cyflwyniad i e recriwtio e recruitment introduction n.
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cyflwyniad i E- Recriwtio E-Recruitment introduction

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cyflwyniad i E- Recriwtio E-Recruitment introduction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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cyflwyniad i E- Recriwtio E-Recruitment introduction. Darren Sidell. Swyddog Datblygu System AD HR Systems Development Officer Adnoddau Dynol Human Resources. Dydd Iau , 30 Awst 2012 Thursday, 30 August 2012. What is e-Recruitment (1)?.

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cyflwyniad i e recriwtio e recruitment introduction
cyflwyniad i E-RecriwtioE-Recruitment introduction

Darren Sidell

SwyddogDatblygu System AD HR Systems Development Officer

AdnoddauDynol Human Resources

DyddIau, 30 Awst 2012

Thursday, 30 August 2012

what is e recruitment 1
What is e-Recruitment (1)?
  • An online service for potential candidates to:
    • Search for jobs
    • View job details
    • Apply for jobs
    • Monitor progress of their application
    • Arrange interviews
    • Receive & accept offer
    • On-boarding
    • Give feedback
what is e recruitment 2
What is e-Recruitment (2)?
  • An online service for recruiters to:
    • Build a vacancy
    • Approve a vacancy
    • Advertise a vacancy
      • Links with Job Boards
      • Facebook / Twitter etc
    • Monitor applications
    • Shortlisting
    • Arranging interviews
    • Making appointments
    • On-boarding
  • And so much more…..
what e recruitment is not
What e-Recruitment is NOT…!!
  • A direct replacement for e-Work
    • Although it will replace the Post Authorisation process for all advertised posts (at first)
why do we need e recruitment1
Why do we need e-Recruitment?
  • Between 250-300 advertised posts a year
  • ~5000 applications
  • ~1000 application packs sent out
  • ~£250k advertising costs
why did we need e recruitment
Why did we need e-Recruitment?




All steps ine-Recruitment

summary of objectives
Summary of objectives
  • Eliminate inefficiencies in our current processes and systems
  • Automate parts of the process to reduce administrative burden on staff
  • Create a positive candidate experience.
  • Shorten time-to-hire and time to offer acceptance to ensure highest quality hires
  • Reduce our advertising spend
  • Reduce reliance on agencies for both permanent and temporary hire through the use of talent pools.
  • Future proof our recruitment processes against technical / social developments
  • Improve recruitment metrics and HR data quality.
  • Automate reporting processes and collect detailed management information.
  • Offer the potential for collaboration or shared services with other HE institutions or even organisations outside the sector.
  • Widen the candidate pool to ensure top quality appointments
lumesse talentlink
  • Software as a service
    • Cloud computing
    • Configured service to our requirements
  • Multilingual
  • Configurable post-implementation
how can talentlink help
How can TalentLink help?
  • Standardise
    • Templates for Job Descriptions / Person Specifications
    • Templates for Adverts
    • Templates for Application Forms
  • Remove duplication
  • Automation
  • Real-time applications monitoring
  • Equality monitoring
  • Fully Bi-lingual Service
  • Filter questions / Auto scoring
  • Talent pools
what about paper applications
What about Paper applications?
  • Continue to accept paper applications for all types of posts for accessibility reasons.
  • Applications will be scanned and uploaded
approval process workshops
Approval Process Workshops
  • Focus onJob Approval Process
  • Not driven by failures
process transformation
Process Transformation
  • Moved from sequential toparallel approvals
  • Multiple Processes


  • College / School / Department Recruiter approves by submitting the job requisition
  • Exec Approval first
  • HR / Planning / Finance process in parallel
    • NB: Rejected does not mean Rejected!!
  • Once fully approved, Contract details are locked but other information can be edited if necessary.
types of users
Types of Users
  • Standard Roles:
    • College / School / Department Recruiters
    • Exec Approvers
    • HR / Planning / Finance Approvers
    • HR Officers
    • HR Recruiters
    • Panel Members
  • Other Roles (for special cases):
    • College / School / Department Job Creator
    • College / School / Department View only
college school department recruiter actions
College / School / Department Recruiter Actions
  • Create Job Requisitions
  • Submit Job Requisitions for approval
  • Edit Job Requisitions
  • Approving advert costs – Via internal messaging system
  • Requesting Panel members to be set up
  • Liaise with HR Recruiters
  • Monitor applications
  • Communicating with Panel members
  • Action the shortlist in the system
  • Completing the appointment form for the successful candidate
first steps
First steps…
  • Identify vacancy / new post
  • Think about Job Title, Role Profile / Grade, Contract dates, Reporting Lines, Funding etc
  • Use templates to build Job Descriptionand Advert text
  • Login to TalentLink
  • Create new Job requisition
  • Begin filling out form
  • Either
    • Complete all and submit for approval or
    • Save to complete/amend and submit at a later date
important things to remember
Important things to remember
  • The one field you MUST get right, is the Request Type field as this drives the whole approval process.
    • If in doubt, always go for the max. number of funding options.
  • You are responsible for selecting the approvers for each job by name.
  • By submitting a job for approval, you are giving approval for the job at the College/School/Department level.
from e work to talentlink
From e-Work to TalentLink
  • Post request  Job Requistion
  • Folder Ref  Job Number (BU00000)
  • Job Ref  Job Number (BU00000)
  • Department  Organisational data / Department
  • Advert text needed at beginning of the process (but not needed at all for internal only adverts!)
  • Candidates receive automated email communications including an electronic offer email.
what happens next
What happens next?
  • Your user accounts will be created in the next few days and you will receive an activation email as follows:


Subject: e-Recruitment : CyfrifActifiant / Account Activation

This is a bilingual message, please scroll down for EnglishAnnwyl Jo Bloggs,GallwchrwanddefnyddioeichcyfrifTalentLinkargyferPrifysgol Bangor.Dilynwch y lincigwblhau y broses gofrestru.DiolchynfawrSystemau AD (Darren Sidell & Jade Luke)


PrifysgolBangor---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Dear Jo Bloggs,You can now activate your TalentLink account for Bangor University.Follow the link to complete the registration process.Many Thanks,HR Systems (Darren Sidell & Jade Luke)

Human Resources

Bangor University

  • Training will be given on a 1-to-1 basis as and when each area has identified their first job.
  • Comprehensive User guides are available here:
  • REMEMBER: All Advertised jobs to go through e-Recruitment by the end of September 2012!
which system should i use
Which System should I use?

This is likely to be enforced from 1 October 2012

future plans
Future plans
  • Talent Pools
  • Part-time Lecturers
  • Domestic / Catering Staff
  • Short-term contracts (< 3 months)