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Energy Saving for Hotels

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Energy Saving for Hotels - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Energy Saving for Hotels. Reducing Fuel and Electricity Bills Through Proven Alternative Energy and Cost Saving Solutions. Context. Oil at $135-$140/barrel and rising. Diesel fuel at over Rp. 10,000 / liter PLN costs increasing Energy costs overtaking staff costs

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energy saving for hotels

Energy Saving for Hotels

Reducing Fuel and Electricity Bills Through Proven Alternative Energy and Cost Saving Solutions

  • Oil at $135-$140/barrel and rising.
  • Diesel fuel at over Rp. 10,000 / liter
  • PLN costs increasing
  • Energy costs overtaking staff costs
  • Meanwhile, we are showered by up to 7 kWh per square meter per day, from sun alone!
  • Then we spend millions of Rupiah per day, to get rid of that energy with big chillers
  • Plus, we stoke big fires in the next room to make hot water……
b e s t solution
  • B etter
  • E nergy
  • S olutions
  • T oday
a word about watts
A Word About Watts
  • (Kilo) Watts are POWER
  • (Kilo) WattHours are ENERGY
  • ACTUAL units should be (Kilo) Joules
  • One Joule = One Watt Per Second
  • Visit
  • Or ‘avoided’ energy use
  • Switching off lights
  • Using lower wattage
  • Using timers
  • Set thermostats on fridges and AC’s higher
a bit more about lights
A Bit More About Lights
  • There are 15,000 lights in this hotel.
  • See here two bulbs – one is a 40 Watt Philips bulb, the other a 4 Watt LED light.
  • One lasts 1000 hours (?) – the other lasts 50,000 hours.
  • One is hot - the other is completely cool

A simple calculation:

  • Changing 1,000 ‘all-night’ lights, at a cost of US$15,000 would save US$50,000+ per year
  • That is a return-on-investment of 3-4 months!
  • Can you afford NOT to consider this?
solar photovoltaics pv
Solar PhotoVoltaics (PV)
  • Turns light into electricity
  • Only 15-20% efficiency
  • US$600 per m2
  • Produces only during day-light
  • Marginal and expensive (for now)
  • Has SOME useful applications:
useful solar pv applications
Useful Solar PV Applications
  • Direct Grid-feed reduces carbon-footprint
  • Security Lights and - Systems
  • Remote Locations Lights
  • Solar Pumping
  • Solar Ceiling Fans
  • Carbon-neutral Electrical Motorbikes
wind energy
Wind Energy
  • Nice if you can get it – Bali’s wind regime can be OK in some locations
  • Direct grid-feed
  • Small turbines on roofs can work well
  • US$3000 for 1000 Watt small turbine, can, in good Bali locations produce 2200 kWh per year for 10 years, at costs of approximately Rp. 1,500 / kWh
hydro power
Hydro Power
  • Nice if you can get it!
  • Unlike most ‘renewable energy’ produces 24 x 7 x 365
wave tidal power
Wave & Tidal Power
  • Potentially interesting for sea-front hotels and resorts
  • Still a bit ‘adventurous’ but CAN be relatively simple
  • Prices are linked to fossil fuels and will thus keep increasing
  • Takes food of tables, unless made from Jatropha or algae or similar
  • Does not SAVE energy, or costs, but CAN contribute to carbon-emission reduction
  • Some ‘biomass’ applications may be interesting as well.
  • From waste water treatment plant
  • From garden- and kitchen waste
  • For cooking, gas-lights, water-heating, even generators
micro turbines
Micro Turbines
  • Highly efficient electricity generators
  • 80,000 RPM, air-bearings, no lubrication, no oil-changes, once-a-year maintenance
  • 60 kW unit produces 115 kW ‘free’ heat for heating and cooling
  • System efficiency of 80-90%, compared to 30-40% of diesel generators
  • Rp. 730 per kilowatt-hour if LPG at Rp. 7,500 per kilo
solar thermal
Solar Thermal
  • The BIG opportunity NOW
  • Up to 8 kWh per m2 falls on us for free every (sunny) day.
  • 60-70% can be captured with simple collectors that can cost as little as US$250 / m2
  • But what to do with all that heat?
solar thermal water heating
Solar Thermal Water Heating
  • We should NOT have to expend ‘paid-for’ energy for water-heating when the sun is shining!
  • Simple, cheap, effective
  • Obvious!
solar thermal cooling
Solar Thermal Cooling
  • Turns ‘heat’ into ‘cold’ with 18th century technology (adsorption chilling)
  • The more sun, the more cooling – nicely balanced
  • Can be stored for ‘peak-shaving’ (event rooms, ball rooms, peak-rate times) with ‘IceBanks’, or pre-chilled water
  • Can ‘assist’ chillers, lowering their operating costs with ‘free energy’
other solar thermal applications
Other Solar Thermal Applications
  • Power generation (steam machines)
heat pumps
Heat Pumps
  • Reversed air-conditioner ‘harvests’ and ‘concentrates’ ambient heat at very, very low energy costs: 1 kWh of electricity ‘harvests’ 3-4 kWh of heat from the air, cooling that air in the process (free cooling!)
revenue opportunities
Revenue Opportunities
  • Carbon-Credits
  • Increased Room Rates
  • Marketing Tool
  • Grid-Feed (in the future?)


final notes
Final Notes
  • No single ‘BEST’ solution: START THE LEARNING NOW
  • NegaWatts can start saving you energy costs TODAY
  • Leasing, renting and financing options can make you too start saving money NEXT MONTH without capital expenditure!