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    2. KooZac KooZac combines addictive aspects of Tetris, Sudoku and Kakuro in a sums game that literally explodes on the screen Position blocks on top of each other to match sums to a target number. 3 game modes for relaxed, classic and expert play Finalist in the 2006 International Mobile Gaming Awards

    3. Paul Frank Hidden Friends Features Paul Frank’s world famous Julius & Friends Whimsical and addictive race against the clock to find Julius’ friends. Asteroid-like navigation, progressive level play with bonus features, hyper, turbo and atomic power-ups, and obstacles that get in the way. Target adult women (24-49) Strong wallpaper, theme and video sales

    4. Monkey Pole Climb Winner of the 2007 MOTODEV Grand Prize for Best Java Game and 2006 IMGA (International Mobile Game Awards) for Best Game Play. The object of the game is to guide three monkeys to the tops of three poles at the same time by controlling balloons that affect their climbing habits. PocketGamer called the game: ""A breath of fresh air in the often-stale puzzle genre that's dominated by coloured gems and falling blocks."

    5. Garfield’s Date Disaster Set of three mini games that follow some of Garfield's best known activities: Mouse curling – spin the mouse Ledge Jump – launch Odie into flight Spider Kung-Fu – squash spiders ninja-style

    6. USA Today Sudoku Fusion 2007 5 puzzle games in one application: Sudoku Sudoku Mini Sudoku X Kakuro Sudoku Fusion, Solve the daily Sudoku puzzle found in USA TODAY’s newspaper with access to more puzzles in archives at 5 skill levels Promotional ¼ ads run in USA TODAY print newspaper and Sudoku books

    7. USA Today Quick Cross + Crossword Two great word games Quick Cross – fast action cross-word 8 clue puzzle in a 4x4 grid Answers to the clues are four letters each and can be abbreviations, acronyms, names or prefixes Full blown 16x16 daily crossword puzzle from USA TODAY Play the same puzzles on your phone that you can in print or online!

    8. USA Today Daily Sudoku – 2nd Ed. More Features in 2nd Edition: Pen and pencil modes with concise, easy to read fonts Enter up to 4 numbers in a cell Remove extra numbers and undo entries Display and resolve errors with advanced HINT/SOLVE features BUILD YOUR OWN Sudoku puzzle, or jot one to your phone - and verify if it can be solved Subscription and single purchase versions available

    9. Launch Q4 2007 Since June 1954, Jumble is the most recognizable scrambled word game to millions of players 3-in-1 game pack to include: Classic Jumble Jumble BrainBusters trivia Jumble Crossword Jumble

    10. TMNT: The Power of Four TMNT: The Power of Four mobile game is a high octane, high-flying adrenaline rush of collaborative combat and adventure uniquely designed for mobile phones and inspired by the smashing madness that could be had in classic Turtles arcade and console games Four separate adventures feature side-scrolling platformers, car chase, and more Play in tandem and really give’em shell – game enables single and shared play, select Turtle duos to advance through adventure levels Each Turtle introduces new skills and adds a new dimension to the adventure

    11. TMNT Fast Forward Ninja Training NYC Follow up to the hit movie game, the next TMNT game follows the new TV series as the Turtles leave the sewers to fight crime in the futuristic streets of New York City Get your Turtle on with this futuristic, high-octane, 2-in-1 agility and combat training game Battle Hand Ninjas in classic side-to-side fighting Use “super-moves” agility to scale aerial traffic and test your combat training limits

    12. Black Jack Bowling uclick mobile and Pat Sajak introduce Pat Sajak’s Blackjack Bowling Fast-paced casino/sports title combines the excitement of “21” with the fun and skill of bowling Pat Sajak provides expert commentary Play cards or bowl for points over 10 “frames” of Blackjack Wager some or all of your winnings in a special 11th Frame of Bowling Tiered level-play with bonus features, including network leaderboards Direct sales and marketing support from: #1 TV game show in Taiwan

    13. Lucky Letters uclick mobile’s first Pat Sajak Game to launch for print, console, online and wireless devices Pat Sajak’s Lucky Letters: Combines all the excitement of a game show with the challenge of a crossword puzzle 3 games in one, with slot machine pulls and network scoreboards Direct sales and marketing support from

    14. Garfield 2 – Royal Adventure Help Garfield fend off pests and enemies in this role-playing, action adventure game. Garfield 2: Royal Adventure Team up with Prince to save Carlyle Castle from Lord Dargis’ mischievous plot. Retrieve items, gain experience points and get access to special corridors and rooms in Carlyle Castle Wide appeal, family-tiered level play with bonus features Direct sales and marketing support from English / Spanish languages

    15. Game Licensing/Syndication The Yahoo! Daily Crossword, featuring Yahoo! Search, expected to launch early March The Yahoo! Daily Hollywood Jumble, featuring Yahoo! Search, is in development with March launch Big Fish Games added 15 of uclick’s daily games to its site and will build a Daily Game channel around these games Atom Shockwave added 12 of uclick’s daily games to its existing Daily Play channel Oberon launching uclick Daily Games on MySpace

    16. PC Casual Games Tic-A-Tac Poker (Microsoft Messenger) Game is in final certification process with Microsoft. Launch, in English language markets, on February 11th 14 foreign language versions are expected to launch by March 13th USA TODAY Crosswords (Nintendo DS) In Nintendo approval process, expect launch in April 2008 Destineer or Majesco likely publisher The Lost Treasures of Alexandria (PC Download) Game is in final testing and will be ready for distribution by February 11th Pat Sajak's Lucky Letters - TV Guide Edition (PC Download) Game has been picked up by several distribution portals (Reflexive, Oberon Games, Big Fish Games and Yahoo! Games) and will be available to consumer in 2-3 weeks Ice Cream Dee Lites (PC Download) Final development is complete and the game is being put through game play and usability testing Distribution will follow within 30 days Pat Sajak's Linked Letters (PC Download) Development is on schedule with an expected completion date of March 7th Sherlock Holmes Mysteries (PC Download) Development is on schedule with an expected completion date of March 31st Grocery Story (PC Download) Prototype completed in Jan 08 Anticipated launch date is Q3 08