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Presentation Transcript

This website tutorial will help you navigate the IPTA website. Some basic areas of the site are covered as an introduction. Once you become familiar with the site, you will find much valuable information that will assist you on topics including licensure, reimbursement, advocacy, education, and more.

To begin the presentation:

  • Click the down arrow on the right side of the screen.
  • The first page of the presentation will appear. Click on the links to view the tutorial sections.
  • Each section will automatically advance until completed, and then you will have the option of returning to the first page to make another selection, or continuing to the following section.
  • You can stop the presentation at any time by hitting the back arrow from your internet toolbar.
  • Questions or problems? Please contact the Chapter office for assistance: 630.904.0101.
welcome to the ipta

Welcome to the IPTA

Begin by clicking one of the shortcuts below

1: Logging In

2: Main Menu

3: Districts and Communities

4: Community Forums

5: Calendar and Latest News

6: Continuing Education

7: PT Priority Online

8: Career Center (Purchasing)

9: Career Center (Browsing)

(PowerPoint works best while in presentation mode)


On every page other than the main page a sidebar will be available. In this sidebar are many options regarding your account. The first of which is Edit My Profile. It will bring you to the page to edit your profile.


You can change your private information here. Once all changes are made check the accept terms of use box and click save changes to continue.


Clicking the My Groups link will bring you to a page that lists all the groups you are currently a member of.


From this page you can see the groups you are a member of. It offers a quick route to the groups.

Here you will find what your primary group is. Your primary group should be the district in which you work or live.


The My Networks link will allow you to connect your profile with the social networking sites you are a member of, i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.


Add the name of the network.

And the direct link to your specific page.


If you click on My Event Registrations it will bring you to a page that will list all events you are currently signed up to attend and all past events you have attended.


The link will take you to the events page.

Clicking the printer will allow you to print a hard copy of your registration information.

(Registering for events is covered in the Calendar section)


My Blogs offers a place where you can post a personal blog.

My Subscriptions allows you to manage what groups you are subscribed to.


A green word bubble means you are subscribed for the comments and red means you are not.

By clicking the word bubble it will notify you of new comments posted along with the regular notifications.


These are the preferences that are available to change. Checking the box next to the category will turn on the notifications.


My messages is your inbox for messages sent through the IPTA website.

My Connections is where you can view all of your personal connections. To add a new connection you must view a members profile and at the top will be an “Add Connection” button.


My Photo Gallery is where you can upload photos to your profile for others to view.

My Resume/CV is where you can upload a resume, or create one with the provided outline.


Employer members can check the status of any purchased job postings by clicking the My Career Postings link.

Know any PT’s or PTA’s you think might want to join the IPTA? The Refer a Friend link will take you to a page to send a message to anyone you think might benefit from becoming a member.

return to main menu

Return to Main Menu

Or click to continue to next tutorial.


The About IPTA menu holds all the information you need to know about the IPTA. All the basics are found here, from info on the Chapter Staff and Board of Directors to how to become a member.


What is Physical Therapy has information on the field of physical therapy along with information on how to become a PT or PTA and for patients to find a PT.


The PT in Illinois link is your home base for all rules and regulations of practicing physical therapy in Illinois. You can also find links to help you apply for or renew your physical therapy license.


The Government Affairs link is where you will find information on the work that the IPTA is doing with state and federal governments.

Information on helping with the Grassroots Lobbying campaigns can also be found here.


Under Reimbursement you will find information on coding, Medicare, Medicaid, and workers compensation.


The PT Code of Ethics link will bring you to a page with the code of ethics on it. The Illinois practice act states that ethical violation of the professional standards can result in disciplinary action.


IPT-PAC is the Illinois Physical Therapy Political Action Committee. The link provides an explanation of what the PAC does and how to get involved.

PT Code of Ethics will take you to a page with the code of ethics on it. The code is part of Illinois state law and is required to be followed whether you are a part of the IPTA or not.

You can also donate online to the IPT-PAC.


Vision 2020 is an APTA program. Information on the program can be found by following the link.

This is a link to donate to the Illinois Vision 2020 fund.


Under IPTA Fall Conference you will find all the information you need to know about the upcoming Fall Conference.

Information for potential participants is under General Information.

If you are looking to be a sponsor of the event the information is available under Sponsor Information.

A recap of past conferences can be found under Conference Archive.


For Employers has information for employers of PT’s and PTA’s.

