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toys created by Moroccan children dolls document made for the Facebook group toys created by children PowerPoint Presentation
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toys created by Moroccan children dolls document made for the Facebook group toys created by children

toys created by Moroccan children dolls document made for the Facebook group toys created by children

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toys created by Moroccan children dolls document made for the Facebook group toys created by children

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Presentation Transcript

  1. toys created byMoroccan childrendollsdocument made for the Facebook group toys created by children

  2. celebrating children’s creativityin their self made toys froma multicultural perspectivewww.sanatoyplay.orgJean-Pierre Rossie2009

  3. eighteen-months-old girl with one of her first dollsmade with apiece of cactusAnti-Atlas2006

  4. creating dolls is most often done by girls who use themfor games of marriage, household games andgames staging female activities game of marriage, Anti-Atlas, 2005

  5. mistress of ceremonieswith a tube of pomade frame Anti-Atlas, 2007unless indicated otherwise thedolls werecreated by girls

  6. bridegroom and brideclothed in the traditional wayAnti-Atlas2006the groom carries a dagger and a bag with herbs as magical protectionthe bride has herface coveredagainst theevil eye

  7. bride and bridegroom, Anti-Atlas, 2006the bride's face was blackened because it is a black girl

  8. Sahrawi dolls and nomad encampment, Western Sahara, 2008

  9. tent with dolls in the playground, Western Sahara, 2008

  10. Sahrawi bride and bridegroom, Western Sahara, 2008 doll’s frame made of a bone fixed in a bundle of rags

  11. Sahrawi mother, father and child, Western Sahara, 2008

  12. Sahrawi babiesmadewith ragsWestern Sahara2008 the blue bag filled with herbs represents protection magic

  13. pregnant mother and her daughter, Anti-Atlas, 2006 cross shaped reed frame

  14. pregnant woman and her husband Anti-Atlas2006

  15. mother with baby and father sitting in a chair, Anti-Atlas, 2007

  16. old manAnti-Atlas2001

  17. mother with baby and father, Anti-Atlas, 2007 exceptionally the legs are cut out at the base of the reed

  18. mother with baby and small daughter, Anti-Atlas, 2007 sweet wrappers have been used as dresses

  19. mother and baby with an embroidered faceAnti-Atlas2007

  20. cradle fora babyAnti-Atlas 2006

  21. rag baby in its cradle, Anti-Atlas, 2006 bag of herbs and shells as protective magic

  22. husband and wifein bedAnti-Atlas 2006

  23. childless woman Anti-Atlas2006

  24. poor womanAnti-Atlas2006

  25. servant-womanAnti-Atlas 2006

  26. woman going to the marketAnti-Atlas2006

  27. doll wearinga kerchiefmade froma plastic bagAnti-Atlas2005

  28. doll with its head cut out of a pieceof polystyreneAnti-Atlas2008

  29. Belghenja dollmade by women to be walked in processionduring theritual forobtaining rain the boy holds Belghenja dolls made by girlsAnti-Atlas2007

  30. the Belghenjadolls are madewith a wooden spoonAnti-Atlas2007

  31. girl carrying her Belghenja doll when playingthe ritual for obtaining rainAnti-Atlas2007

  32. Belghenja doll made with a lamp surrounded by silver paper, Anti-Atlas, 2007

  33. Baba Ashurand his wife(left)Doukkala2008frame witha bone of theaïd el kebir sheep Ashura is a Moroccan feast lasting for ten days at which it is customary to give sweets and presents to children. It falls on the tenth day of the first month of the Muslim calendar. A PowerPoint presentation Ashura: a children’s feast in Morocco is available on (see Documentation Center: Multimedia: Rossie 2008)

  34. mother and daughter dressed for a feast, Anti-Atlas, 2006 the fibulas closing the large white veil are cut out of an aluminum sheet

  35. grandmotherin her festive dress Anti-Atlas2006

  36. Sahrawi dancerWesternSahara 2007arm movements represented bya curved branch

  37. old and young woman dressed for the ahwash dance Anti-Atlas, 2006

  38. young man participating in the ahiddus danceAnti-Atlas, 2005

  39. mistress and weavers with daughters at the loom, Anti-Atlas, 2007

  40. girl at the hospital, mother and female doctor (right)Anti-Atlas, 2007

  41. policemen, Anti-Atlas, 2007 clothing of paper packaging frame of plastified wire

  42. tourist at the beach, Anti-Atlas, 2007 second hand plastic doll dressed by girlumbrella and reclining chair of plastified iron wire and wool threads

  43. emigrants’ daughter visiting the homelandAnti-Atlas2006plastic dollwith a dress made by the girlcar made by a boy

  44. home for handicapped and poor people, Anti-Atlas, 2007

  45. the home’s mistress and girl with artificial legs,Anti-Atlas, 2007

  46. doll representing a performerin theahwash dance High Atlas1992boys make dolls only seldom

  47. schoolgirls dressed in wrapping papermade by boys in the first year of primary schoolbut denigrated by girls as too rudimentaryAnti-Atlas, 2007

  48. mother and baby madeby a boyAnti-Atlas2006

  49. a boy ofeight years created thismale doll witha package of medicineAnti-Atlas2008

  50. © Jean-Pierre Rossieall photos taken by the authorexcept the photos of slides 3, 5, 31, 33 and 44taken by Khalija Jariaa (the woman on slide 29)