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Public Safety Working Group

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Public Safety Working Group Jeff Mitchell Ky. Emergency Warning System Public Safety Working Group Looking to the future of communications in the Commonwealth . Technical body of the Ky Wireless Interoperability Executive Committee

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public safety working group
Public Safety Working Group

Jeff Mitchell

Ky. Emergency Warning System

©2005 Commonwealth of Kentucky 1

public safety working group2
Public Safety Working Group

Looking to the future of communications in the Commonwealth.

  • Technical body of the Ky Wireless Interoperability Executive Committee
  • Find, demo, review and evaluate possible new technologies for the Commonwealth
  • Review project assessment forms
  • Review projects for grants
  • Provide technical assistance to state and local entities
  • Review and update the Statewide Communication Interoperability Plan

©2005 Commonwealth of Kentucky 2

public safety working group3
Public Safety Working Group
  • What is the PSWG currently working on?
  • Broadband mobile data project
  • Regional interoperability groups
  • Communication Assets Survey and Mapping (CASM)
  • COML training

©2005 Commonwealth of Kentucky 3

what is the kwiec
What is the KWIEC?
  • Ky Wireless Interoperability Executive Committee


  • KWIEC is the advisory body for all wireless communication strategies and projects.
  • KRS 42.734 – created KWIEC
  • KRS 42.736 – definitions for KRS 42.734,36,38
  • KRS 42.738 – Defines the roles of the KWIEC

©2005 Commonwealth of Kentucky 4

members of the kwiec
Members of the KWIEC
  • Commonwealth Office of Technology
  • Office of the 911 Coordinator
  • Kentucky Educational Television
  • Transportation Cabinet
  • Justice Cabinet
  • Kentucky State Police
  • Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources
  • Natural Resources and Environmental Protection
  • Division of Emergency Management
  • Kentucky Homeland Security
  • Cabinet for Health Services
  • Council on Postsecondary Education
  • The Center for Rural Development
  • Municipal Government
  • County Government
  • Municipal Police
  • Local Fire Department
  • County Sheriff
  • Local EMS

©2005 Commonwealth of Kentucky 5

  • What can I find on the KWIEC website?

  • Grant information
  • Meeting notices
  • Meeting minutes
  • Mutual Aid and Interoperability – MOU forms
  • Statewide Communication Interoperability Plan
  • Project Assessment forms

©2005 Commonwealth of Kentucky 6

project assessment forms
Project Assessment Forms
  • Single page form located on KWIEC website
    • Download and complete form
    • Email form to Charles Miller
    • Ensure all required documentation is included with submittal.

©2005 Commonwealth of Kentucky 7

project assessments
Project Assessments
  • Review process
    • Received and logged
    • Forwarded to PSWG for review and recommendation
    • KWIEC review and comment
    • Decision and comments returned to requesting agent
    • Process is usually completed within 2 weeks

©2005 Commonwealth of Kentucky 8


Ky Wireless Interoperability Executive Committee

  • Website -
  • KWIEC contact:
    • Charles Miller
    • 502-564-5397 x4416

©2005 Commonwealth of Kentucky 9

2010 grant cycle priorities
2010 Grant Cycle Priorities
  • Narrowbanding has been requested by the PSWG to be the priority for 2010 grant cycle.
  • Why Narrowbanding?

©2005 Commonwealth of Kentucky 10

why do we need to worry about narrow banding
Why do we need to worry about Narrow Banding ?
  • The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has mandated that all non-Federal public safety licensees using 25 kHz radio systems migrate to narrowband 12.5 kHz channels by January 1, 2013.
  • Agencies that do not meet the deadline face the loss of communication capabilities.
  • To phase in the migration deadline of January 1, 2013, the FCC has established interim deadlines. The first important deadline is January 1, 2011, after which:
    • The FCC will not grant applications for new voice operations or applications to expand the authorized contour of existing stations that use 25 kHz channels. Only narrowband authorizations will be granted.
    • The FCC will prohibit manufacture or importation of new equipment that operates on 25 kHz channels.
  • From US Dept of Justice/Office of Justice Programs website

©2005 Commonwealth of Kentucky 11

what does this mean to the me
What does this mean to the me?
  • Possible large fines.
  • Potential loss of functional radio systems.
  • FCC relicensing
  • Logistics of reprogramming and other infrastructure upgrades.
  • Upcoming purchases of new radio systems/networks.

©2005 Commonwealth of Kentucky 12

what happens if we do not comply with fcc narrow banding mandate
What happens if we do not comply with FCC Narrow Banding mandate?
  • Cancellation of non- narrowband license on Jan.1 2013.
  • $1000 per day per frequency for using non-licensed frequencies.
      • Examples:
    • Shelby – 28 frequencies $196,000 per week
    • Franklin – 30 frequencies $210,000 per week
    • Pike – 53 frequencies $371,000 per week
    • Fayette – 79 frequencies $553,000 per week
    • Marshall – 89 frequencies $623,000 per week

©2005 Commonwealth of Kentucky 13

  • Office of Emergency Communication has set guidelines for the expenditure of FY2010 SAFECOM grant monies for communication equipment. The guidance states:

Land Mobile Radio Systems

All new digital voice systems must be compliant with the Project 25 (P25) suite of standards. This requirement is intended for government-owned or -leased digital land mobile public safety radio equipment.

©2005 Commonwealth of Kentucky 14

bottom line
Bottom Line
  • If a digital radio system is purchased using state or federal funding, the radio must meet P-25 standards.
  • These requirements in no way affect analog radio systems.
  • These requirements will in no way impact locally funded projects.
  • Augmentations to existing digital radio systems will be reviewed and decided on a case by case basis.

©2005 Commonwealth of Kentucky 15

kwiec p 25 definition
KWIEC P-25 definition
  • KWIEC defines a P-25 radio, as a radio able to provide P-25 functionality, new out of the box without any hardware or firmware upgrades.

©2005 Commonwealth of Kentucky 16

public safety working group17
Public Safety Working Group

Questions / Discussion


©2005 Commonwealth of Kentucky 17