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Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited ( A group company of India nOil ). EMERGENCY PREVENTION, PREPAREDNESS & MITIGATION. 28.02.2011. National Vision.

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Chennai Petroleum Corporation Limited

( A group company of IndianOil )





National Vision

Build a Safer and Disaster Resilient India, by developing a Holistic, Proactive, Multi-hazard and Technology-Driven Strategy for Disaster Management

Our Vision

A world class Energy company well respected and consistently profitable with a dominant presence in South India

Our Mission

Maximize profit through manufacturing and supply of petroleum products and other related business in a reliable, ethical and socially responsible manner



  • About CPCL
  • Pioneering Efforts in Technology & Emergency Management
  • Emergency Prevention, Preparedness and Mitigation Measures


CPCL (erstwhile MRL) was established as a JV - PSU with

  • GOI - 74 %
  • NIOC, Iran - 13 %
  • AMOCO, USA - 13 %

AMOCO disinvested in 1985. GOI disinvested to IOC in March, 2001

Now CPCL is a group company of IndianOil.

IOC 51.9 % NIOC 15.4 %

FI & others 32.7 %

6th January, 1967


CPCL Refinery Locations


10.5 MMTPA




CPCL Manali Refinery Location

No of MAH Units in Thiruvallur District = 18

No of MAH units in Manali-Ennore Industrial Belt = 12


Manali Refinery as Mother Industry

Kothari Petrochemicals



Manali Petrochemicals





Tamil Nadu Petro-Products




Madras Fertilizers



Cetex Petrochemicals




Pioneering Efforts

CPCL has implemented the following that are

“First of its kind” in the Oil Industry

  • Distributed Digital Control System (DDCS)
  • Advanced Control & Optimization Techniques
  • City Sewage Reclamation Plant - 1992; Capacity increase - 2006
  • Zero Discharge Plant - 2002; Capacity increase - 2005
  • RO Rejects Recovery Project - 2006
  • Sea Water Desalination Project - 2008
  • Renewable Energy Initiatives - 17.6 MW Windmill Farm - 2007

Pioneering Efforts

Emergency Management - Plans

  • Factories Act amended in 1987 mandating Industries to prepare Onsite Emergency Plans.
  • State Level and District Level Co-ordination Committees constituted by Govt of TN in Nov 1987 pursuant to a directive from MoEF in March 1987.
  • District Authorities were required to prepare Offsite Emergency Plans as per “the Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemicals Rules” enacted in 1989.
  • CPCL took initiative as early as Oct 1986 and was the First Industry to prepare Onsite & Offsite Emergency Plan (released in May 1989)
    • Recommended by TNPCB to all industries in TN to use as model; Assistance provided by CPCL to other Industries
    • Recommended by OISD to Oil Industries; shared with them

Pioneering Efforts

Emergency Management - Mock Drills

  • The Manufacture, Storage and Import of Hazardous Chemicals Rules” amended in Oct 1994 mandating conducting of Onsite & Offsite Mock Drills.
  • First Industry to conduct Offsite Mock drill on 22.06.1989 itself, in the presence of officials from OISD, DGFASLI, RLI-Chennai & TNPCB.
  • Table Top Exercise conducted for Onsite Coordinators in 2007 & 2010; Video placed in Intranet for benefit of employees.

Pioneering Efforts

Emergency Management – Collective Efforts

  • CPCL formed “Manali-Ennore Emergency Preparedness Committee” comprising members from industries in Oct 1988.
  • Reconstituted as “Manali Industries Association (MIA)” in . CPCL MD is President of the Association.
    • MIA has two sub-groups - Safety/ Environment and HR.
    • Meetings every quarter
    • Offsite mock drills by one of the member industries, as per decision of MIA.

Pioneering Efforts

Emergency Management – Health & Emergency Medical care

First amongst Oil Industries to set up an in-plant Occupational Health Services Centre


Pioneering Efforts

Emergency Management – Health & Emergency Medical care

  • Has been a precursor for the establishment of similar OHS systems in other oil industries in the country.
  • Emergency Medical Care, Education & Training, Health Promotional activities for employees & their families and neighbouring villagers
  • Resource Centre providing professional and technical assistance to other industries.
  • Pioneered developing “Guidelines for Occupational Health Monitoring in Oil & Gas Industry – OISD GDN 166” by OISD.
Community Health Centres in three nearby villages for promotion of Health and Hygiene

Periodical health camps conducted by either individually by CPCL-OHS or along with well-known Hospitals in eye-care, BP/ Blood sugar, etc

Pioneering Efforts

Emergency Management – Health & Emergency Medical care


Pioneering Efforts

Emergency Management - Awareness

  • First ever APELL Workshop in India organized thru UN in Oct 1992
    • “Awareness and Preparedness for Emergencies at Local Level” (APELL) - a process launched by United Nations Environment Programme’s Division of Technology, Industry & Economics (UNEP DTIE) in 1988.
  • One-day Seminar on “Chemical Disaster – Medical Emergency Response” was organized thru World Environment Centre, USA in March 1993 for the benefit of medical professionals from Industries in Manali-Ennore, Private and Public Hospitals.
  • 4-day seminar on “Chemical Emergency Preparedness” was organized thru MIA/NSC in Oct 1993 for the benefit of officials from State Govt, District Admn, Chemical Industries, Trade Unions, Professional Institutions, Voluntary Organizations and the local community.

