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Small Scale Intranets PowerPoint Presentation
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Small Scale Intranets

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Small Scale Intranets
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Small Scale Intranets

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  1. Small Scale Intranets Elton Billings Manager of Web Production Remedy Session D302

  2. Main Entry: in·tra·net: a network operating like the World Wide Web but having access restricted to a limited group of authorized users (as employees of a company)

  3. Overview • Small scale intranets for volunteer organizations (or for departments) • Advantages • Disadvantages • Examples of small scale intranets • Tips for success

  4. Advantages • Less content to publish and update • Fewer competing pages can mean simpler navigation • May have a fairly narrow focus, in terms of purpose • May have less cumbersome processes for content creation • May be able to avoid complex infrastructure needs, such as search and applications

  5. Disadvantages • May be limited in the type of documents available • May rely on volunteer or part-time effort • Reaching a worthwhile level of usage may be a challenge • Limited funding may mean limited access to technology needed, such as search or applications • It’s easy to forget the processes that will yield a useful, usable site

  6. One Process for Site Creation • Determine if we have any documents laying around that we really want to try to get people to read • Find some cool graphics to spice up the look of the site • Copy documents into HTML format, or upload PDF files • Arrange navigation according to our process for creating them

  7. You Might Get This

  8. Or This

  9. Another Process for Site Creation • Define business problem to be solved by the site and identify target audience • Determine which applications or documents are needed to meet the task goals of the audience • Identify authors and define a stable publishing process • Perform testing with members of the audience group to determine navigation • Publish, get feedback, correct as needed

  10. You Might Get This

  11. Or This

  12. Process for PTA Site Creation • Discussed with several members their information needs relating to school and PTA • Met with Principal to determine what information might be made available • Enlisted various PTA and school personnel to agree to furnish documents on routine basis • Did testing with parents and teacher to determine navigation • Put feedback mechanism in place and introduced to PTA

  13. A PTA Web Site

  14. Current Site

  15. New School Site

  16. Some Tips for Small Scale Sites • Figure out ways to get free or cheap web hosting (and avoid system admin issues) • Set up repeatable processes and defined methods for authors to update information • Be prepared for publishing processes to break down • Educate volunteers on various web disciplines • Find a killer application

  17. The Killer Application for Parents

  18. Shameless Plug Many volunteer organizations could use your expertise!

  19. Thanks! Intranets in Times of Change Elton Billings or or