Career Center Advertising will take you to the Career Center where you can purchase an ad on the IPTA website.

The Facility Challenge is hosted by the APTA. It gives benefits to employers who have all employees as registered members of the APTA. More information can be found by following the link.

The Employer Sponsored Membership Program (ESMP) is IPTA’s version of the facility challenge. Information about the ESMP can be found by following the link.


Sponsors & Advertisers is where you will be able to find out about advertising opportunities with the IPTA.

The IPTA’s advertising rules are under IPTA Advertising Policy.

Information on advertising in the Career Center or with the PT Priority is found under Advertisers.

Information on renting a copy of the mailing list is found under Mailing List Rental.


Quick Links has links to partners of the IPTA along with sites that hold valuable information for PT’s and PTA’s.

Member search allows you to search for other members of the IPTA. Once found, you can add them to your connections or message them.

return to main menu34

Return to Main Menu

Or click to continue to next tutorial.




From the menu bar on the left highlight IPTA Communities.

Then Find a community.

You can either choose to navigate directly from here to the district of your choice or go to the map of districts. If you are unsure of what district you are looking for then choose the map.


Once you find your districts page, you can post notes along with reading news that affects your district.

In order to receive email notifications from your district, make sure to click the subscribe button.


By clicking on group options you can send messages via the IPTA website.

Your District Chair can send emails to all members of your District.


If you are a member of any committees, you can find their group pages under IPTA Governance. Follow the link to the page and they work the same as the District pages.

return to main menu43

Return to Main Menu

Or click to continue to next tutorial.


Hover over Community forums

Click on the forum you would like to visit.

Then Open Forums


To add a new post click the Add New Post button at the top.

To receive email alerts when a new post is added, click the subscribe button at the top. The same button is used to unsubscribe.


You can leave comments on these posts by clicking on the comment link.

Some posts may have attachments. To view them simply click.

return to main menu49

Return to Main Menu

Or click to continue to next tutorial.


On the right side of every page you will find the latest news from the IPTA along with a calendar of upcoming events.

If you click the link that says more it will take you to the full page of the latest news. A link to the latest news is also found on the navigation bar on the left.


All news from the IPTA can be found here. It is split up into categories.

You can filter by category by clicking the arrow and selecting a category.


You can filter the calendar by specific categories. This is done by using the drop down menu at the top of the page.

You can also export an event to your computer calendar software by clicking Export to Your Calendar and then Export to iCalendar.

return to main menu56

Return to Main Menu

Or click to continue to next tutorial.


Clicking the Continuing Education button in the main menu will bring you to a page with information on continuing education.


At any point while in the CE section this dropdown menu can be used to quickly navigate between CE pages.


CE Opportunities will give you a basic overview of CE information that is available.

Hover over Continuing Education


All CE opportunities that have been added to the calendar can be easily found here.

A link to the APTA CE opportunities can be found here.


Online continuing education opportunities are available under the Online CE Opportunities button.


The All IPTA Approved CE button will take you to a page with a link to a spreadsheet that has all IPTA approved courses.


Click the link above to load the spreadsheet of all IPTA approved courses. It is a .pdf file and requires Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.


Once loaded the spreadsheet should look like this. It is updated monthly and has all the IPTA approved CE courses on it.


Tracking your CE has a spreadsheet to help keep track of your CE hours and a guide to what CE hours count for.


The link to the tracking spreadsheet is here.

A Breakdown of the CE requirements is here.

Another link to the IPTA approved courses is here.

return to main menu69

Return to Main Menu

Or click to continue to next tutorial.


Next hover over PT Priority

Hover over IPTA Publications

Then PT Archive

Finally choose the year.


Instead of choosing the PT Archive you can choose PT Quick Reads. These are short blurbs from the articles you will find in the full issue.

return to main menu76

Return to Main Menu

Or click to continue to next tutorial.

career center

Career Center

Purchasing an Ad


Once you have completed your purchase, return to the Career Center page, click on Submit an Opening and create your ad.

return to main menu84

Return to Main Menu

Or click to continue to next tutorial.


Fill in the boxes and click search.

If you cannot find anything try broadening your search.

thank you for being an ipta member
Thank you for being an IPTA member!

Make sure to check the website frequently and interact with other members to obtain the full benefits of the IPTA website.

Technical support is available (Monday-Friday, 8am - 4pm) by calling the Chapter Office at 630.904.0101.

Please have your APTA member number in order to expedite assistance.