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  1. UAH Library • Finding Secondary Marketing Data • David P. Moore • Business Librarian • 824-6285 • • "Consumers drive the economy Marketing drives consumers Information drives marketing"

  2. What is Secondary Data? • The Dictionary of Marketing Terms (HF5415 D4873 in Reference) defines primary data as "The information collected specifically for the purpose of the investigation at hand" and secondary data as "The statistics not gathered for the immediate study at hand but for some other purpose." So… • Primary data is usually gathered from original sources, mainly through telephone or mail surveys, interviews, and questionnaires. • Secondary data is information that has already been compiled by someone else. • The Library is a great resource for secondary data!

  3. netLibrary E-Books • Over 50,000 e-books • Same as the print copy • No Late fees! • Most published last 10 years • Search within the book • Easily explore class concepts: • interpreting statistical results, • research design, • focus groups, • questionnaire design

  4. Market Research Reports • Market research is essential for any organization that wishes to stay in business. • Gartner is a leading resource for comprehensive analysis and market intelligence for the global information technology industry. • New Strategist books give you the numbers and analysis behind the nation's changing demographics and consumer spending patterns. Ex.: “Who’s Buying Groceries” • Kalorama provides business intelligence and syndicated market research in the life sciences. • See to get an idea of what is out there.

  5. Electronic Periodicals • Over 15,000 available! • Choose Journals from library web page. • This links provides easy, quick access to research • In many cases e-journals are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format, preserving the layout of the original article • Most e-journals are available on and off campus

  6. Company Data • ReferenceUSA • Mergent • Wall Street Journal • Value Line • Hoover’s (via ProQuest) • Standard & Poor’s • Lexis-Nexis Academic • Datamonitor • S&P Compustat • More!

  7. Datamonitor Company Reports • Datamonitor Company PDF Reports will provide a wealth of information on most public firms. • Available through the Business Source PremierDatabase

  8. ReferenceUSA— • How many Greek restaurants are there in Kansas City,MO? • How many non-profit organizations are there in CA? • Which companies in VA with 20-99 employees have sales under $1 million? • Target Corp is the parent company of 6 companies. Name them. • How many wedding chapels are there in Las Vegas NV? • How many companies with more than 500 employees are headquartered I the state of Alabama? • Who is the manager of the Subway restaurant on Jordan Lane in Huntsville?

  9. ReferenceUSA Example

  10. Number of Employees Est. Sales Store owner Line of Business Show nearby businesses SIC/NAICS Codes ReferenceUSA Example 2

  11. It's important to be aware of the conditions, trends and issues of an industry in which you are going to market a product. Other great industry sources: Standard & Poors NetAdvantage Business & Company Resource Center Datamonitor Industry Reports

  12. About Classification Codes • Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) codes are four-digit codes used to identify an industry • Makes it easier to retrieve certain business information from library resources: • To use some library reference books. • To easily identify competitors. • To obtain analyses on your industry. •

  13. Library Info—Library 1st Floor Layout Print Business Reference Books are located here: Electronic Indexes are here:

  14. Market Share: Market Share Reporter • Oxford's A Dictionary of Business (Ref. HF 1001 C74) defines market share as:"...the share of the total sales of all brands or products competing in the same market that is captured by one particular brand or product, usually expressed as a percentage." • Market Share Reporter provides this type of data for many industries. • Available electronically through Business & Company Resource Center or in print (Ref. HF5410 M34). • You can also often find market share data as part of charts in trade journal articles. ABI Inform is one database that provides access to trade publication articles on market share.

  15. Market Share Reporter: Example

  16. Demographic Data: MSA Profile & CEDDS: Ref. HC106.8 .M47 • The MSA Profile contains historical data from 1970 and projections to 2030 of population by: • age and race, • employment by industry, • earnings of employees by industry, • personal income by source, • households by income bracket • retail sales by kind of business. • Data and projections are for all Metropolitan Statistical Areas (MSAs), states, and regions in the U.S. This 900-page book has more than 450,000 statistics. • The Complete Economic and Demographic Data Source (CEDDS) has data for all counties in the U.S.

