how stuff grows l.
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How stuff grows

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How stuff grows - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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How stuff grows Pineapple Sesame seeds Cashew nuts Hummus (chickpeas) Vanilla Sugar Sugar Cane Sugar Beet Black pepper Pine nuts Soy beans Maple syrup Kiwi Asparagus Cinnamon Cinnamon bark Cinnamon tree Coffee Coffee beans Coffee tree Roasted coffee beans Rice

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Sugar Cane

Sugar Beet


Cinnamon bark

Cinnamon tree


Coffee beans

Coffee tree

Roasted coffee beans

cacao cocoa chocolate
Cacao/Cocoa & Chocolate

To make 1 kg of chocolate, about 300–600 beans are processed (for a pound of chocolate, about 150–300 beans). In a factory, the beans are washed and roasted. Next they are de-hulled by a "nibber" machine that also removes the germ. The nibs are ground between three sets of stones until they emerge as a thick creamy paste. Cocoa powder is made from this "liquor" by removing part of its fatty oils (Description taken from Wikipedia)


Two Lentils in each pod

brussels sprouts
Brussels Sprouts

Brussels Sprouts Field (after harvest)