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Mosiah 18

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Mosiah 18

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  1. Mosiah 18 The Waters of Mormon

  2. Where am I? • Young girl: She has such pretty hair • Young man: I can’t believe we beat Highland on Friday!!! • Girl: John’s so cute up there. Golly was our date fun! • Boy: I wonder why he didn’t take it. Huh, that’s weird, I thought he was good. • 16 year old - I hope I don’t mess it up again! I’m on my 4th try • Mom - I love Jesus. Johnny, quit hitting your sister! • “That was a wonderful meeting,” • “That was the most boring meeting I’ve ever been to.” • What would cause such a different feeling among people in the same meeting?

  3. Tell me everything you know about this…

  4. Many years ago an elder who served a mission in the British Isles said at the end of his labors, ‘I think my mission has been a failure. I have labored all my days as a missionary here and I have only baptized one dirty little Irish kid. That is all I baptized.’ Years later, after his return to his home in Montana, he had a visitor come to his home who asked, ‘Are you the elder who served a mission in the British Isles in 1873?’ ‘Yes.’ Then the man went on, ‘And do you remember having said that you thought your mission was a failure because you had only baptized one dirty little Irish kid?’ He said, ‘Yes.’ The visitor put out his hand and said, ‘I would like to shake hands with you. My name is Charles A. Callis, of the Council of the Twelve of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I am that dirty little Irish kid that you baptized on your mission.’ …Elder Callis left a lasting legacy for his large family. Serving as a mission president for 25 years and in his apostolic ministry for 13 years, he blessed the lives of literally thousands. James E. Faust, April 2001 Gen. Conf.

  5. The Waters of Mormon • Mosiah17:6–12 • Mosiah18:1-3 • Mosiah18:8–10

  6. The Waters of Mormon • Have you observed anyone that has… • Wanted to come into the fold? • Bore somebody else’s burden? • Mourned with those that mourn? • Comforted those who stand in need of comfort? • Stood as a witness of God at all times and in all things, and in all paces?

  7. What’s the most beautiful place you’ve seen?

  8. Think of the most beautiful place you’ve been to. • What was it like? • What did you see, smell, feel? • Why is that place such a beautiful place? • Is it the place or the experience?

  9. Let’s look at a beautiful place for Alma… Why is this such a beautiful place? Mosiah 18:29-30

  10. Read Mosiah 18:29–30 • Challenge: Make your home or ward like the Waters of Mormon—a place of beauty, love, peace, prosperity, and protection where the gospel is taught and lived. “Mormon” Joseph Smith taught that “Mormon” in reformed Egyptian meant “more good.”

  11. You can count the number of seeds in an apple…

  12. But you can’t count the number of apples in a seed. • Mosiah 17:20 • Mosiah 18:16 • Mosiah 18:35

  13. Have you ever been apprised? • Mosiah 18:31–34 • footnotea refers readers to Mosiah 23:1. • How was Alma “apprised” of the danger his people faced?

  14. Have you ever been apprised? Elder Neil L. Andersen: “Working as a special agent for the FBI, my friend investigated organized crime groups transporting illegal drugs into the United States. “On one occasion, he and another agent approached an apartment where they believed a known drug dealer was distributing cocaine. My friend describes what happened: “‘We knocked on the door of the drug dealer. The suspect opened the door, and upon seeing us, tried to block our view. But it was too late; we could see the cocaine on his table. “‘A man and a woman who were at the table immediately began removing the cocaine. We had to prevent them from destroying the evidence, so I quickly pushed the drug suspect who was blocking the door to the side. As I pushed him, my eyes met his. Strangely, he did not appear angry or afraid. He was smiling at me.

  15. Have you ever been apprised? “‘His eyes and disarming smile gave me the impression that he was harmless, so I quickly left him and started to move toward the table. The suspect was now behind me. At that instant, I had the distinct, powerful impression come into my mind: “Beware of the evil behind the smiling eyes.” “‘I immediately turned back toward the suspect. His hand was in his large front pocket. Instinctively I grabbed his hand and pulled it from his pocket. Only then did I see, clutched in his hand, the semiautomatic pistol ready to fire. A flurry of activity followed, and I disarmed the man.’ … “… The Holy Ghost warned my friend of physical danger; the Holy Ghost will also warn you of spiritual danger” (“Beware of the Evil behind the Smiling Eyes,” Ensign or Liahona, May 2005, 46–47).

  16. Have you ever been apprised? When have you felt the Lord warn you of physical or spiritual danger? 

  17. Mosiah 18 The Waters of Mormon