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Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey (CAPS)

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Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey (CAPS) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey (CAPS). A National Approach to Surveying for Exotic Species. John Bowers, Ph.D. National Survey Coordinator Emergency & Domestic Programs USDA APHIS PPQ Riverdale, MD. Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey (CAPS).

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cooperative agriculture pest survey caps

Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey (CAPS)

A National Approach to Surveying for Exotic Species

John Bowers, Ph.D.

National Survey Coordinator

Emergency & Domestic Programs


Riverdale, MD

cooperative agriculture pest survey caps2
Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey (CAPS)
  • Conducts science-based national and state surveys
  • Targeted at specific exotic plant pests
    • insects, pathogens, and weeds
  • Identified as threats to U.S. agriculture and/or the environment
cooperative agriculture pest survey caps3
Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey (CAPS)
  • Domestic survey program
  • Line of defense behind port inspections
  • Focus on exotic pests
    • Not native, widely distributed or established pests
    • Not PPQ Program pests
cooperative agriculture pest survey caps4
Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey (CAPS)
  • A program focused on the early detection of exotic plant pests
  • Pests and pathogens not yet present in the U.S., or a very limited distribution
  • Potential to have a high impact if established
    • environmental or economic consequences
cooperative agriculture pest survey caps5
Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey (CAPS)
  • Conduct surveys for pests and pathogens we hope we do not find, and should not be here
  • Negative data is very important
  • Potential to facilitate trade (ISPM Standards)
    • pest-free areas
    • pest-free areas of productions
cooperative agriculture pest survey caps6
Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey (CAPS)
  • CAPS has come to mean many things for many people
  • It is an acronym that rolls off the tongue very easily
  • Has taken on a wide, umbrella-like meaning
cooperative agriculture pest survey caps7
Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey (CAPS)
  • CAPS is not a cooperative agreement program
    • Uses cooperative agreements to distribute funds to state cooperators
  • CAPS is not an umbrella program
    • Not all cooperative agreements are CAPS agreements
  • Depends on funding source
cooperative agriculture pest survey caps8
Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey (CAPS)
  • USDA
    • APHIS
      • Plant Protection & Quarantine (PPQ)
        • Emergency & Domestic Programs
          • Pest Detection


Funded through the Pest Detection line item

cooperative agriculture pest survey caps9
Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey (CAPS)
  • Specific program that uses the cooperative agreement vehicle to distribute funds
  • Other domestic programs also use cooperative agreements to fund surveys
    • These are not CAPS program surveys
    • Funded through other means or other line items
cooperative agriculture pest survey caps10
Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey (CAPS)
  • It will be increasingly important to distinguish and track surveys and work completed with Pest Detection funds separate from surveys and work completed with other funds!
    • Performance measures
    • Congressional inquiries
    • Accountability
cooperative agriculture pest survey caps11
Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey (CAPS)
  • Need to track funding source to work accomplished, reports, and data entry
    • Identify the funding source of the data record in NAPIS or PHIS/ISIS
  • CAPS transitioning from NAPIS to PHIS/ISIS as the database for survey records
    • Need to change the cooperative agreement for 2011/2012
cooperative agriculture pest survey caps12
Cooperative Agriculture Pest Survey (CAPS)
  • Work plan development & submission
  • Module in PHIS to facilitate drafting and submitting work plans to the Regions
  • Submit to the Agreements Staff as a final draft agreed upon by PPQ and the State
  • States interested in electronic agreements


To Farm Bill

2008 farm bill
2008 Farm Bill
  • Food Conservation and Energy Act of 2008
  • Section 10201: Plant Pest and Disease Management and Disaster Prevention
  • Directs the Secretary of Agriculture to make available Commodity Credit Corporation (CCC) funds for:
2008 farm bill section 10201
2008 Farm Bill – Section 10201
  • Early pest detection and surveillance
  • Threat identification and mitigation of plant pests and diseases
  • Technical assistance in the development and implementation of audit-based certification and nursery plant pest risk management systems
2008 farm bill section 1020116
2008 Farm Bill – Section 10201
  • APHIS Administrator directed PPQ to develop a business and implementation plan to spend these funds
  • Congress inserted language into the Stimulus Bill that authorized APHIS to use CCC funds for Administrative purposes
  • Plan was sent to OMB on 3/23/09
  • Legal authority to spend the money
2008 farm bill section 1020117
2008 Farm Bill – Section 10201
  • $12 million in FY09
  • $45 Million in FY10
  • $50 million in FY11 – FY13
  • Annual money
  • Funds must be obligated by September 30
  • States have one year to spend the funds
2008 farm bill section 1020118
2008 Farm Bill – Section 10201
  • Working with the Agreements staff to streamline the process for 2009
  • Farm Bill was not meant to enhance CAPS surveys, and there are requirements for reports to Congress
  • Farm Bill activities need to be tracked separately from CAPS activities
  • May involve separate work plans and/or agreements
2008 farm bill section 1020119
2008 Farm Bill – Section 10201
  • Implementation Plan is posted on APHIS website
    • Link on the Pest Detection page
  • Email address provided for comments
  • Stakeholder Registry to receive notices
  • APHIS will convene discussions with stakeholders in the next several weeks to ask for input