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Titles of Interest

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Titles of Interest
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Titles of Interest

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    3. 3 Titles of Interest Art Nouveau during the Reign of the Last Tsars Tamara Rappe; Elena Anisimova; Natalya Guseva; Marina Lopato; Frans Leidelmeijer 978-0-85331-987-0 c. 19.99 Feb-08 Hardback Byzantine Trade, 4th-12th centuries The archaeology of local, regional and international exchange Marlia Mundell Mango 978-0-7546-6310-2 c. 60.00 Dec-08 Hardback Economics in Russia Studies in Intellectual History Vincent Barnett and Joachim Zweynert 978-0-7546-6149-8 c. 55.00 Oct-08 Hardback The EU-Russian Energy Dialogue Europe's Future Energy Security Pami Aalto 978-0-7546-4808-6 c. 55.00 Jan-08 Hardback Health and Health Policy in the New Russia Jon Stewart 978-0-7546-6350-8 c. 60.00 Aug-08 Hardback Power to the People Visions of Space, Traditions of Place Julia Brauch, Anna Lipphardt and Alexandra Nocke 978-0-7546-7118-3 c. 55.00 Aug-08 Hardback Public Finance and Post-Communist Party Development Jeffrey A. Auerbach and Peter H. Hoffenberg 978-0-7546-6241-9 c. 55.00 Aug-08 Hardback The Fiscal Military State in Eighteenth-Century Europe Christopher Storrs 978-0-7546-4808-6 c. 55.00 Jan-08 Hardback

    4. 4 Social Sciences A large proportion of our social sciences list are research studies such as economics, politics and international relations, law and legal studies, human geography, sociology, social policy and Development studies. Ashgate has also developed an Internationally renowned list, including textbooks, on aviation with a specialisation in aviation psychology and human factors.

    5. 5 Social Sciences Key Titles Aviation & Human Factors Aviation Markets Studies in Competition and Regulatory Reform David Starkie 978 0 7546 7360 6 c. 55.00 Mar-08 Hardback 978 0 7546 7388 0 c. 25.00 Mar-08 Paperback The Human Contribution Unsafe Acts, Accidents and Heroic Recoveries James Reason 978 0 7546 7400 9 c. 25.00 Oct-06 Hardback 978 0 7546 7402 3 c. 19.95 Oct-08 Paperback Introduction to Air Transport Economics From Theory to Applications Bijan Vasigh, Tom Tacker and Ken Fleming 978 0 7546 7079 7 c. 65.00 Jul-08 Hardback 978 0 7546 7081 0 c. 25.00 Jul-08 Paperback Safety at the Sharp End A Guide to Non-Technical Skills Rhona Flin, Paul O'Connor and Margaret Crichton 978 0 7546 4598 6 c. 65.00 Jan-08 Hardback 978 0 7546 4600 6 c. 25.00 Jan-08 Paperback Straight and Level (Third Edition) Practical Airline Economics Stephen Holloway 978 0 7546 7256 2 c. 70.00 Sep-08 Hardback 978 0 7546 7258 6 c. 27.50 Sep-08 Paperback

    6. 6 Social Sciences Key Titles Geography

    7. 7 Social Sciences Key Titles Law

    8. 8 Social Sciences Key Titles Librarianship Organizing Knowledge An Introduction to Managing Access to Information Jennifer Rowley and Richard Hartley 978-0-7546-4431-6 25.00 Jan-08 Paperback Handbook of Library Training Practice and Development Alan Brine 978-0-7546-7044-5 c. 65.00 Jul-08 Hardback

    9. 9 Social Sciences Key Titles Politics and International Relations Political Leaders in the 20th Century Eric Shiraev 978-0-7546-7080-3 c. 70.00 Dec-08 Hardback Ethics Education in the Military Paul Robinson, Nigel de Lee and Don Carrick 978-0-7546-7114-5 c. 65.00 Mar-08 Hardback 978-0-7546-7115-2 c. 25.00 Mar-08 Paperback Ethics in an Era of Globalization M. S. Ronald Commers, Wim Vandekerckhove and An Verlinden 978-0-7546-7195-4 c. 55.00 Jul-08 Hardback Embedding Global Markets An Enduring Challenge John Gerard Ruggie 978-0-7546-7454-2 c. 65.00 Oct-08 Hardback Licensed to Kill? Legality, Politics and Morality of Targeting Terrorists Avery Plaw 978-0-7546-4526-9 c. 60.00 Jul-08 Hardback Governing Agrobiodiversity Plant Genetics and Developing Countries Regine Andersen 978-0-7546-4741-6 c. 65.00 Jun-08 Hardback

