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FAST Search for sharepoint 2010. Presented by Jacob Wilson http :// About Myself. Jacob Wilson Principal Consultant @ Neudesic MCTS SharePoint, MCITP SharePoint, MCTS PerformancePoint

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Presentation Transcript
Fast search for sharepoint 2010

FAST Search for sharepoint 2010

Presented by Jacob Wilson

About myself
About Myself

  • Jacob Wilson

  • Principal Consultant @ Neudesic

  • MCTS SharePoint, MCITP SharePoint, MCTS PerformancePoint

  • Have worked with SharePoint for the past 4 years with field related work in Architecture, Installation, Configuration, Administration, Custom Development, Branding, and User Experience (UX).

  • Have also been doing Planning and Architecture work with FAST Search for SharePoint 2010.

Fast search for sharepoint 20101
Fast search for SharePoint 2010


  • About FAST Search for SharePoint

  • FAST Search for SharePoint Services

  • Planning and Architecture (Demo)

  • Visual Search and User Context (Demo)

  • SharePoint Search Comparisons

  • Extending Search

  • Lesson Learned

About fast search for sharepoint1
About fast search for SharePoint

  • April 2008

    • Microsoft acquires Norwegian Enterprise Search Solution Fast Search & Transfer

  • Overall Vision

    • To provide a market leading enterprise search platform that integrates with your existing infrastructure

  • SharePoint Vision

    • Best-in-class search, with the simplicity and low TCO of SharePoint

    • Build upon a social computing platform for a more robust search experience

How does fast work
How does fast work

  • Processes each item by extracting the searchable text, detecting the written language, and extracting the known properties, such as company names, people names, locations, and dates.

  • The system indexes the extracted text in an inverted index so that it can handle search requests later.

  • Uses the search index to return items that match a user query. The items are returned in a query hit list that is sorted by the relevancy to the specified query.

How does fast work contd
How does fast work – contd.

  • The system interacts with the Active Directory and claims infrastructure to resolve permissions and group memberships. It then only returns items the current user is allowed to see, according to the settings of the content source.

What can be crawled
What can be crawled

  • SharePoint Sites

    • Indexing Connector: FAST Search Connector

    • Configuration: Central Administration

  • File Shares

    • Indexing Connector: FAST Search Connector

    • Configuration: Central Administration

  • Web Sites

    • Indexing Connector: FAST Search Connector

    • Configuration: Central Administration

  • Line of Business Data

    • Indexing Connector: FAST Search Connector

    • Configuration: Central Administration

  • Database

    • Indexing Connector: Indexing Connector for JDBC

    • Configuration: XML File

  • Lotus Notes

    • Indexing Connector: Indexing Connector for Lotus Notes

    • Configuration: XML Files

Fast search for sharepoint services
Fast search for SharePoint services

Fast services
Fast services

  • FAST Search Web Crawler

    • The FAST Search Web crawler is an indexing connector that can be used for complex Web crawl scenarios involving a mix of Internet and Intranet sites.

  • Fast Search Connector

    • Retrieves content for indexing from SharePoint farms, Exchange folders, internal/external Web sites, line of business data and file shares. This is an indexing connector that crawls the content repositories and retrieves content that can be indexed by FAST Search Server 2010 for SharePoint.

Fast services contd
Fast services – contd.

  • Web Link Analysis (Web Analyzer, Scalable)

    • It analyzes search click through logs and hyperlink structures.

    • Items that show many clicks in the search click through log are popular and therefore receive better rank scores than less-viewed items.

    • Items that are linked to from many other items are also perceived to be more relevant for the user and therefore receive better rank scores.

Fast services contd1
Fast services – contd.

  • Item Processing (Scalable)

    • Receives items to be indexed from indexing connectors.

      • Extracts content from source documents in various formats

      • Discovers and sets managed properties

      • Performs linguistic processing on the content

      • Sends the processed items to the indexing service

    • Key Features

      • Mapping from crawled properties to managed properties

      • Parsing of document formats such as Word, Excel and PDF

      • Extracting properties from crawled content

      • Linguistic processing of items before indexing (Stemming and word breaking)

Fast services contd2
Fast services – contd.

  • Query Matching (Scalable)

    • The query matching service uses the inverted indexes created by the indexing service to retrieve the items that match a query and then return these items as a query hit list

    • The number of columns in the query matching service always equals the number of columns in the indexer service. The reason is that the index columns represent a partitioning of the index, and each query matching node can handle only one such partition of the index.

Fast services contd3
Fast services – contd.

