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  1. Announcements • Exam 1 will be next time. It will cover chapters 1, 2, 3 & 4 and Chapter 5 on Tycho Brahe. Sample questions have been posted. Format will be 15 MC’s (3 points each) and 3 essays (18 points each) from a list of 5. Open Book!

  2. Tycho Brahe1546 – 1601

  3. Born to Otte and Beate Brahe, it his uncle Jorgen Thygesen Brahe who raises him Tycho is only two when his uncle takes him to raise at Tosterup Castle. It was his uncle that pushed Tych to be educated

  4. While studying at the University of Rostock he lost his nose Some historians claim it was an argument over calculations while others say it was over a girl. Whatever the argument, his third cousin whacked it off in a duel in 1566.

  5. In 1572 he observed a supernova in Cassiopeia

  6. His publication on the new star in 1573 didn’t get much attention The publication De Nova Stella did give us the term “Nova” for exploding stars

  7. His next measurements were of the comet of 1577 Through careful measurements he showed that it was not atmospheric but celestial

  8. This time his publication got attention The publication included more details of his observations of the supernova of 1572 and the comet of 1577

  9. His early observations were done in Augsburg where he had several instruments built The small sextant was one of the first instruments he had made

  10. In 1575 Wilhelm IV granted him a lordship over the island of Hven

  11. On Hven he built Uraniborg

  12. The largest of the instruments was the mural quadrant

  13. He also constructed a detailed celestial globe

  14. Eventually the indoor instruments weren’t good enough so he built Stjerneborg

  15. At Stjerneborg he built instruments of all sorts The Armillary was one of the larger instruments

  16. The large quadrant was housed in a dome which opened to the sky

  17. His sextant was one of the largest

  18. While at Hven, Tycho develops his own model of the universe He kept the Earth at the center with the Sun and Moon going around it. All the other planets went around the Sun.

  19. Tycho left Hven in 1597 After the death of Frederic II, his patron, his family and friends ran the regency for the young king Christian IV. As the king comes of age, though, Tycho falls from favor and is forced to leave Hven.

  20. Tycho packs up most of his equipment and moves to Prague Tycho established himself at Benatky Palace near Prague. He receives a commission from Rudolph II as the Astronomer Royal

  21. While at Benatky Palace he invites Johannes Kepler for a visit.