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Product Mix. Chapter 7 Overview. Segmentation Not Proliferation. One Size Doesn’t Fit Anybody Very Well. Consumers buy benefits, and products that BEST address their SPECIFIC need will get purchased.

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product mix

Product Mix

Chapter 7 Overview

one size doesn t fit anybody very well
One Size Doesn’t Fit Anybody Very Well
  • Consumers buy benefits, and products that BEST address their SPECIFIC need will get purchased.
  • Segmentation Analysis can help you determine where you need products to address consumer needs.
what it s not
What It’s Not
  • It’s not just line-extensions….(Dove Soap and Dove Shampoo).
  • It’s usually distinct, stand alone brands that address specific consumer needs.

Cleans, Whitens and Sanitizes


Tide w/ Bleach

Everyday Dirt

Ground in dirt & Stains




Cleans & Keeps Colors Vibrant


Generic Quality

High Priced

Low Priced

Premium Quality

product mix covers all the important bases
Product Mix Covers All the IMPORTANT Bases
  • It’s all about SALES. If the number of consumers that want a product to fulfill that need is significant, offer it.
  • Don’t be a flea on an elephant’s behind. (I.e. toothpaste for those with braces).
fighter brands
Fighter Brands
  • Protect the premium brands.
  • Are hard to detect as a consumer.
  • Are almost always found as “in-store specials”.
  • Work particularly well in “commodity” categories.
the phone wars
The Phone Wars
  • History
  • My crystal ball from 1997……

MCI / Worldcom: Bankrupt

Sprint: now mostly a wireless phone company.

AT&T: Still slugging away and losing money.

linked benefits
Linked Benefits
  • Great taste & low calories.
  • Clean, white teeth, fresh breath, tartar control, fights gum disease.
  • Clean, comfortable shave.
usage occasion
Usage Occasion
  • Can be an effective way of segmenting and creating a reason to own multiple versions of your product:
  • Chapstick
      • Regular
      • Healing w/ Vitamin E
      • Sunblock Protection
      • Flavored
      • Winter Protection