Pioneering Efforts

Emergency Management - Awareness

  • CPCL has established an ITI / Polytechnic in 1984.
  • The courses on Mechanical and Petroleum Engineering includes Industrial Safety.

Emergency Management - Prevention

  • Focus towards Mechanical Integrity
  • Total Productivity Management Concept (Japan Institute of Plant Maintenance):
  • Aim : Zero Accidents, Zero Breakdowns, Excellent Quality, Zero Customer complaints, Low Cost & Zero Wastages and Defects.
  • TPM Excellence Award received:
    • CPCL-CBR in Dec 2009 (1st South Indian Refinery)
    • CPCL-Manali in Jan 2011

PLANT 14 E 38




PLANT 14 E 106








Emergency Management

  • Focus towards Mechanical Integrity
  • Shell Risk Based Inspection (S-RBI) is adopted in CPCL.
    • RBI is a structured, multidisciplinary risk based decision support process based on API RP 581; Identifies optimum inspection tasks and integrity operating windows and ensures reliability and availability of pressure containing equipment; Helps in assessing the Criticality of failure by identifying the probability (likelihood) and consequences (Economics, Health & Safety and Environmental) of failures and Confidence Rating.
  • Fire Fighting Facilities as per OISD requirement
  • Constantly reviewed and addressed

Emergency Management

  • Awareness:
  • Focus towards Process Safety than Personal Safety
  • CPCL has applied for membership in Centre for Chemical Process Safety (CCPS) and is registering with their Process Safety Incident Database (PSID).
  • Awareness lecture sessions on Process Safety arranged for employees
  • Employees awareness on Significance of Near Misses & sharing of findings
    • Lecture sessions by experts in risk assessment organized
    • Increase in NMIs reported by more than 100% during 2010-11
    • Focus is on Unsafe Events rather than Unsafe Conditions – Process or Otherwise
    • Employees encouraged to look out for Process near-misses
    • Incentive scheme under revision to bring focus on Process near-misses

Emergency Management

  • Awareness:
  • New contract workers briefed on basic fire prevention requirements, communication facilities and their obligations in the event of emergency
  • Monthly meeting with Contractors Safety Officers – Good & wrong practices discussed, videos shown
  • Contractor Safety Steering Committee comprising Contractors Safety Officers constituted recently to promote safe working practices, cross-auditing of work spots
  • Contractors also encouraged to report near-misses; made mandatory recently
  • Safety Film meant for visitors screened at entry gate

Emergency Management

  • Awareness:
  • Conducted in collaboration with MoEF a Training Programe on “Chemical Accidents – Emergency Planning & Preparedness” in July 2010.
  • Seminar on “Emergency Management” for the benefit of MIA members, Onsite emergency coordinators & employees of CPCL and Polytechnic students in Jan 2011
    • RLI presented on Chemical Disaster Management
    • CLRI presented Risk Assessment & Mitigation measures in Manali-Ennore area
    • MAPS and IGCAR, Kalpakkam shared their experience in conducting offsite mock drills & GIS based decision support system.

Emergency Management

  • Awareness :
  • Video Films on DOs and DONTs in the event of a chemical emergency taken periodically & shown in schools and to the public.
    • Humorous film by Cine Artists – “NEVER FEAR” in 2007
    • One such film is scheduled for release thru District Authorities in March 2011
  • Videos released by CSB, US placed in Intranet for benefit of employees and shown to MIA members during meetings
  • Booklets on awareness / self protection in the event of emergency distributed to public and school children
  • Posters on awareness / self protection exhibited at PHC, Schools, Hospitals, Police Station and other Public Places.

Emergency Management

  • Mutual Aid Scheme with MFL & TPL.
  • CPCL responds to emergencies in any Industrial Unit and transportation emergencies in the vicinity.

Emergency Management – Path Forward

  • Pursue issuance of updated offsite emergency plan
  • GIS based Emergency Management System: Develop for Manali-Ennore area with support from IGCAR, Kalpakkam
  • Conducting full fledged mock exercises
  • Associate NDRF, Arakkonam (who are trained in handling CBRN disasters) & other external agencies in future offsite mock drills
  • Awareness programmes in nearby schools periodically, including live fire exercises

Emergency Management

National Disaster Management Framework envisages “involvement of Corporate Sector in awareness generation and disaster preparedness and mitigation planning”through sensitization, training and co-opting of the corporate sector and their nodal bodies in planning process and response mechanisms.

As a responsible Corporate, CPCL will continue to play a major role in the planning process, sensitizing the public on the safety measures put in place at CPCL to avoid disasters; dos & donts in the event of emergency; activating recovery mechanisms.

mother terasa award
Mother Terasa Award

CPCL awarded the prestigious Mother Teresa Award on 23.3.09.

For Corporate Citizen 2008 for its deep involvement in CSR

By Loyola Instituted of Business Administration (LIBA), Chennai

Jury for the prestigious award : Shri N.Vittal & Shri T.S.Krishnamurthy

MD receives the award from Dr.C.K.Prahalad, Management Guru