british channel 4 tv allegations l.
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British Channel-4 TV allegations

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British Channel-4 TV allegations - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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British Channel-4 TV allegations . Manipulating the medium and showing horror executions by/of LTTE terrorists ?. Planting the story?. The first UK show was on Ch. 4 TV, in August 2009, showing a naked bound man being shot from behind – the war ended on 19 may 2009.

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british channel 4 tv allegations

British Channel-4 TV allegations

Manipulating the medium

and showing horror executions by/of LTTE terrorists ?

planting the story
Planting the story?
  • The first UK show was on Ch. 4 TV, in August 2009, showing a naked bound man being shot from behind – the war ended on 19 may 2009.
  • The time difference between the gunshot sound and the appearance of the image is 0.296 sec.
  • Hence the victim was ~102 meters away. But the victim is only a few feet away in the picture.
  • The words, claimed to be Sinhala are mumbled and unclear – are they dubbed in?
  • The time synchronization etc have become impaired during the dubbing and doctoring of the original video.
  • Totally untrustworthy.
  • Source and authorship unknown.
ltte practice of executing prisoners
LTTE practice of executing prisoners
  • That the LTTE routinely executed its prisoners, and sent assassins to target any dissent or opposition is well known.
  • Videos were made by the LTTE – the source of these Ch4-footage.
  • The fleeing tigers killed and executed their prisoners: see:
  • Adel Balasingham’s book records teaching young Tamil kids to use arms, even suicide, to kill the `enemy’.
  • 600 policemen who surrendered were executed in cold blood by the LTTE negating an assurance to the President of the country.
  • Canadian refugee-seeking Tamils have testified to the killing of prisoners by the LTTE
  • See Globe and Mail, April 19th 2011 story:

“Tamil migrant …shooting soldiers”

a second show in boston
A second show in Boston
  • Boston-Lanka news, June 14, 2010 aired the same Ch4-TV execution but with killers speaking Tamil, unlike in Ch4TV !!!
  • Are Tamil tigers executing their prisoners, but is it being mocked up by Eelam propagandists and Ch4-TV to say the very opposite?????
gtf program against sri lanka
GTF program against Sri Lanka
  • The actions of Ch4-TV have to be understood in the context of the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) made up of Tamil separatists who previously supported the Eelam program of the LTTE, and collected money to by arms.
  • The wealthy GTF has recruited labour- and conservative MPs, especially those who lost their seats.
  • The GTF hired Joan Ryan (former Home Minister/Labour) as its Chief Executive after she lost her seat at the last parliamentary polls
  • Are there deep reasons why the GFT has a hold on Joan Rayn who is obliged to work for this group?
  • The GTF has backed the Ch4-TV item as proof of its allegations as it seems to have nothing more definitive.
darusman report on sri lanka
Darusman report on Sri Lanka
  • The pressure on the UN came from many quarters
  • One typical example is the “campaign for justice and peace in Sri Lanka” , set up to pressurize the UN
  • This involved an “Asian Human Rights commission” run by a Basil Fernando whose links with Garry Anandasangaree and Harini Sivalingam are well exposed.
  • What are their links with Navaneetha Pillai?
  • Why did Ban-ki-Moon choose a Darusman whose record of activities in Indonesia/South Asia go contrary to human-rights concerns?
  • Why was the Ban-ki-Moon advisory panel chosen deviating from standard UN practice of using its own experts?
  • Why produce an anecdotal report of mere allegations ?
geneva sessions unhcr june 2011
Geneva sessions, UNHCR June 2011
  • UN Rapporteur, Chris Heyns (friend of Navaneetha Pillai) claims that a “new” Ch-4 TV video is `authenticated by three forensic experts of the US’, and tables the video in Geneva.
  • The “new” video is said to be the same old video with “added footage” and drama to further authenticate the item.
  • Callum Macrae who directed the Ch4 extended video clippings admit that the ‘killing fields of Sri lanka’ are from photographic stills, video clippings, old video footages and satellite imagery – an edited collage - shown in Geneva by Amnesty International.
the view of an independent expert
The view of an independent expert
  • Executive director of IPTV systems, Sydney (previously, head of Cisco’s global broadcast and digital video practice division) has also examined the new Ch4-TV item of Chris Heyns
  • His conclusions are the very opposite of the `authentication’ claimed by the UN lobby and the British-Tamil Forum.
views of the iptv ex cisco expert part i
Views of the IPTV (ex-CISCO) expert-part I
  • These views have been summarized in a news report in the Asian Tribune, June 6, 2011.
  • The video is dated UTC 2009-07-15, and taken from a video camera and not from a mobile phone, as claimed by one of Heyns’ experts but not the other ?
  • There is more than one video layer, and the unexplainable time off-set between audio and image is 0.296 sec as in the old Ch4-TV.
  • Grant Fredericks (hired by Heyns) claims that the video uses an optical zoom which is not available as yet on mobile phones, and that Philips Editing software has been used, contrary to claims of Jeff Spivak, another expert hired by Heyns).
views of the iptv ex cisco expert part ii
Views of the IPTV (ex-CISCO) expert-part II
  • There are 17 new frames inconsistent with the old video.
  • It is suggested that this arose when transferring from Video format to mobile-phone format. Mr. Grant (hired expert) says that he cannot explain it.
  • The editing of the “new” part of the execution is similar to that of the old part, and probably done on a PC.
side stepping the ban on broadcasting improper material
Side-stepping the ban on broadcasting improper-material
  • Most civilized countries have legislation prohibiting the airing of of gory horror, or profiting by showing executions, torture etc.
  • If you can show such stuff, you make money
  • A neat way to side-step this is to claim the need to bring out “war crimes”.
  • So, if the footage does not exist, you make a collage, with no traceable source of the data and no author authentication as needed in fair reporting.
  • The bottom line is THE BOTTOM LINE – making money