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Desalination Demonstration

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Desalination Demonstration. Welcomes You To:. What is Desalination?. R efers to any of several processes that remove some amount of salt  and other minerals from water.

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what is desalination
What is Desalination?
  • Refers to any of several processes that remove some amount of salt andother minerals from water.
  • Water is desalinated in order to convert salt water to fresh water so it is suitable for human consumption or irrigation. 
large scale desalination
Large Scale Desalination

“The world's largest desalination plant is the Jebel Ali Desalination Plant (Phase 2) in the United Arab Emirates. It is a dual-purpose facility that uses multi-stage flash distillation and is capable of producing 300 million cubic metres of water per year.”(Approximately 80 Billon Gallons)

our design
Our Design
  • This project is a Senior Design Project for the College of Engineering
  • The goal was to design a system, using renewable energies, that would desalinate enough water for one person.
  • The system uses only solar energy to desalinate the water

Input Water

The hot water evaporates, leaving the salt behind

Flows Through

the Still

Where it gets heated and flows back into the Still

The water forms droplets, then flows down the glass into a collection trough

And clean water flows into the portable container

Into the CPC

team members
Team Members
  • Sergey Chiripko
    • 5th Year Mechanical Engineering BS/ME,

Business Emphasis

  • Andy Thistle
    • 5th Year, Mechanical Engineering BS
  • Wayne Evans
    • 5th Year, Mechanical Engineering BS/ME, Sustainability Emphasis
  • Allison Schneider
    • 5th Year, Mechanical Engineering BS, Biomedical Emphasis
  • Dylan Connole
    • 5th Year, Mechanical Engineering BS
  • Kelsey McConnaghy
    • 4th Year, Mechanical Engineering BS/MS , Sustainability Emphasis
special thanks
Special Thanks!
  • The team would like to thank the faculty in the mechanical engineering department at RIT, especially Dr. Edward Henseland Mr. Gerald Garavuso.
  • The team would also like to thank Dr. Alexander Friess and Dr. Stevens for their insight.
  • Additional thanks to Rob Kraynik, Steve Cramb, Evan Evans, Kyle Norlin, and the Aero club for their assistance.
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