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    3. Why is it important? Stakeholder communication is essential to the success of every project By appealing to the right people in the right way, you can make a big difference to success... Having identified the stakeholders and ascertained their position on a stakeholder map, you can plan your communication and create ambassadors and supporters

    4. A typical stakeholder map


    6. Groupwork Your own stakeholder lists…

    7. Who are your stakeholders? MPs Local councillors Directors of children’s services Delivery partners: Connexions, EBP, Lifelong Learning Network College principals School heads and governors Careers service managers Any more?

    8. Always have a plan High priority targets What do we want from them? Individual action plans Take their needs / agendas / availability into account What’s the hook? What’s the best tactic?

    9. Tactics Engaging their influencers Photocalls with local politicians 1-1 briefings and letters Roundtables Meetings Joint press work BIS leaflet Message amplification…

    10. Stakeholders as message carriers Work with stakeholders to promote campaigns and successes Use the stakeholders’ websites, newsletters and other communication channels to reach their members or audiences Develop copy to reach key members directly

    11. MPs Potential to raise awareness in Government of the work Aimhigher does around the country, as well as locally Support for media activity Challenging – divide time between Westminster and constituency BBC MPs database (search by postcode)

    12. MPs Chris Huhne Constituency: Eastleigh Party: Liberal Democrat Date of birth: 2 July 1954 Office address: House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA Office phone: 0207 219 5490 Office fax: 0207 219 0214 Office e-mail: huhnec@parliament.uk Constituency address: Eastleigh Liberal Democrats, 109A Leigh Road, Eastleigh, Hampshire, SO50 9DS

    13. MPs

    14. Establishing a database and keeping up to date Research: interests, experience, qualifications theyworkforyou.com Capture the information and log contact Update: eg general and local elections, resignations

    15. Making contact Visits and events – choose carefully Informal works well: learners experiences first hand What’s in it for them? The invitation – diary manager or secretary, well in advance with details on Aimhigher and the event plus how much time you expect from them and what they might gain from attending Follow up by phone, and follow up again…

    16. Managing the visit Another plan! Who will co-ordinate? 30-40 mins is about right Media? Check for topical controversy that might hijack your event Tour? Learners – opportunity to speak? Info to take away? What do you want to achieve? Follow up with a letter and maintain contact every 4-6 months

    17. Election? Keep all three parties informed Do not cherry pick unless you KNOW the seat is safe! Meetings and correspondence in the form of ‘information sharing’ rather than briefing or lobbying Common practice for organisations to speak to opposition parties Purdah - three weeks before election No public ‘authority’ statements or council decisions which might prejudice election Cabinet Office guidelines – avoid any communication that could be perceived as party political – if in doubt, don’t! ACN website - toolkit

    18. Finally …