is a piece of laboratory glassware consisting mostly of a shaft of tube, with a funnel-like section at the top.
  • Thistle funnel are used to transfer liquids into a flask.
retort stand
Retort Stand
  • A retort stand consists of a metal pole with a solid, firm base, used to hold, or clamp, laboratory glassware and other equipment in place, so that they do not fall down or come apart when conducting experiments.
filter funnel
Filter Funnel
  • A laboratory equipment, into which is placed filter paper, through which a mixture is poured in order to separate the mixture.
  • A flat-bottomed vessel, with a lip, used as a laboratory container.
  • It is used for containing or collecting chemicals.
flat bottomed flask
Flat-bottomed Flask
  • A flask with a flat bottom that is used for containing chemicals when preparing gases if the process requires heating.
test tube
Test Tube
  • A narrow tube made of glass for containing or heating small amounts of substances.
measuring cylinder
Measuring Cylinder
  • An item of glass laboratory equipment consisting of a tall, narrow cylinder with a scale marked up its length, which is used to measure liquids and solutions fairly accurately, but not precisely.
conical flask
Conical Flask
  • A glass laboratory flask of a conical profile with a narrow tubular neck and a flat bottom, used to contain chemicals or collecting liquids.
water trough
Water Trough
  • A large basin used for containing chemicals or collecting liquids.
round bottomed flask
Round-bottomed Flask
  • A flask with a round bottom used for preparing gases if the process requires heating.
evaporating dish
Evaporating Dish
  • A dish-like apparatus with a curved bottom for evaporating a liquid from a solution.
gas jar
Gas Jar
  • A container used for collecting gas from experiments. It looks like a tube with a broad base and a broad opening.
bunsen burner
Bunsen Burner
  • A small laboratory gas burner whose air supply is controlled with an adjustable air hole.
  • It has two kinds of flame, luminous(orange) and non-luminous( blue). The former is formed when the air hole is partially opened while the latter is formed when the air hole is closed.