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How big is the Online Gambling Industry? Estimated Online Wagering for 2009 US$22.7 Billion . PowerPoint Presentation
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How big is the Online Gambling Industry? Estimated Online Wagering for 2009 US$22.7 Billion .

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How big is the Online Gambling Industry? Estimated Online Wagering for 2009 US$22.7 Billion . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How big is the Online Gambling Industry? Estimated Online Wagering for 2009 US$22.7 Billion .

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  1. How big is the Online Gambling Industry? Estimated Online Wagering for 2009 US$22.7 Billion . “Gaming consultancy Christiansen Capital forecast online gaming revenue will rise to $22.7 billion by 2009, from $8.2 billion in 2004, representing compound annual growth of 22 percent. It is estimated that online gaming’s share of the global gaming market will rise to 8.1 percent from 3.4 percent.” Source:http://money.cnn.comJune, 2005

  2. What are the online options? Get your piece of the pie through…

  3. Pegasus Gaming Corp.. The Most Innovative Turnkey Online Gaming Platform Provider

  4. Company Profile Pegasus Gaming Corp., the world class provider of premier i-gaming software and e-commerce service solutions. We offer an unique opportunity to become owner of an online gaming operator in this highly explosive industry, without the need of a huge investment at the initial stage. Whether the operator wishes to focus on only certain gaming products, or would see that the sports book applications warrants more resources than casino games, it is effectively handled by the proprietary software and application platforms, offered as an all inclusive package of products and services.

  5. Our Product The Pegasus’ Game Suite is a complete online proprietary i-gaming and management software package which includes: • A World Class Sports Book Wagering Platform (SBWP) • A Full Product Line of Online Internet Casino Games • A State-of-the-Art Horse Racing Platform • P2P Multi-Player Poker Room Platform • Mobile Gaming Platform All these products are managed by our proprietary “BIRDS’ EYE” Management System (BEMS). Our suite of products can be offered either utilizing “PLAY FOR FUN” account or a client can enter the web site and after registration can start playing for CASH.

  6. Sports Book Wager Platform The world-class Sports Book Wagering Platform (SBWP) has been developed to allow licensees to accept wagers from their players on various different global sporting events. These can include American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Golf, Auto Racing, and many more. The betting platform allows players to place their wagers while our server farm records all transactions via 128-bit encryptions protocol. The software provides a comprehensive and easily utilized reporting platform for players to track their wagers and/or to view completed transactions. The platform is designed with players in mind as the pre-requisite.

  7. SBWP Housed inside one of the state-of-the-art building in San Jose, Costa Rica, you will find our customer service department stuffed with the friendliest clerks to service your players. One of the most crucial factors in running an operation as such is having a customer service department such as ours. Coupled with our notorious odds maker at the helm in our operation centre with real time odds, our licensees are further ensured the professionalism of the services we provide to them.

  8. Online Casino Game Suite Pegasus has an exceptional suite of online casino platform. The games are delivered to the players in either Java or Flash application. The casino games are again developed with the ease of use in mind while keeping all the bells and whistles active. The suite includes:

  9. Horse Racing Platform The Horse Racing Platform provides access to major North America horse tracks and will be upgraded shortly to include tracks from Europe and Asia. It features a user-friendly interface with live lines that include the track name, race-odds, betting limits, bet types, the purse, horse name, and the name of the jockey. The payout is based on track prices and we will provide automatic updates of real time odds, scratches and pool information. Because we are an online platform, we would be able to accept wagers up to post time.

  10. P2P Multi-Player Poker This is the newest and most exciting way to play poker online today. The poker room has been designed to ensure players can stay for extended period of time. For added security protocol, it does not matter if the player has a slow dial-up or fast cable modem, everyone can play online without being disconnected or suffering from lag. In the event of a disconnection, the software automatically ensures that players do not loose winnings or position.

  11. Mobile Gaming Pegasus’ mobile gaming platform is technologically pioneering product of the gaming industry. It will allow our licensees to offer gaming time to their players through any internet enabled mobile device. To the mobile phone user, Pegasus’ mobile gaming platform will be perceived as a mobile internet gaming site through which they can easily find and play their favorite internet casino games. To our licensee, Pegasus’s mobile gaming platform will be a add-on feature in their gaming site which will give them power to provide their players with a state-of-the-art mobile casino.

  12. BIRDS EYE Management System BIRDS EYE Management System (BEMS), our proprietary software, is a complete real-time management and statistics reporting system that allows our business partner to effectively monitor and manage their gaming package.

  13. Being Our Partners It is our aim to provide our business partners with the latest information on new and improved products, services and market updates. All our personnel are trained to assist partners and players alike in answering any questions with clear and concise information about the business of gaming. Some benefits of becoming our partners: • Proven revenue generating model • Secure and reliable technology • Stable and powerful management system • Full marketing support • Large potential target market • Best selection of games for players

  14. Licensing Pegasus offers unique opportunity to select companies to operate their own private label Sports Book, Casino, Poker and Horse Betting sites on the internet in the form of licensing our proprietary software as well as our management services to qualified companies. There are two types of licensing opportunities: • Exclusive Licensing which provides licensee the exclusive right to a country with the ability to sub-licensee to other operators within the country • Non-Exclusive Licensing which only allows licensee to operate one gaming site in its own private label

  15. Supporting Programs To assist our business partners better, Chimera has also implemented several marketing programs: • Affiliate Program • An add-on program for licensee whereby they can have affiliate partners promoting and introducing players to their gaming site. • Advertising Program • Chimera will provide periodic joint advertising programs for all licensees. In addition, licensees can also engage services from XGeneration Marketing, a working partner of Chimera, for complete internet marketing campaign. • Frequent Player Program • Chimera offers an effective strategy for attracting a base of long-term loyal partners by introducing rewards program to assist licensees in retaining their valuable players. Through the “frequent Player Program”, players are rewards for every dollar they play in your gaming sites. This program is ready to be launch in June 2005.

  16. Join Us Today Depending on your choice, Pegasus is there to accommodate your needs. Join us today and be a member of the Pegasus family. We will ensure that the care of the management provided is as that of a family enterprise. The well designed software coupled with sophisticated management system and dedicated working partners, will ensure your long term success. Contact us 1-440-445-4336

  17. Thank you for viewing our presentation. Click the followings for Demo Games Sportsbook Casino Horse Betting Click here to enter into our corporate site