    10. 10 Social Sciences Key Titles Reference Series Development Critical Essays in Human Geography Stuart Corbridge 978-0-7546-2681-7 140.00 Oct-08 Hardback The Institutional Dynamics of Culture, Volumes I & II The New Durkheimians Perri 6 and Gerald Mars 978-0-7546-2617-6 c. 275.00 Sep-08 Hardback International Environmental Governance Peter M. Haas 978-0-7546-2561-2 c. 150.00 Sep-08 Hardback Law and Science, Volumes I and II Susan Silbey 978-0-7546-2500-1 c. 270.00 Jun-08 Hardback Lawyers and the Legal Profession, Volumes I and II Tanina Rostain 978-0-7546-2527-8 c. 250.00 Jul-08 Hardback Medical Anthropology Cecil G. Helman 978-0-7546-2655-8 c. 135.00 Oct-08 Hardback

    11. 11 Humanities Our humanities list continues to expand and covers music studies, literary studies, history, philosophy, art history and theology and religious studies. The list also includes the notable Variorum Collected Studies series which now numbers over 600 titles. Variorums range also includes large thematic collections on such broad topics as the formation of the classic Islamic world.

    12. 12 Humanities Key Titles Art History/ Visual Studies At the Edges of Vision Contemporary Spectatorship Rene van de Vall 978-0-7546-4073-8 c. 55.00 May-08 Hardback Art and Identity in Early Modern Rome Jill Burke and Michael Bury 978-0-7546-5690-6 c. 60.00 Apr-08 Hardback Craft, Space and Interior Design, 18552005 Sandra Alfoldy and Janice Helland 978-0-7546-5706-4 55.00 Feb-08 Hardback

    13. 13 Humanities Key Titles History The Chronicle of Ibn al-Athir for the Crusading Period from al-Kamil fi'l-Ta'rikh. Part 3 The Years 589629/11931231: The Ayyubids after Saladin and the Mongol Menace D.S. Richards 978-0-7546-4079-0 c. 55.00 Apr-08 Hardback Mozarabs in Medieval and Early Modern Spain Identities and Influences Richard Hitchcock 978-0-7546-6314-0 c. 50.00 Feb-08 Hardback The Long Morning of Medieval Europe New Directions in Early Medieval Studies Jennifer R. Davis and Michael McCormick 978-0-7546-6254-9 c. 60.00 Mar-08 Hardback A Traveller in Thirteenth-Century Arabia Ibn al-Mujawir's Tarikh al-Mustabsir G. Rex Smith 978-0-904180-91-6 c. 50.00 Feb-08 Hardback

    14. 14 Humanities Key Titles Literary Studies The Idea of Nature in Disney Animation David Whitley 978-0-7546-6085-9 45.00 Jan-08 Hardback Their Hands Before Our Eyes: A Closer Look at Scribes The Lyell Lectures Delivered in the University of Oxford 1999 M.B. Parkes 978-0-7546-6337-9 c. 65.00 Jul-08 Hardback Deception and Detection in Eighteenth-Century Britain Jack Lynch 978-0-7546-6528-1 50.00 Mar-08 Hardback Frankenstein's Science Experimentation and Discovery in Romantic Culture, 17801830 Christa Knellwolf and Jane Goodall 978-0-7546-5447-6 c. 50.00 Feb-08 Hardback Shakespeare and the Cultures of Performance Paul Yachnin and Patricia Badir 978-0-7546-5585-5 c. 50.00 Apr-08 Hardback