  17. MSA Profile: Example 1

  18. MSA Profile: Example 2

  19. Demographics Info: Demographics USARef.HF5415.1 .D4631 • Contains thousands of demographic data • Age, sex, ethnicity • BPI (Buying Power Index)--a unique measure of spending power that takes population, EBI, and retail sales into account to determine a market's ability to buy. • EBI (Effective Buying Income)-- a measurement of disposable or after-tax income. • Retail spending by category • 5-year projections • Available in County and ZIP Code Edition.

  20. Demographics USA Example Average Household EBI Graduated Buying Power Indexes Buying Power Income Total retail sales A more finite BPI: GBPI’s correlate product potential and buying power in households based on income level.

  21. Demographics USA: Example 2 Groceries, alcohol, clothing, furniture Employment data (white collar, blue collar, etc.

  22. Psychographic Data: Lifestyle Market AnalystRef.HF5415.33 .U6 L54 • Provides market analysis of potential local, regional and national audiences, compiled from data from more than 19 million households. • You can start with a certain lifestyle and then identify what other interests frequently appeal to those consumers and what demographic information corresponds to that profile. • You can also learn where consumers with specific lifestyle profiles live, with all 210 DMAs ranked by index. • You can also see research by specific demographic segment - then identify lifestyles and geographic locations. • If you've identified your target audience demographically, you can quickly turn to a complete analysis of corresponding lifestyle characteristics.

  23. LMA Example 1

  24. LMA Example 2

  25. Consumer Behavior: Media Mark Reporter (CD-ROM)Available in the reference area. Ask for Assistance • Great source of information about consumer behavior, including buying habits, at the brand level. • Data is available mainly for grocery/drug store type items. • Examples: • Of consumers who eat Cap’n Crunch, what percentage are Spanish speaking? • Which brand of beer are readers of Field and Stream likely to buy? • Note: the CD-ROM software takes a little getting used to. But we have a guide on how to use it, and I can meet with you at the CD-ROM station if available • Another excellent guide at

  26. MRI Example

  27. Advertising Data: Standard Rate & Data Service Ref. HF5905 .S7 • Provides media rates and data for the advertising industry, listing advertising rates, editorial or programming content, circulation and other basic information for a variety of advertising media, including radio, and newspapers (but not TV). • Most volumes are organized by state and by city, with demographic and market data for each state.

  28. Suppliers: Thomas Register • The best source for suppliers of products of all kinds. 155,000 company listings, 124,000 brand name listings, 60,000 product category listings and 5,500 online product catalogs. Requires registration but access is free.

  29. Associations & Trade Orgs. • Trade associations can be an excellent source of market information. An association might collect data not available from any other source. • Associations Unlimited:-- An online database that lists 23,000 U.S. national associations, 19,000 international associations, and 112,000 U.S. regional, state and local associations as well as 300,000 nonprofit organizations. • National trade and professional associations of the United States –Provides contact info, number of members and staff, annual budget, homepage URL, publications, and dates of regular meetings are provided. Indexes by subject, geography, budget, executives, and association acronym. (Ref HD2425 .D53).

  30. Utilizing Government Information • Government resources are very useful in marketing research. U.S. and foreign governments collect considerable data about their economies and their populations. The following government websites are good sources of U.S. data. • Occupational Outlook HB • Consumer Expenditure Survey • Alabama Factfinder • Statistical Abstract of the U.S.

  31. Utilizing Government Information • American Factfinder (Census)—TheCensus Bureau's premier online data delivery tool, providing the ability to view or download data from the 1990 and 2000 Censuses, annual population estimates, the Economic Census, and more. • Stat-USA--a service of the U.S. Department of Commerce, is a single point of access to authoritative business, trade, and economic information from across the Government. Includes Int’l market research. • USA Counties--provides county, state, and national level business data. Includes number of establishments, payroll, number of employees, and number of establishments. • Regional Economic Information System--The REIS provides local area economic data for states, counties, and metropolitan areas for 1969-2004. Statistics in the data base include: personal income and earning variables.

  32. How to Contact me: • E-mail: • Online: • Good luck with the Hunt!