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The objectives of RYLA are PowerPoint Presentation
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The objectives of RYLA are

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The objectives of RYLA are

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  1. Each year, thousands of young people throughout the world take part in the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) program. Young people chosen for their leadership potential attend this conference or camp, funded entirelyby Rotary, to discuss leadership skills and to learn those skills through practice. Rotary clubs and districts select the participants and facilitate the event.

  2. The objectives of RYLA are • To encourage and assist youth leaders and potential leaders in methods of responsible and effective leadership by providing them with a training experience. • To encourage continued and stronger leadership of youth by youth. • To publicly recognize the outstanding qualities of many young people who are rendering service to their schools and communities as leaders.

  3. The entire focus of RYLA is to provide foundational leadership skills for teenagers. It has been said that leadership cannot be taught, but it must be learned. At RYLA there are opportunities to learn leadership skills through experiential activities, incredible speakers, small group discussions, large group presentations, and in building life-long friendships. After attending RYLA, students can apply to come back as a peer counselor (Junior counselor) to apply what they learned.

  4. Part of the magic of RYLA is having no expectations going into it, which is why we are rather close-mouthed about exactly what we do. RYLA keeps the students busy all day every day, but the end result is more than worth the initial scariness of the unknown.

  5. Rocky Mountain RYLA is one of a the few RYLA organizations in the world that includes both RYLA and Young RYLA. Young RYLA is for current 7th graders, and Senior RYLA (or simply RYLA) is for high school sophomores and juniors.

  6. Who is eligible? - Senior RYLAAny high school sophomore or junior may apply for this summer conference. Generally, the applicants selected have excelled in one or more areas of high school involvement and have proven leadership experience or potential. Rocky Mountain RYLA includes 240 participants each year.

  7. What does it cost?A local Rotary club pays the conference fee of $375.00 per participant. Each Rotary club has space reserved for at least 2 RYLA positions each year.

  8. Where & When is it? Senior RYLA is held at the YMCA of the Rockies in Estes Park, Colorado in July each year.

  9. How to apply?Applicants go to the website to apply. • Before they log on to apply they should take the time to answer these questions, then they can cut and paste on to the application. • What academic awards have you received? • What school activities and outside activities do you participate in? • Leadership positions held in your school, club, church or community? • Please indicate other youth leadership conferences you have attended. • What special talents to you have? • Please indicate a few career or personal goals. • The student completes the application, prints it, has a parent and a school counselor or teacher sign it, and brings it to the Rotary interview. Deadline is May 1. The Rotary club’s RYLA Rep decides which applicants they will sponsor, signs those apps, and sends them to the RYLA Registrar.

  10. Young RYLA A leadership training program sponsored by Rotary International that promotes, encourages and rewards outstanding young people.An all-expenses paid five-day camp that brings together a special group of boys and girls from Northern Colorado, Wyoming and Western Nebraska to share ideas about becoming better leaders.

  11. An action-packed program of activities that help build confidence and leadership skills (like problem solving games, challenge course, zip line, skits, group discussions and team building activities). The 120 campers spend the week in Larkspur, Colorado at the end of July each year.It’s an adventure that might change their lives!

  12. Young RYLA Eligibility: • Are currently a 7th grader • Are interested in making new friends • Would like a chance to meet and talk to other teams from different schools • Have demonstrated leadership in your school, community or place of worship • Want to become a better leader • Apply at Deadline is May 1.

  13. The Impact on Their Lives