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Physical Education & Outdoor Education

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Physical Education & Outdoor Education - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Physical Education & Outdoor Education. Why P.E?. PE is something all children in this country experience as a compulsory school subject which is part of the national curriculum. There are, as you are aware GCSE and A level exams in PE. What we need to do. Define it

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why p e
Why P.E?

PE is something all children in this country experience as a compulsory school subject which is part of the national curriculum.

There are, as you are aware GCSE and A level exams in PE.

Contemp Studies yr 12

what we need to do
What we need to do.
  • Define it
  • Identify its characteristics
  • Establish what is valuable about it
  • Analyse the various opportunities for physical activity in schools
  • PE - Learning new skills in an educative environment i.e. the school or a coaching session.

Contemp Studies yr 12


In pairs consider:

  • What activities did you experience in school PE?
  • Did you enjoy it? Why or why not?
  • What skill level did you achieve? Did that matter?
  • Other than physical skills, what else, if anything did you learn that was valuable?
  • How did that come about?

Contemp Studies yr 12










Contemp Studies yr 12


An area of educational activity

in which the main concern

is with bodily movement.

The formal inculcation of knowledge

And values through physical

Activity experiences.

…to develop within individuals

a range of personal, social and

scholastic qualities.

  • PE is about pupils learning about
  • Themselves; their capabilities , their
  • Potential and their limitations.
  • It is the foundation of all sports
  • Participation, but it goes beyond the individual
  • And understanding themselves
  • Its learning how to work with and
  • respect others.

Contemp Studies yr 12

qualatitive values

Contemp Studies yr 12

personal values

Contemp Studies yr 12



Child centred

Characteristics of P.E



Contemp Studies yr 12

present day pe
Present Day PE
  • PE has now become an examinable at GCSE & A level
  • Assessments given at KS3 & KS4(yr 7, 8

& 9)

  • PE follows a strict syllabus within the national curriculum
  • Improved partnerships with schools and the wider community.

Contemp Studies yr 12

pe objectives
PE Objectives
  • Aesthetic opportunities
  • Cognitive development (mental)
  • Moral development
  • Social development
  • Motor skills
  • Self realisation
  • Raise standard of sport and fitness

Contemp Studies yr 12

you need to be able to
You need to be able to :
  • Define P.E
  • Identify its characteristics
  • Know why it is valuable
  • Analyse various different opportunities for physical activity in schools

Contemp Studies yr 12

outdoor education

Outdoor education

Contemp Studies yr 12

  • Outdoor education is described as the learning in and about the outdoors
  • Outdoor education is under the education umbrella and so has many of the same values.

Contemp Studies yr 12

examples of outdoor education
Examples of outdoor education
  • Outward bound trust - trust set up over 50 years ago to encourage personal development in the natural environment, is linked to the Duke of Edinburgh award scheme.

Contemp Studies yr 12

danger in outdoor ed
Danger in outdoor ed.
  • Predictable Unpredictable

Largely under control e.g. using have no control over

Appropriate equipment this e.g. the weather

Perceived risk


Real risk

Committed experts

Contemp Studies yr 12