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The Lead Conversion Process

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The Lead Conversion Process - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Lead Conversion Process. Presented by: Philip Sperber. The Lead Conversion Process Step by Step. General Statistics Process Overview Lead Assignment Initial Quoting Process First Set of Calls Second Set of Calls Last Call Making Contact 5 Step Sales Process Outcome Follow Up

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Presentation Transcript
the lead conversion process

The Lead Conversion Process

Presented by:

Philip Sperber

the lead conversion process step by step
The Lead Conversion Process Step by Step
  • General Statistics
  • Process Overview
  • Lead Assignment
  • Initial Quoting Process
  • First Set of Calls
  • Second Set of Calls
  • Last Call
  • Making Contact
  • 5 Step Sales Process
  • Outcome
  • Follow Up
  • Process Management
general statistics
General Statistics
  • Currently utilizing leads from 4 to 5 different lead sources
    • This allows for a good mix of leads
    • Leads are from telemarketing companies in addition to internet
    • Provides a consistent flow of new leads
    • Prevents “all eggs in one basket” syndrome
    • Still easy to manage
  • 2 licensed staff work an average of 165 new leads each month
    • One Sales Associate working an average of 125 per month
    • One Service associate working an average of 40 per month
  • Agency has averaged 60 new items each month since January 2007
  • This is close to 36% items sold per leads purchased
process overview
Process Overview

From the point of lead assignment, our agency process has 10 steps including:

  • Quoting
  • 1 mail attempt
  • 1 e-mail attempt
  • 6 call attempts
  • X-date or 6 month follow-up

Each of the 10 steps is tracked by the staff member assigned to the lead

  • Excel spreadsheet tracks the date that each step of the process is completed
  • Spreadsheets are located on the “public drive” of my office for easy access
  • Spreadsheets can be easily changed to track other desired information
lead assignment
Lead Assignment

The leads are emailed directly to me, I then assign the lead to a producer according to the following:

  • Staff member’s job description
  • Current work load
initial quoting process
Initial Quoting Process

Input customer’s information from the lead sheet.

  • If not stated, we assume 1 year prior at state minimum liability
  • If not stated, we assume clean driving record
  • We use the more “expensive” car models
  • We use an IS score of 4 for the initial quote
  • We quote the “GOLD” package initially, but process would work well to quote “PLATIMUM” first
  • We then quote property using the information provided combined with county assessor
  • Our auto quote includes the property discount and vise versa – our conversations will be about both policies
  • We quote the liability limit requested on the lead sheet
    • We recommend at least 100/300 for homeowners
initial quoting process cont
Initial Quoting Process (cont.)
  • Before closing the quote, attempt to call the prospect
    • See first contact
  • Print two copies of each quote
    • One copy gets mailed to the prospect if not contacted by phone
    • The other copy is stapled to the lead sheet for reference
  • Email the quote if possible
first set of calls
First Set of Calls

Three call attempts within 3 days for the first contact

  • First call attempt
    • Made right away with quote still open in Alliance
    • Leave a message if no contact
  • Second call attempt
    • Often same day if the first attempt early in the day
    • Second day if needed
    • Leave message
  • Third call attempt
    • On third day
    • Leave message
  • The date of all call attempts is logged on Lead Tracking spreadsheet
  • Any conversation notes are logged directly on the lead sheet / quote copy
second set of calls
Second Set of Calls
  • Typically take one day off between first set of calls and the second set of calls
  • Two call attempts over two days
  • Fourth call attempt
    • On fifth day
    • Leave message
  • Fifth call attempt
    • On sixth day
    • Message optional
last call
Last Call
  • Typically take one day off between second set of calls and the last call
  • One call attempt
  • Sixth call attempt
    • On eighth day
    • Leave “take-away” message
making contact
Making Contact
  • Insurance theory of relativity
    • S=D+C+Q
    • Sales = Dials + Contacts + Quotes
    • My Sales Associate focuses on one step at a time
      • 20-30 Dials each day will produce
      • 10-15 Contacts each day which will produce
      • 5-7 finalized Quotes each day, which will produce
      • 1-3 items Sold each day
five step sales process 1
Five Step Sales Process #1
  • Establish Rapport
    • Always professional and courteous – we position ourselves as insurance professionals, not telemarketers
    • Use active listening
      • What has you shopping for insurance today?
      • What are you looking for in your next insurance company?
      • Use answers to tailor sales presentation and “hook”
      • Establish agreements – “me too”
five step sales process 2
Five Step Sales Process #2

Arouse curiosity / establish need

  • Focus on value first!
    • Coverage review
    • Your Choice Auto features
    • Your Choice Home features
    • Agency advantage
    • 24 hour customer service
    • Claims service
  • Compare initial quoted price
  • Additional fact finding
  • Gather information / permission to run reports
    • Complete PQB
  • We often call back with the completed quote for both auto and property
five step sales process 3
Five Step Sales Process #3

Present options

  • Maintain focus on value first
  • Link features to benefits
  • Use tie-downs
five step sales process 4
Five Step Sales Process #4

Ask for action

  • Closing techniques:
    • Direct proposition
    • Assumptive proposition
    • Choice proposition
five step sales process 5
Five Step Sales Process #5

After sale

  • Say “thank you”
  • Outline the next steps in the process including a timeframe
  • Obtain EFS appointment
  • Obtain referrals
  • Sales associate notates the final outcome of conversation for future reference
    • Short description on Lead Tracking spreadsheet
    • More detailed notes directly on

lead / quote sheet

follow up
Follow up
  • Appropriate follow-up date is determined
  • Associate asks permission to check back in at a later date
    • Very few say no
  • Lead / quote sheet is filed by month in our follow-up file cabinet
process management
Process Management

Measurement and tracking

  • Each producer’s daily activities can easily be tracked and counted
  • Each lead source’s effectiveness can be easily tracked
  • The lead load of each producer can be easily tracked
  • Each lead can be tracked for progress
process management20
Process Management


  • Location on “P” drive allows easy access
  • Excel spreadsheets allow for easy data entry
  • Excel spreadsheets allow for changes to what is tracked and how
  • Easy to update or archive information
process management21
Process Management


  • Provides mechanism to hold staff accountable to the lead conversion process
    • Timeliness of steps
    • Dials
    • Contacts
  • Allows for an easy way to keep lead sources accountable
    • Number of leads provided vs. number billed
    • Duplicate leads
successful sales techniques webinar series
Successful Sales Techniques Webinar Series

Sperber 10 step Lead Conversion and Tracking Process

  • The 10 step Quote to Close contact process
  • The 5 step Sales process
  • Process Measurement and Management

Presented 9/20/07 and 9/25/07

Recording available on ?? 9/26/07


  • Agents and Staff - 159
  • Regional Employees - 8
  • Field Distribution Leaders - 5

What Agents are saying:

We’re very impressed with Phil’s presentation and we intend to adopt much/all of this process