  • FAST Search Authorization

    • The FAST Search Authorization (FSA) manager is a part of the administration service that manages user authorization for indexed content

    • Ensures that only items that a user is entitled to read appear in the query results

    • The FSA manager communicates with Active Directory services or other LDAP based directory services to manage the authorization process

System requirements
System requirements

  • CPU

    • Quad 2.0 GHz or faster

  • Memory

    • 4GB or more is recommended for all configurations. For multi-core servers, at least 2GB per core is recommended.

  • Swap Space

    • Should be twice the machine’s physical memory

  • Disk Space

    • 50GB initial available disk space

    • RAID 5 recommended

    • Plan for 1TB of disk space per 5 million indexed documents

Server roles
Server roles

  • Admin Server

    • Administration Services

  • Non-Admin Server

    • Query Matching (Search) Service

    • Indexing Service

    • Document/Item Processing Service

Single server deployment
Single server deployment

  • Admin and Non-Admin Services on single server

Multi server deployment
Multi-server deployment

  • Admin Server and 1+ Non-Admin Server(s)

Office web apps services
Office web apps services

  • PowerPoint Service Application

    • Viewing/Editing PPT documents in the browser

    • Generating PPT thumbnails in FAST Search Results

  • Word Viewing Service

    • Viewing/Editing Word documents in the browser

    • Generating Word thumbnails in FAST Search Results

Sharepoint search service applications
SharePoint search service applications

  • FAST Search Connector (SSA, App Server)

    • Is a Search Service Application that retrieves content for indexing from SharePoint farms and other content repositories.

  • FAST Query (SSA, WFE)

    • Is a Search Service Application that provides query results from the content that is crawled by the Content SSA.

Partitioned index
Partitioned index

  • Oh yeah, let’s not forget about the partitioned index.

    • Spread the load for queries across multiple query servers

    • Propagate index subsets to different query servers

    • Hash of document ID’s to determine which partition the index entries for a specific document should be stored

    • Query results can come from different servers

Visual conversational search
Visual, conversational search

  • Refiners with Detailed Counts

    • Counts are specific to FAST Search

  • Thumbnails and Scrolling PPT Previews

    • Specific to FAST Search

    • Provided by Office Web Apps 2010

  • Similarity Search

    • Specific to FAST Search

  • Sorting on any Property

  • Visual Best Bets

    • Specific to FAST Search

Visual conversational search1
Visual, conversational search

Sorting on any property

Scrolling PowerPoint


Visual Best Bets


Refinement with counts

on any property

Similarity Search

Fast search user context
Fast search User context

  • Keyword

    • Best Bets

    • Visual Best Bets

    • Document Promotion

    • Document Demotion

  • Site Promotion

  • Site Demotion

Sharepoint search comparison
SharePoint search comparison

Sharepoint search comparison1
Sharepoint search comparison

End User perspective

Sharepoint search comparison2
Sharepoint search comparison

Sharepoint search comparison3
Sharepoint search comparison

Sharepoint search comparison oob
Sharepoint search comparison - OOB

Sharepoint search comparison fast
Sharepoint search comparison – FAST

Extending search1
Extending search

  • Extend OOB Web Parts – or Create New Ones

  • Location Awareness

    • Geo-Search using SortFormula() with FQL (Fast Query Language)

  • Query Language Expressiveness

    • Soft boost (relevance control) using Xrank operator in FQL

    • EX: Boost all documents that contain a selected persons name or phrase

Lessons learned1
Lessons learned

  • FAST Query Service Location Port

    • Use 13287 instead of the suggested 13285 for HTTP communication. Use 13286 for HTTPS.

  • FAST Search User Context Permissions

    • Need to have User Profile Service Application Permissions

  • FAST Search Server Local Admin Group

    • FAST Service Accounts need to be manually added to the FAST Server local group FASTSearchAdministrators

  • Service Account Access to FAST Search SQL DB’s

    • Need to manually grant service accounts access to SQL DB’s

  • Office Web Applications Install and Post Configuration

    • Install on the SharePoint server before installing SharePoint 2010

    • Run PowerShell scripts for post-configuration

  • Make sure to activate the publishing infrastructure features on the site where the FAST Search Center will live. You won’t be able to successfully add a FAST Search Center site to the Site Collection until this is done.

Useful resources
Useful resources

  • FAST Search Server for SharePoint Deployment & Configuration Guide


  • FAST Search Server for SharePoint Known Issues


  • FAST Search Server for SharePoint Cmdlets Overview


  • Deploy Office Web Apps (SharePoint 2010)


  • Search TechCenter