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plans specifications and estimate ps e l.
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Plans, Specifications and Estimate (PS&E) PowerPoint Presentation
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Plans, Specifications and Estimate (PS&E)

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Plans, Specifications and Estimate (PS&E)
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Plans, Specifications and Estimate (PS&E)

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  1. Plans, Specifications and Estimate (PS&E) Kelli Sparkman Local Agency Liaison, Region 3 January 30, 2009

  2. Ready…Set…GO!! • PS&E documents are used to advertise, award and administer construction contracts. • These documents must be reviewed and approved by ODOT (non-certified) or an “approving authority” (certified)

  3. Resources • Non-Certified Agencies: See LAG Manual Section B, Chapter 11 • Certified Agencies: See LAG Manual Section C, Chapter 11 • User’s Guide to PS&E Delivery See Office of Pre-letting website (; click on “Manuals, Forms, etc” on the left side; click on “Guides”)

  4. Key Items for PS&E approval: • Civil Rights Compliance • Wage Rates • Quality Control • Must be in compliance with the applicable, current, ODOT approved edition of various design standards and guidelines • FHWA Form 1273 • Must be included, ODOT inserts • Affirmative Action, EEO, OJT & DBE • ODOT determines goals and aspirational targets

  5. Key Items for PS&E approval: • Buy America Requirements • Any waivers must be approved by FHWA • Traffic Control Plans • “Full” or “Simplified” Transportation Management Plan (TMP) is required on all projects • Sole Source Justification • Patented and Proprietary Items • Local Agency Supplied Materials • Warranty/Guarantee

  6. Time Table for ODOT PS&E Submittals • Due NO LATER THAN 24 calendar days prior to the planned start of the advertisement length • For Full Federal Oversight (FFO) projects, add 3 weeks to the due date • PS&E due dates are assigned by the Office of Pre-letting (OPL) when the bid date is scheduled • Submittal due by 8:00 am on due date • ODOT employees can access submittal information from OPL’s “Bid Date Planning and Status Report” link on the OPL website

  7. Final PS&E Submittal Checklist • Cover sheet contains project specific information • Requires signature from LAL, ODOT Area Manager and ODOT Technical Center Manager • If any item is marked “NO” in the “Completed?” column, a PD-02 exception letter, approved by ODOT’s Deputy Director, will be required • “on file” means all relevant information is in the project master file and available for audit

  8. PS&E Package Contents *Two paper copies are required with Full Federal Oversight (FFO) projects

  9. Office of Pre-letting Tasks • Import PS&E Estimate into Trns*port database and generate Bid Sheets. • Obtain Chief Engineer Signature on Plans Title Sheet. • Conduct a “fatal flaw” review of the PS&E package. • Comments will be sent to the LAL with recommended action • Prepare advertisement and submit to ODOT Contractor Plans for publishing. • Coordinate with FHWA during PS&E to obtain approval to advertise all projects with Federal funds. • Process electronic addenda for publishing on the internet. The QA Engineer will prepare the new bid schedule for the addenda based on items identified in the addenda letter. • Review the PS&E Estimate and prepare the Engineer’s Estimate. • Engineer’s Estimate is to be kept confidential • Archive final special provisions with addenda.