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Welcome and Introduction

Welcome and Introduction. Danny Brett Chair – Skills Network # HumberSkills. Humber Local Enterprise Partnership Skills Network. Middleton Barracks, Calvert Lane, Hull, HU4 6BN. 16 th May 2019. Agenda. Review of key points from the February Skills Network – Danny Brett (10.00am)

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Welcome and Introduction

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  1. Welcome and Introduction Danny Brett Chair – Skills Network #HumberSkills

  2. Humber Local Enterprise Partnership Skills Network Middleton Barracks, Calvert Lane, Hull, HU4 6BN 16th May 2019

  3. Agenda • Review of key points from the February Skills Network – Danny Brett (10.00am) • Skills Advisory Panels – Steve Tomlinson/Teresa Chalmers (10.10am) • Creativity, Skills of the Future – Chris Strong (10.25am) • ESFA, Industrial Placements – Victoria Lightfoot (10.40am) • 11.00 am – Networking Break • Cadets – Simon Cooper-Banks (11.10am) • Round Table Discussions (11.25am) • Update from the LEP Team (11.50am) • Summary and conclusions including agreed actions – Danny Brett/Sharon Gamble (11.55am) • Close and networking (12 noon)

  4. SUMMARY FROM LAST SKILLS NETWORK • Cities of Learning – potential Region of Learning proposal • Fresh Prospects – providing opportunities for skilled migrant workers • Offploy – assisting Ex-Offenders back into work • Yorkshire Training Partnership – apprenticeship support for schools • Humber Learning Consortium – The LEP Employability Passport Framework • LEP update

  5. Skills Advisory Panels

  6. SAP BACKGROUND • Government manifesto 2017 • Consultation on ‘Provider Funding for the delivery of T- levels 2018’ indicated ‘due regard to skills analysis, local plans and strategies’. • Expectation on local provider collaboration, reducing duplication • Focus on skills gaps, now and in the future • Place based approach • Led by the Department for Education, guidance available on: • The role of Governance • Analytical toolkit requirements • Data sources

  7. Governance Aligns to national LEP Review Uses same geography as the new Local Industrial Strategies ESB/SAP chair is member of the main board Membership includes all types of skills providers, employers, voluntary and community sector, LAs & other stakeholders Periodic attendance of other parties: ESFA, DCLGU, DWP. Focus on making informed decisions on skills funding and investment Identifies skills priorities based on analytical evidence Drives the ‘People’ chapter of the LIS

  8. Analysis Local skills markets, local skills priorities, local provision alignment Analytical toolkit - evidenced based Current and future demand National and local levers – policy/strategy Timescale – now to Oct 2019 Annual review; continuous evaluation Initial resource support Future Prosperity Fund

  9. NEXT STEPS • Consultation on skills gaps, opportunities and analysis • Review of the current Employment and Skills Strategy, https://www.humberlep.org/skills/employment-and-skills-strategy/ • ESB/SAP membership review • Key areas of focus for the LIS People chapter • Evidence base published* - Aug/Oct • SAP requirements embedded into the ESB – by Oct • Local Industrial Strategy agreed with govt. by end of the year

  10. ? Whoare • We are a training company with a 20 year track record of developing creativeskills • Our clients include the power, chemical, manufacturing, tech, cultural and service industries • 100% of profits are invested into young people who most need our support in reaching their full creativepotential

  11. FutureSkills Creativity–

  12. Is Creativity Important? ‘…87% of Creative Occupationsat low or no risk ofautomation.’ - NESTA Creativity vs Robots,2016 IBM Global CEO Study of 1500 employersidentify "creativity“ as the most important leadership competency for the successful enterprise of thefuture Creative Thinking will be included alongside maths, science and reading in the global PISA test for2021 Complex ProblemSolving Critical Thinking Creativity Top 3 Skills WEF – The Future of Jobs,2018

  13. SkillsDemand Future of Jobs Report 2018 – World EconomicForum

  14. SoftSkills • Creativity builds ‘soft skills’ • Collaborative ideation (social and emotional competence) • Testing of ideas (motivation), taking risks (responsible decisionmaking) • Failure and setbacks (resilience &coping) • Refining and adapting (perseverance & goal orientation) • Achieving and presenting outcomes (sense of purpose,self-efficacy)

  15. Creativity forBusiness • TheWhy • 98% of 5 years olds have genius levels of creativity, • by adulthood this has reduced to 2% inhibiting performance in a fast changingenvironment • TheHow • Generating ideas withoutconstraint • Understanding what creativityis • The behaviours needed to developCreativity • The environment to nurtureit • The mechanisms to applyit

  16. TrainingBenefits • Nurtureself-leadership • Translate problems intoopportunities • Structuralflexibility • Embracing theunknown • Establish processes that allow creativity togrow • Contribute to improving efficiency ofbusiness • Develop routine based mechanisms to solve problems

  17. Testimonial “…byre-connectingwithyourcreativesideandexploiting the freedom to explore, this training delivers new and exciting solutions that we would not have previously considered. Whatwehavewitnessedisthatthisexperienceisnota programme, it is a step change in the way our teams approach problemsolving.” Simon Hicks, Managing Director Altrad ServicesUK

  18. Website: Weareive.org Email:hello@weareive.org @weareive.org @IVEInnovatIVE @IveSupportive We areIVE

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