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Obstetric Instruments

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Obstetric Instruments. Dr. Madhavi Karki. SIM’S SPECULUM:. MULTIPLE TOOTHED VULSELLUM:. ALLIS TISSUE FORCEPS. It is used to catch hold of the anterior lip of the cervix in D+E operation. To hold the episiotomy wound during repair

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obstetric instruments

Obstetric Instruments

Dr. Madhavi Karki

allis tissue forceps

It is used to catch hold of the anterior lip of the cervix in D+E operation.

To hold the episiotomy wound during repair

To catch hold of the torn ends of the sphincter ani externus prior to

suture in repair of complete perineal tear

To hold the margins and angles of uterine flaps in LSCS

uterine sound

It is a pointed, graduated, malleable, metallic uterine sound.

It is used prior to dilatation of the cervix in D+E operation to know

the length of the uterine cavity and to note the position of the uterus

cervical dilators
Cervical Dilators:

It is used in dilatation of the cervix

prior to evacuation operation.

Degree of dilatation required:

Incomplete abortion – sufficient to

introduce the index finger

In suction evacuation – one size

smaller than the size of suction


In M.T.P by D+E- sufficient to

introduce the ovum forceps

ovum forceps

It has got no catch and the blades are slightly bent. Absence of the

catch minimizes uterine injury, if accidentally caught or crushing of


uterine curette

It maybe sharp at both the ends or sharp at one end and blunt at the


Its common use in obstetrics is in the D+C for incomplete abortion

In D+E operation, the curette is done by blunt curette as uterine wall

is very soft.

plastic suction cannula karman s
Plastic Suction Cannula (Karman’s)

It is of different sizes and the approximate size required for a

particular case equals to the weeks of pregnancy to be terminated

The plastic cannula has got advantages over a metallic one-

as it causes less damage to the uterine wall and the products

sucked out can be visible. The vacuum must be broken before