cliff hanger by jean craighead george l.
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Cliff Hanger by Jean Craighead George

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Cliff Hanger by Jean Craighead George. Vocabulary, Spelling, and Skills. belay. being tied to a person or a rock with a rope for safety. “ On belay,” Axel’s father called out to him. A trip down into or from something, such as a mountain. descent. They reached the top and

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cliff hanger by jean craighead george

Cliff Hangerby Jean Craighead George

Vocabulary, Spelling, and Skills



being tied to a person or a rock

with a rope for safety

“On belay,” Axel’s father called

out to him.

A trip down into or from something, such as a mountaindescent

They reached the top and

were ready for their descent.

  • a set of straps that can attach to a safety rope

Axel took a dog harness

and slipped it over Grit’s



a shelf of rock

Half way up the mountain

he reached a ledge to hold

on to.


to come down a cliff by sliding down a rope

I took a deep breath and

began to rappel down the



made a slow and difficult journey on foot.

Axel and Dag trekked

steadily up the rocky


other vocabulary
Other Vocabulary

Cathedral – a large or important church

registration book – a book used to record the names of guests at a hotel, club, or school

climbing nuts – rock climbing tools that are jammed into cracks in the rock and used to anchor ropes

carabiners – metal rings used by rock climbers to attach ropes to themselves or to climbing nuts

avalanches –areas of rock, snow, or earth that fell down a mountain

bracing – making firm, steadying

plunging – falling suddenly and quickly

splats – short splashing noises

void – a large, empty space

handhold – something to hold on to for support

foresaw – knew something before it happened

vertical – straight up and down

free climb – to climb without being attached to anything

concentration – the act of thinking hard, staying focused.

spelling words words with short vowel patterns
Spelling WordsWords with short vowel patterns

mix milk thick

thin stick send

left smell class

last head friend

test empty dish


comprehension cause and effect t49a
ComprehensionCause and Effect - T49A

Cause and effect is when one event brings about another event

Cause – makes something happen Ask yourself, “Why does this happen?”

Effect – the event that happens

Ask yourself, “What happened?”

Look at Practice Book page 12.

structural analysis vocabulary base words t49c
Structural Analysis/Vocabulary: Base Words T49C

Many words are made by adding beginnings and endings to smaller words called base words.

  • In climbing, the ending –ing has been added to the base word climb.

When you come to a new word look for the base word.

washer washable washing washed

base words
Base Words

Write the base word on your white board.

planned shivering counted

comfortable drummed wrapped

stopping slipping unhappy

Practice Book page 16

short vowel patterns a e and i t49d
Short Vowel Patternsa, e, and i T49D

A short vowel sound is usually spelled with one vowel followed by a consonant.

Find the short vowel patterns in the following phrases.

The planned route

Split open the black cloud

Roped himself to them his left hand

vocabulary abc order in a dictionary t49g
Vocabulary: ABC Order in a Dictionary T49G

Words in a dictionary are arranged in ABC order.

  • Start with the first letter.
  • When words begin with the same letter, move on to the second letter.

friend harness hand flash

Sincef comes beforehin the alphabet, friendandflashcome beforeharnessandhand.

Friendandflashbegin with the same letter sowe will look at the second letter.

flash friend hand harness