ethical hacking l.
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Ethical Hacking

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Ethical Hacking - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Ethical Hacking. Pratheeba Murugesan. HACKER. AENDA. What is Ethical Hacking? Who are ethical hackers? Every Website-A Target Get out of jail free card Kinds of Testing Final Report. Ethical Hacking.

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ethical hacking

Ethical Hacking

Pratheeba Murugesan

  • What is Ethical Hacking?
  • Who are ethical hackers?
  • Every Website-A Target
  • Get out of jail free card
  • Kinds of Testing
  • Final Report
ethical hacking4
Ethical Hacking
  • Independent computer security Professionals breaking into the computer systems.
  • Neither damage the target systems nor steal information.
  • Evaluate target systems security and report back to owners about the vulnerabilities found.
ethical hackers but not criminal hackers
Ethical Hackers but not Criminal Hackers
  • Completely trustworthy.
  • Strong programming and computer networking skills.
  • Learn about the system and trying to find its weaknesses.
  • Techniques of Criminal hackers-Detection-Prevention.
  • Published research papers or released security software.
  • No Ex-hackers.
being prepared
Being Prepared
  • What can an intruder see on the target systems?
  • What can an intruder do with that information?
  • Does anyone at the target notice the intruder's attempts or successes?
  • What are you trying to protect?
  • Who are you trying to protect against?
  • How much time, effort, and money are you willing to expend to obtain adequate protection?
get out of jail free card
Get out of Jail free card
  • Security evaluation plan
        • Identify system to be tested
        • How to test?
        • Limitations on that testing
  • Evaluation done under a “no-holds-barred” approach.
  • Clients should be aware of risks.
  • Limit prior knowledge of test.
kinds of testing
Kinds of Testing
  • Remote Network
  • Remote dial-up network
  • Local network
  • Stolen laptop computer
  • Social engineering
  • Physical entry

1.Total outsider


3.Valid user

final report
Final Report
  • Collection of all discoveries made during evaluation.
  • Specific advice on how to close the vulnerabilities.
  • Testers techniques never revealed.
  • Delivered directly to an officer of the client organization in hard-copy form.
  • Steps to be followed by clients in future.