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JAMIE ANDERSON. PRO SNOWBOARDER. SN OWBOARDING MAKES WINTER A LOT LESS BORING. What is Snowboarding About?. How you express yourself and creativity, and it is really exercising Snowboarding is just about being yourself and having a good time with friends and family.

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What is snowboarding about
What is Snowboarding About?

How you express yourself and creativity, and it is really exercising

Snowboarding is just about being yourself and having a good time with friends and family

Jamie anderson snowboarder

Born and raised in Salt Lake Tahoe, California


JAMIE ANDEROSN WAS BORN ON SEPTEMBER 13, 1990 on the side of South Lake Tahoe , CA

Medal count
Medal Count

  • Won a gold in the Olympics this year in slope style

  • 3 time U.S Grand Prix gold medalist

  • 2009-2011: 7 time Dew Tour gold medalist

  • 2012 Canadian gold medalist

  • 2011 New Zealand pen gold medalist

  • 2013 World Cup at Copper Mountain Colo gold medalist

Family history

Jamie Anderson`sFamily

Family History

  • She was one out of 8 kids (5 sisters 2 brothers)

  • Joanie and Stacie (older sisters) were her biggest inspirations

JAmieanderson was sick the

First week of the Winter Olympics.

Jamie anderson history
Jamie Anderson History


  • Ever since she can remember she`s been outside playing , building forts, sledding , hanging out at the lake , hiking and camping.

  • Yoga calms her down.


Training schedule

  • Yoga

  • Running

  • Practices snowboarding 1 day, then skips the next day to go again

  • She worked on her lower abs

History of snowboarding
History of Snowboarding

  • It was developed when Sherman Poppen tied 2 skis together.

  • Snowboarding is a type of sport done in only snow and winter months.

  • You use what looks like a longer version of a skateboard that is attached to your feet.

  • Snowboarding is definitely a fun and active sport.

How it is judged

How it is Judged

It is only judged if you are in a tournament

but other wise it is not judged.

It is also about how you land and how

much air you get.

Judges that judge snowboarding have

to have a snowboarding education to


The overall impression judges evaluates the specific tricks individually and as a sequence.

Judges give snowboarders points for style

They give 1 point for every 1 foot of distance above

The jump

Snowboarding rocks

Snowboarding Events

  • Half pipe is when you go get speed and then you jump off the half pipes.

  • Slope style is when you want to perform the most difficult tricks while getting the most air off the jumps.

  • Parallel Giant Slalom is an alpine snowboarding that you go as fast as you can and try to go threw the poles.

Snowboarding rocks

You can be any height to snowboard

Who can compete in snowboarding in the Olympics: Anyone who is qualified to be in the Olympics and is 15 or older

Equipment needed
Equipment Needed

  • Hat

  • Goggles

  • Bindings

  • Jacket

  • Gloves

  • Board

  • Boots

  • Trousers

Jamie Anderson

Won 2 gold medals inthe in 2014 Winter Olympics