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Fun Ways to Fund Raise for Individuals or Groups PowerPoint Presentation
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Fun Ways to Fund Raise for Individuals or Groups

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Fun Ways to Fund Raise for Individuals or Groups - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Fun Ways to Fund Raise for Individuals or Groups Power Point by ilycul BAKE SALE - Everyone's favorite! Include baked foods from around the world Provide printed recipe cards Church wide/Neighborhood Flea Market Books Used clothes Restored bicycles and

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BAKE SALE - Everyone's favorite!
  • Include baked foods from around the world
  • Provide printed recipe cards
Church wide/Neighborhood

Flea Market


Used clothes

Restored bicycles and

Baby things: car seats, etc

Old Furniture


Hold an Autumn pot-luck dinner outside. Organize simple activities to attract children to the event - leaf rubbings, story-telling, etc. Charge admission for activities.

Hold a weekend car-wash to raise money.
    • Do a “contract” carwash, asking people to pledge a certain amount per car washed
    • Then wash cars for donations
    • Go back to the pledgers to collect from them also!
contract car wash form
Contract Car Wash Form
  • Name of Organization:_____________________
  • Name of Pledge Giver:_____________________
  • Phone or email:____________________________
    • Pledge amount:
      • $2 per car washed
      • $3 per car washed
      • $4 per car washed
    • Report: # of cars washed ___________
    • Pledge amount collected: $_________
    • Thank you given when collection picked up._____

Get your ministry group to suggest recipes and print and sell cookbooks. Have fun with recipes from children, from your pets, bachelor soup, etc.

bachelor soup
Bachelor Soup
  • Go to store.
  • Purchase can of Campbell’s soup, any flavor.
  • Return home.
  • Open can, mix into saucepan with equal parts water.
  • Heat, stir, enjoy!
Holiday sale of hand crafted items, Christmas, Fall Bazaar, Spring Craft Sale
  • Involve your deaf group or the women’s group of the church
Pizza partywith Top-Your-Own Pizza toppings
  • Charge a flat rate for the pizza and a set amount per topping
  • Sell beverages
  • Have a donation jar
Variety show with
    • Dancers
    • Clown skits
    • Singing
    • Signing songs or deaf stories
    • Karate demonstrations
    • Magic
    • Comedy
    • Karaoke
Dinner Theatre, add a meal to the variety show
  • Charge Admission
  • Mystery Dinner
    • Menus are a riddle
      • Y in the road=fork
      • Rhymes with moon=spoon
      • Swimming in the lake this morning=fish
      • Cloud Juice=water

Use your imagination!

    • Surprise the diners
    • Act out a murder mystery
Have a Pancake breakfast (or supper) with a few friends helping to
    • make and serve pancakes
    • sausages
    • coffee and juice
    • Purchase plastic flamingos (8-10)
    • Sell insurance to keep them out of the yards of church members
    • Have a team go and put them out in friendly places who will pay to have them picked up
    • Whoever doesn’t buy insurance gets flocked
    • He who gets flocked gets to pick the next place (unless they have insurance)
    • Make a sign that says:
you ve been flocked you ve been flamingoed
You’ve Been FlockedYou’ve Been Flamingoed
  • Thank you for supporting the Deaf Ministry at ________ Church
  • Church address and phone #
  • On the back of the sign, have a number to call to have the flamingos picked up and moved to the next location.
  • Only do this with a friendly group of church members.
Make yourself (and friends) available to run errands,
  • do yard work, or walk dogs, etc.
  • Make up fliers to advertise your services and
  • Explain where the money will go that is earned.
FAST from certain foods and save the money you’d spend
  • Give up one meal a week
  • Give up junk food
  • Save the money.

If your church will do it with you, place containers around for members to place their change.

Game tournament: have a Checkers Tournament
    • charge small administration fee
    • sell light refreshments during the tournament
  • Monopoly ( or other board game)
  • Spades (or other card game)
  • Any popular game
Progressive Dinner with 3-4 other people:
    • charge tickets and
    • have these friends provide an
      • appetizer,
      • salad course,
      • main course and
      • dessert.
Sell Things
    • Candy
    • Candles
    • Magazines
    • Popcorn
    • Magnets
    • Luggage Tags
Luggage Tag Sales
    • All Luggage Tags are made from durable, heavy duty plastic(The same size, shape and plastic as credit cards)
    • All Luggage Tags come with clear plastic straps for attaching to bagsLuggage Tags are sold in SETS of 2 tags for $10.00(Your Group Makes $5 per sale!)
    • BECAUSE EVERYONE NEEDS BAG TAGS,you can expect to get 2, 3 or more orders from each family.
    • NO UP-FRONT PAYMENTYou don't have to pay us until AFTER you receive your ordered Luggage Tags.
On birthdays ask family and friends to make a money gift instead of buying something
  • Explain the event for which you are needing money.
  • Send photo from event with thank you.
Sell Calendars that you create and print on your desk-top computer
    • Add photos
    • Bible verses
    • Famous quotes
Internet appeals/campaigns with information about your need for funds.
  • Add photos and make an

“e” brochure

Recycle bottle & can drive with collected items
  • Collect anything that gets a refund for you
  • Recycle other stuff just to be good to the environment
Spare change collection:
    • Give out quart jars and
    • Ask friends and church members to collect spare change every time they empty pockets or purses
    • Make a label for the jar that tells about your project
Hire out at Fireworks Stands at New Year’s and Fourth of July
  • Hire out to clean up after city wide celebrations
raffle off services
Raffle Off Services
  • Babysitting
  • Garage Clean Out
  • Pet Sitting
  • Gutter Clean Out
  • Put Up/Take Down Storm Shutters
  • Church Members
  • Friends
  • Relatives
make things to sell
Make things to sell
  • Craft items, pins, paintings, cards, decorations, needlework
  • Homemade pies, cakes, candy
  • Decorate T shirts
  • Make simple jewelry
  • Badge-a-minit buttons
face painting
Face Painting
  • Set up a face painting booth
  • Charge per design
  • Offer fun temporary tattoos (decals)
loans from relatives
Loans from Relatives
  • Explain the need for the loan
  • Promise pictures of the event
  • Pay back in timely fashion
  • Phone books
  • Pizza coupons
  • Circulars
  • Store ads
Set up a Vacation Fund that you don’t touch
    • Put in your earnings from odd jobs
    • Put in your money gifts from friends
    • Put in your profits from sales
    • Put in your family loans
  • Keep good records
  • Pay back promptly
ideas from the orlando conference participants
Ideas from the Orlando Conference Participants
  • Soup Kitchen
  • Christmas Wreaths
  • Prayer Walk with a Cross
  • Koozies for water bottles
  • Silent Auction
  • African Night Dinner
  • Booth at your church’s Christmas Market
ideas from the orlando conference participants41
Ideas from the Orlando Conference Participants
  • Mexican Fiesta
    • Tacos
    • Fajitas
    • Salsa
    • Tamales
  • Grow and Sell Flowers
  • Christmas tree bells (ILY)
  • Pizza Kits
international bazaar
International Bazaar
  • Contact Amos Muyambo for Zimbabwe items
  • Contact returned mission teams for items from countries they’ve served.
Have a great time
  • Be friendly
  • Think enthusiastic and you’ll be enthusiastic
  • Sell up!
  • Educate folks about your project
  • Thank your patrons