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coffee selection process messiah college 2007 2008 l.
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Coffee Selection Process Messiah College 2007 – 2008 PowerPoint Presentation
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Coffee Selection Process Messiah College 2007 – 2008

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Coffee Selection Process Messiah College 2007 – 2008
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Coffee Selection Process Messiah College 2007 – 2008

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  1. Coffee Selection Process Messiah College2007 – 2008

  2. January 2007 In January 2007 following two chapels focused on the plight of the coffee farmers, Dining Services with the support of SGA brought Star Bucks to campus to have a conversation with our Campus Community about the Coffee Industry.

  3. February – May 2007 In the months that followed, many conversations had taken place on campus regarding our coffee program. We did a lot of listening to understand the key items that our campus community desired in a coffee company.

  4. Goals for our Coffee Partner In addition to knowing that the selected Coffee Company would need to be socially responsible, our campus community also demands great tasting coffee. Our Customers want to have choices, some desire Fairly Traded, some prefer Organic and others prefer the multiple flavored varieties. The choices and variables are endless.

  5. October 2007 Dining Services, Blake Lynch ’10 and SGA worked together to attain a list of Coffee companies that would participate in a coffee tasting to meet the needs of our Campus. A diverse group of fifty individuals from the entire campus community were selected to participate in the coffee tasting. Star Bucks, Seattles Best, John Gross, Equal Exchange, Pura Vida, Bucks County and our current purveyor Green Mountain were selected to participate.

  6. December 2007 On December 6, 2007 a coffee tasting was conducted with great success. This was a time for tasting, sharing thoughts and a time for learning. The desired expectations and goals of our campus were explained to each vendor prior to the tasting.

  7. January 2008 January 11, 2008… Compiling the data of the coffee tasting process that took place in December, the results showed no landslide leader from any of the vendors. We had narrowed this process down to the two highest scores, Bucks County Coffee Co. and Starbucks.

  8. January 2008 January 15 - 31, 2008… Bucks co. and Starbucks returned to Messiah to present their proposals with the desire to become our new Coffee Vendor on campus. The proposals included equipment specifications, delivery schedules, sales contacts and pricing.

  9. February 2008 February 11, 2008 Dining Services met with SGA to present the Bucks Co and Starbucks proposals to the committee, and to ask for their final recommendation in selecting Messiah College’s next coffee vendor. A unanimous decision supporting Bucks County Coffee Company was reached and finalized.

  10. Deciding Factors Flavor Varieties Available Social Ethics Equipment Supply and Delivery Price Sustainability Local Vendor Partnership

  11. March 2008 As Messiah returns from Spring Recess, Bucks County Coffee will be marketed and provided at all of the Dining Services restaurants on campus. SGA and Dining Services would like to thank the entire campus community for helping us with this selection process!