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Win with OTL Sports Investment PowerPoint Presentation
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Win with OTL Sports Investment

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Win with OTL Sports Investment
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Win with OTL Sports Investment

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  1. OTL Sports OTL Sports

  2. Win with OTL Sports Investment • OTL Sports is a sports investment firm which has been in the industry for 18 years. Established in 1992, OTL Sports continues to provide reliable sports information that has highest probability of winning. They cover all major sports including College & Pro Football, College & NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey and Major League Baseball. OTL Sports also have a wide network of insiders' that cover Horse Racing. • OTL Sports does not believe in occasional fistfuls with a lucky weekend, but consistent year-in year-out profits that a man could build a better life on. OTL Sports has a special investment package for each of the sports category namely football, basketball, baseball, hockey, horse racing. OTL Sports has developed a system through which they analyze thousands of games, prior to and subsequent to their being played. Careful analysis and correct predictions have made OTL Sports the number one provider of sports gaming information. OTL Sports

  3. 2010 Football Investment Package! • When it comes to acquiring the strongest inside information for both College and NFL Football there is no other service stronger for the average player than the OTL Football Investment Package.   • Going into our 19th year, we will be adding 18 of the top Football sources in the sports information business to our network. With an average of +132 net units of profit yearly, you cannot go wrong when enrolling in the Football Investment Package. OTL Sports

  4. Basketball Investment Package! The Basketball Investment Package finished the 2009-2010 season on an amazing 26-9 NBA Playoff Winning Run.  We finished the season 198-94 overall in both College & Pro marking our 6th straight winning Season. We are ready for another winning season which tips off in less than 3 months and you CAN SAVE BIG by enrolling in our Early-Bird Basketball Investment Package.    OTL Sports

  5. Baseball 2010 Investment Package! • Our scouts, stat-men, and dugout insiders are second to none on the Diamonds, and make OTL'S Baseball Investment Package the shining gem of baseball handicapping and an annual profit-maker for you.  It's this type of dedication, hard work, and fundamental expertise that beats the Vegas lines year-in and year-out, producing over 62% winners for 14 of the last 16 baseball seasons, including last year's profit-making winning percentage of 62.6%! OTL Sports

  6. 2010 Hockey Investment Package! • The Hockey Investment Package/Lock Club finished the Hockey Season on an 11-2 Winning Run and hit an amazing 25-8 on its last 33 selections last year. We are set to pick up just where we left off last season. • You'll receive our 2-3 Top-Rated selections each night for over 5 months with our amazing Full Season Hockey Investment Package.  That's less than $10 per week and less than $2 per selection. OTL Sports

  7. Horse Investment Package Wins 18of 26! The OTL Horse Racing Network seems to King of the Races as of late, winning 18 out of the past 26 key races including 4 Straight Winning Races at Delmar in California and 3 straight winning races at Calder in Florida. Whatever track you are playing, we probably have what you need.  That is how EXTENSIVE our horse racing team really is.

  8. About OTL Sports OTL Sports, Inc. is a privately held sports investment firm offering reliable investment advice to beat the point-spreads in all major sports including College & Pro Football, College & NBA Basketball, NHL Hockey and Major League Baseball. They also have a vast network of insiders' that cover Horse Racing.  All of their winning package can be purchased daily, weekly and seasonal.  • Website: • Phone: 1-800-618-5463 (Toll Free) • Email: • Twitter: