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TIM 100: Interviewing Techniques. February 27, 2004. Types of Interviews. Panel Interviews One-On-One Interviews Initial Screening Follow-up Second or Third Interviews Telephone Interviews Group Interviews. Types of Interviews . Initial employment interview Pre-screening process

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Types of interviews l.jpg
Types of Interviews

  • Panel Interviews

  • One-On-One Interviews

    • Initial Screening

    • Follow-up Second or Third Interviews

  • Telephone Interviews

  • Group Interviews

Types of interviews3 l.jpg
Types of Interviews

  • Initial employment interview

    • Pre-screening process

    • Ability tests

    • Language tests

    • Personality tests

  • Second (sometimes third or fourth)

    • More focused on specific job than initial interview

    • Conducted by department manager or general manager

Interview skills l.jpg
Interview Skills

  • Behavioral Based Interviews

  • Have a Plan

  • Be Flexible

  • Demonstrate Your Desire to Work For That Organization

  • Research the Company

Interview skills5 l.jpg
Interview Skills

  • Non-Verbal Communication

    • Smile, make eye contact

  • Bonding Moment

  • Concise Verbage

  • Hand Shakes(Coming and Going)

Interview preparation l.jpg
Interview Preparation

  • Informational Preparation

    • Research the company or organization to which you are applying.

      How: Internet, newspaper, library, talk to others in the industry

    • Know the occupation

    • Know yourself

    • Complete an inventory of your skills, experience, and personal attributes

Ten most marketable skills l.jpg
Ten Most Marketable Skills

  • Analytical / Problem Solving

  • Flexibility / Versatility

  • Interpersonal

  • Oral / Written Communication

  • Organization / Planning

  • Time Management

  • Motivation

  • Leadership

  • Self-Starter / Initiative

  • Team Player

Interview preparation8 l.jpg
Interview Preparation

  • Psychological Preparation

    Put yourself in the right frame of mind before the interview

    Show self-confidence, be prepared

Interview preparation9 l.jpg
Interview Preparation

  • Physical Preparation

    Dress attire


Interview questions l.jpg
Interview Questions

  • Directive Questions

    • What skills do you have that relate to this position?

  • Non-Directive Questions

    • Tell me about yourself?

  • Hypothetical or Case Questions

    • Suppose you were working on a guest floor your first day, and a fire broke out. What would you do?

  • Behavioral Questions

Behavior based questions l.jpg
Behavior Based Questions

  • Based on the theory that past behavior is predictive of future success.

  • Questions about skills, character, and preference based on examples from your past work or school experience.

  • Key idea is to paint a picture of the thinking that underlies the decision making or behavior

Directive vs behavioral l.jpg
Directive vs. Behavioral

  • What do you think of working overtime?

  • Describe a time when you needed to work extra hours to meet a deadline or complete a task.

Hypothetical vs behavioral l.jpg
Hypothetical vs. Behavioral

  • If a customer yelled at you, what would you do?

  • Describe a time you dealt with an angry guest to ensure the situation was corrected to their liking?

Directive vs behavior l.jpg
Directive vs. Behavior

  • Can you identify a specific incident where your leadership proved to be valuable to the operation?

  • Do you feel you have leadership traits? What are they?

Slide17 l.jpg

Tough questions l.jpg
Tough Questions a deadline or complete a task.

  • Eye Contact

  • Demonstrate Energy

  • Time Out/Re-Group

  • Prepare Examples of SAR

    • Situation

    • Action

    • Result

Unlawful questions l.jpg
Unlawful Questions a deadline or complete a task.

Do you have children?

How old are you anyway?

What is your date of birth?

Where you born in the United States?

Most frequently asked questions l.jpg
Most Frequently Asked Questions a deadline or complete a task.

  • What are your short-term and long-term goals and how do you expect to achieve them?

  • What motivates you?

  • What are you strengths and weaknesses?

  • Give a specific example of a time when you have gone above and beyond to satisfy a customer.

  • Tell me about a conflict with a co-worker and how you resolved it?

Prepare questions for the interviewer l.jpg
Prepare Questions for the Interviewer a deadline or complete a task.

  • Always have 4 or 5 questions prepared

    • One of the most effective ways to compare employers

  • Make sure you questions show interest and enthusiasm

Interview do s l.jpg
Interview Do’s a deadline or complete a task.

  • Do find out the exact time and place of the interview – arrive 10 minutes early and relax!

  • Do research the company interviewing you

  • Do be neat in appearance

  • Do be clear about you job objectives

  • Do bring a copy of your resume and other supporting data, perhaps in a portfolio

  • Do give the appearance of energy and self-confidence

Interview don ts l.jpg
Interview Don’ts a deadline or complete a task.

  • Don’t chew gum or smoke

  • Don’t go on talking and talking

  • Don’t bring up the subject of salary

  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions

Interview attire l.jpg
Interview Attire a deadline or complete a task.


  • Wear a Suit

  • Aloha Attire is Not Appropriate

  • Gentlemen-Jackets Buttoned

  • Hair Conservatively Groomed

  • Professional Watch

Interview attire25 l.jpg
Interview Attire a deadline or complete a task.

  • Ladies- Closed-Toe Shoes and Hose

  • Minimal Jewelry

  • Make-Up and Earrings for Balance

  • Purse/Portfolio

  • Conservative Length Skirts

  • Groomed Hands

Employment protocol l.jpg
Employment Protocol a deadline or complete a task.

  • Thank You Notes

  • Follow-Up Phone Contact

  • Status of Process

  • Preparation for Second Interviews

  • Salary Negotiation

  • Job Acceptance and Rejection