    15. 15 Humanities Key Titles Music Studies An Introduction to the Dramatic Works of Giacomo Meyerbeer: Operas, Ballets, Cantatas, Plays Robert Ignatius Letellier 978-0-7546-6039-2 30.00 Jan-08 Hardback From Pac-Man to Pop Music Interactive Audio in Games and New Media Karen Collins 978-0-7546-6200-6 c. 55.00 Apr-08 Hardback 978-0-7546-6211-2 c. 16.99 Apr-08 Paperback Nicholas Maw: Odyssey Kenneth Gloag 978-0-7546-3855-1 c. 35.00 Mar-08 Hardback Sgt. Pepper and the Beatles It Was Forty Years Ago Today Olivier Julien 978-0-7546-6249-5 c. 55.00 May-08 Hardback Thresholds: Rethinking Spirituality Through Music Marcel Cobussen 978-0-7546-6479-6 c. 50.00 Jul-08 Hardback 978-0-7546-6482-6 c. 15.99 Jul-08 Paperback

    16. 16 Humanities Key Titles Philosophy Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia A Natural Law Ethics Approach Craig Paterson 978-0-7546-5746-0 17.99 Mar-08 Paperback 978-0-7546-5745-3 55.00 Mar-08 Hardback Free Will and Reactive Attitudes Perspectives on P.F. Strawson's 'Freedom and Resentment Michael McKenna and Paul Russell 978-0-7546-4059-2 55.00 Apr-08 Hardback Capabilities and Social Justice The Political Philosophy of Amartya Sen and Martha Nussbaum John M. Alexander 978-0-7546-6187-0 c. 50.00 Mar-08 Hardback Mind, Cognition and Representation The Tradition of Commentaries on Aristotles De anima Paul J.J.M. Bakker and Johannes M.M.H. Thijssen 978-0-7546-3084-5 55.00 Jan-08 Hardback Nietzsche, Culture and Education Thomas E. Hart 978-0-7546-5416-2 c. 50.00 May-08 Hardback Volume 8, Tome II: Kierkegaard's International Reception Southern, Central and Eastern Europe Alexander Cowan 978-0-7546-6350-8 c. 60.00 Aug-08 Hardback

    17. 17 Humanities Key Titles Reference Series Warfare in Europe 19191938 Geoffrey Jensen 978-0-7546-2519-3 c. 135.00 Jun-08 Hardback Warfare in the Dark Ages John France and Kelly DeVries 978-0-7546-2557-5 125.00 Jan-08 Hardback Warfare in the Middle East since 1945 Ahron Bregman 978-0-7546-2479-0 c. 125.00 Dec-08 Hardback

    18. 18 Humanities Key Titles Theology & Religion British Foreign Policy and the Anglican Church Christian Engagement with the Contemporary World Timothy Blewett, Adrian Hyde-Price & Wyn Rees 978-0-7546-6037-8 c. 16.99 Mar-08 Paperback 978-0-7546-6035-4 c. 55.00 Apr-08 Hardback Christology and Science F. LeRon Shults 978-0-7546-5231-1 c. 16.99 Mar-08 Paperback 978-0-7546-5224-3 c. 55.00 Mar-08 Hardback Creation: Law and Probability Fraser Watts 978-0-7546-5873-3 c. 55.00 Feb-08 Hardback 978-0-7546-5890-0 c. 19.99 Feb-08 Paperback Eurosecularity A Theme with Variations Peter Berger, Grace Davie and Effie Fokas 978-0-7546-5833-7 c. 50.00 Sep-08 Hardback Religion and the Individual Belief, Practice, Identity Abby Day 978-0-7546-6122-1 c. 50.00 April 2008 Hardback

    19. 19 Humanities Key Titles Variorum Image Making in Byzantium, Sasanian Persia and the Early Muslim World Images and Cultural Relations Anthony Cutler 978-0-7546-5949-5 c. 75.00 Nov-08 Hardback The Painter Angelos and Icon-Painting in Venetian Crete Maria Vassilaki 978-0-7546-5945-7 c. 80.00 Nov-08 Hardback Before and After Darwin Origins, Species, Cosmogonies, and Ontologies M.J.S. Hodge 978-0-7546-5938-9 c. 65.00 May-08 Hardback The Chinese Diaspora in the Pacific Anthony Reid 978-0-7546-5749-1 c. 80.00 Jun-08 Hardback Classical Islamic Theology: The Ash`arites Texts and Studies on the Development and History of Kalam, Vol. III Richard M. Frank, edited by Dimitri Gutas 978-0-86078-979-6 c. 67.50 Oct-08 Hardback

    20. 20 Gower Publishing Gower Publishing publishes on management and business practice. Its programme now focuses on business practice to niche markets and industries but its range still includes 1000 page handbooks through to practical manuals and popular paperbacks. These cover all the main functions of management including HR, sales and marketing, project management, finance, corporate fraud and information management. Gower also produces training videos and activities manuals on a wide range of management topics.

