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Follow-Up Discussion from Spokane The Paradigm Shift: PowerPoint Presentation
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Follow-Up Discussion from Spokane The Paradigm Shift:

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Follow-Up Discussion from Spokane The Paradigm Shift: - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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2 nd Okanagan Basin Ecosystem Conference Making Ecosystem Connections: Partnerships for a Restored Okanagan Basin Habitat. Follow-Up Discussion from Spokane The Paradigm Shift:

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Presentation Transcript

2nd Okanagan Basin Ecosystem ConferenceMaking Ecosystem Connections:Partnerships for a Restored Okanagan Basin Habitat

Follow-Up Discussion from Spokane

The Paradigm Shift:

A Discussion Paper on Designing a Collaborative Community Transboundary Ecosystem-based Aquatics Plan for the Okanagan Portion of the Columbia River Watershed

discussion paper outline
Discussion Paper Outline
  • Introduces context, and all the Canadian and US Organizations involved in fisheries, water quality, water quantity, and watershed health / management
  • Discusses how to include community organizations and their knowledge in a meaningful way in the plans for environmental protection, restoration and stability
  • Suggests how community action contributes to management as well as economic, social and environmental stability
discussion paper contents
Discussion Paper Contents:

Community to Community Trans-border Collaboration

What meaningful things can US and Canadian Non-government Groups do together for our watershed?

  • Develop a common community-based transboundary watershed vision for the Okanagan
  • Develop a common workplan for coordination of community toward non-government group aquatic ecosystem protection, planning and restoration and define appropriate mechanisms for linking to government technical efforts
discussion paper contents1
Discussion Paper Contents:
  • Establish what transboundary communications and networking opportunities exist and adopt a mechanism for communications between all groups
  • Establish what resources and tools exist, identify needs remaining, and develop strategy to partner with organizations that might mutually benefit from addressing identified needs
discussion paper contents2
Discussion Paper Contents:
  • Advise government staff on community vision, interests, abilities, and needs
  • Advocate for political support, funding and projects
  • Identify potential shared projects
  • Others? To be discussed in workshop…
discussion paper contents3
Discussion Paper Contents:

Community to Government Linkages

What does community need from government?

  • Develop (with community) and commit to a policy on the role of community organizations (NGOs) at various levels of in decision-making on watershed planning, management and restoration issues.
  • Work with community on common approaches to transboundary watershed issues and how they will be addressed
discussion paper contents4
Discussion Paper Contents:
  • Recognize, and provide capacity support for, community efforts that address common issues on aquatic ecosystem health
  • Endorse, commit to use, and provide capacity support for a community-designed transboundary community communication / coordination mechanism
discussion paper contents5
Discussion Paper Contents:
  • Partner and provide technical support in project coordination and delivery
  • Work with community to define appropriate linkages to government efforts for transboundary aquatic ecosystem restoration, and commitment to use these linkages in achievement of aquatic ecosystem health goals.
discussion paper contents6
Discussion Paper Contents:

Next Steps

  • Today’s workshop will help flush out these points and identify level of interest in proceeding with various components of discussion
  • If there is interest we will identify ways to continue discussion
  • Information will be rolled up and given back to community and government