Brianna s dilemma at school
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Brianna’s Dilemma at School.

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Brianna s dilemma at school

Brianna’s Dilemma at School

Brianna s dilemma at school

Five year old Brianna is going to school for the first time today. When she gets to school another little girl pushes her down. The only thing Brianna knows about pushing is what her mom told her on the way to school. “If someone at school picks on you, you should do the same thing back to defend yourself.”

Brianna s questions
Brianna’s Questions

  • What kind of conscience does Brianna have?

  • Which rule(s) apply in this situation?

  • What would Brianna do in this situation?

  • If Brianna pushes the girl is it a moral action?

    • Intention:

    • Means:

    • End:

    • Overall:

Crystal s facebook drama

Crystal’s FacebookDrama

Brianna s dilemma at school

Eleven year old Crystal has been using an internet site her friends told her about called “Facebook.” She had never heard of it before her friends started talking about it, but now she visits the site everyday. She has recently made someone she has never met her friend on Facebook. Now he wants to meet up with her this weekend. He asks for her phone number and address. Crystal does not know what to do, she has never been in this situation before.

Crystal s questions
Crystal’s Questions

  • What kind of conscience does Crystal have?

  • Which rule(s) apply in this situation?

  • What should Crystal do in this situation?

Jomarys after school choice

Jomarys’ After School Choice

Brianna s dilemma at school

Ever since Jomaryswas a little girl, her grandmother always told her that she should not lie. Last Friday after school Jomaryswanted to go out with her friends, but her mom said no. She told her mom that she was going to the library to work on a project for school but hung out with her friends instead.

Jomarys s questions

  • What kind of conscience does Jomarys have?

  • Which rule(s) apply in this situation?

  • What should Jomarys have done?

Nicole s gift shop quandary

Nicole’s Gift Shop Quandary

Brianna s dilemma at school

When Nicole was younger her brother told her that she should never steal. Her sophomore year she went on a class trip to the Natural History Museum. She decided to stop by the gift shop on her way out. There was a really great shirt that she wanted with the Museum’s logo on it, but it cost way too much money. One of the other sophomores told her she should simply stick it in her backpack and walk away. Nicole just left the shirt in the gift shop and walked to the subway stop.

Nicole s questions
Nicole’s Questions

  • What kind of conscience does Nicole have?

  • What rule(s) apply to this situation?

  • What would Nicole have done if she had a lax conscience?

Your turn

Your Turn:

Your group is assigned one of the types of conscience.

Make up a situation in which someone uses that type of conscience to make a decision.

You will act out your made up situation for the class. They will have to guess which conscience you are acting out.