    21. 21 Gower Publishing Key Titles A-Z of Computer Contracts The Legal Aspects of IT Procurement Dai Davis 978-0-566-08693-9 c. 75.00 Sep-08 Hardback The Bid Managers Handbook David Nickson 978-0-566-08847-6 65.00 Mar-08 Hardback Blogging and Other Social Media Technology and the Law Justin Patten and Deryck Houghton 978-0-566-08789-9 c. 55.00 Nov-08 Hardback Brand Risk Adding Risk Literacy to Brand Management David Abrahams 978-0-566-08724-0 c. 55.00 Feb-08 Hardback Business Development for the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industry Martin Austin 978-0-566-08781-3 c. 65.00 Apr-08 Hardback A Business Guide to Contracts Charles Boundy 978-0-566-08856-8 c. 65.00 Nov-08 Hardback

    22. 22 Gower Publishing Key Titles (cont) Business Wargaming Securing Corporate Value Daniel Oriesek and Jan Oliver Schwarz 978-0-566-08837-7 c. 55.00 Jun-08 Hardback Commoditization and the Strategic Response Andrew Holmes 978-0-566-08743-1 55.00 Jan-08 Hardback Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility Marjorie Thompson and Peter Whates 978-0-566-08657-1 c. 50.00 May-08 Hardback Customer Relationship Management A Global Perspective Gerhard Raab, Riad A. Ajami, Vidyaranya B. Gargeya and G. Jason Goddard 978-0-7546-7156-5 c. 45.00 Apr-08 Hardback Employee Communication During Mergers and Acquisitions Jenny Davenport and Richard Mosley 978-0-566-08638-0 c. 95.00 Jul-08 Hardback

    23. 23 Lund Humphries Lund Humphries is a long-established publisher of illustrated art books, with an illustrious pedigree within the field of the visual arts. In over fifty years of fine-art publishing, the imprint has built up a particular reputation in the areas of contemporary artists' monographs, twentieth-century British art, museum-related publications, and typography and graphic design. The Lund Humphries imprint has also been closely associated with the work of Henry Moore since the 1940s and more broadly with modern and contemporary British sculpture. The association with Moore is reflected in a series of publications produced with The Henry Moore Foundation, including the complete catalogues of Moore's sculpture and drawings, and the British Sculptors and Sculpture series.

    24. 24 Lund Humphries Key Titles Art Nouveau during the Reign of the Last Tsars Tamara Rappe, Elena Anisimova, Natalya Guseva, Marina Lopato and Frans Leidelmeijer 978-0-85331-987-0 19.99 Feb-08 Hardback The Avant-Garde Icon Russian Avant-Garde Art and the Icon Painting Tradition Andrew Spira 978-0-85331-975-7 c. 40.00 Sep-08 Hardback Barbara Rae With texts by Bill Hare, Andrew Lambirth and Gareth Wardell 978-0-85331-990-0 35.00 May-08 Hardback 978-0-85331-991-7 300.00 May-08 Limited Edition Crusader Art Jaroslav Folda 978-0-85331-995-5 c. 50.00 Sep-08 Hardback Henry Moore Textiles Edited by Anita Feldman, with an introduction by Sue Prichard 978-0-85331-993-1 c. 30.00 Apr-08 Hardback

    25. 25 Representative The Ashgate group of companies are pleased to be represented in Central and Eastern Europe by:- Dr.Lszl Horvth Tindi utca 31. H-1047 Budapest Hungary Tel: +36-1-3703614 Fax: +36-1-3795842 Email: laszlo@laszlo-horvath.hu