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stle Beta Psi Fall 2008 Issue 2 Happy Birthday! Stacy Estes-October 16 Evan Alexander-October 29 Richard Berry-HALLOWEEN! Alan Dierker-September 3 Ashley Bennet-September 28 Jessica Ibendahl-October 31 IMPORTANT DATES October 16&17-Fall Break October 19-Window Painting @ Imos

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Beta Psi

Fall 2008 Issue 2

Happy Birthday!

Stacy Estes-October 16

Evan Alexander-October 29

Richard Berry-HALLOWEEN!

Alan Dierker-September 3

Ashley Bennet-September 28

Jessica Ibendahl-October 31

  • October 16&17-Fall Break
  • October 19-Window Painting @ Imos
  • October 20-Spirit Rally/Talent Show
  • October 20-Fundraising @ Cici’s
  • October 21-Field Day & Window Painting
  • October 24, 25, 30, & 31- Haunted Hall of Horror
  • October 24 Popcorn Distribution
  • October 25-Homecoming Parade/Game @ 1:00pm
  • October 31-Trick or Treat so Kids Can Eat

Favorite Halloween Costume…

Alan Dierker- Rafael (teenage mutant ninja turtles)

Jessica Ibendahl- Pirate

Stacy Estes- Pink Power Ranger

Evan Alexander- Batman

Richard Berry- Vall Woodshadow

Marquelia- Genie

Cassie Humphrey- Pippy Long Stocking

Tony Fouts- Freddy Kruger

Keisha White- Cop

John Berry- Pterodactyl

Sarah Dumey- Gauze Goblin

Janelle Turner- Jack Twist

Kevin McMeel (aka Barry Bernhardt)- Devil

Amanda Truetken- The Sky…such an imagination

Brooke Privett- Bee (brother was a Bee Keeper)

Roniesha Black- Angel

Danielle Czerniewski- Barmaid

Andrea Kellerman- Raggedy Anne

Zack Buck- Quail Man

Kristie Sprague- Princess

David Gilbert- Red Power Ranger

Kerby Icenogle- Daisy Duke


Southeast Missouri State University

Cheney Hall-The ghost of a female student haunts a room in Cheney. She is believed to have committed suicide in the bathtub. Rumors are that the bloodstains on the tub could not be removed. Rather than removing the tub, the school built a large shelf or closet around it. Students report hearing strange noises and slamming doors when they’re left open.

Music building-There have been reports of strange lights and shadows, apparitions, and slamming doors.

Rose Theater-Ghost 1 Mary. She supposedly killed her husband when he tried to leave her. She is said to cause problems during some plays. There is also supposedly a blood stain on a concrete floor that cannot be removed. Ghost 2 is an elderly man that has been seen sitting in the hallway.

Minton House

Located at 444 Washington Ave. It is rumored to be haunted by ghosts of Civil War soldiers who died there when it was a small pox hospital.

Favorite Halloween Costume…Cont

Erin Tuley- Death

Nick Meyerkord- a loser…I mean a Ninja

Amy Pinter- Ladybug

Julie Kozuszek- Nerd

Jennifer Miller- Cowgirl

Stephanie Winzenburger- Grape

Teresa Koebbe- Tiger

Nikki Wichman- Firefighter w/Dalmation puppy

Rachael Hayes- BIT Graduate (ask her)

Brett Hammond- Robot (last year…ok he was 12)

Julie Bohnenkemper- Jasmine from Aladdin

Shannon Meyerkord- Also Jasmine from Aladdin

Haunted Places in Cape Girardeau

Heartland Health Care Center

Located at 2525 Boutin Dr. Reports of strange shadows and apparitions of former residents being seen.

PIKE Lodge

This used to be an old school house. There have been reports of little girl haunting the lodge, who is believed to have died there when I was a school house. Reports include rattling windows, slammed doors, swaying lights, hearing laughter come from the furnace room, and seeing the little girl jump rope at night.

Mt. Tabor Park

This is now private property. It is off of County Rd. 205, or Bloomfield Rd. Visitors have heard the voice of a disembodied elderly woman.

Jackson High School

Located on S. High Street in Jackson. The 2nd floor bathroom is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a janitor or a female student who died in the room. The auditorium is haunted by a janitor. A former teacher is also rumored to walk the halls. Reports include opening and closing of doors, whistling, and orb photos taken in the gym.

Information from

Scary Halloween Moments

Brett Hammond- Scared by old man up the street

Rachael Hayes- Phi Mu Alpha boys tapping on window and jiggling door handles on Halloween night

Nikki Wichman- Trick-or-treating with Mandy, Erin, and Sara

Bethaney Garrett- Haunted House

Teresa Koebbe- Watching Hocus Pocus

Stephanie Winzenburger- Talon Falls, KY

Nick Meyerkord- Man dressed as dino, shrieking loudly

Erin Tuley- Scary teens stole her little brother’s candy, she started chasing them, but then realized they could hurt her

David Gilbert- Confronting a throng of zombies with only a straw, rubber band, and manila folder

Kristie Sprague- Chased with a chainsaw

Zack Buck- Partying at the shack and hour before it burnt down


Scary Halloween Moments Cont

Workshops at NationalsSome, not all

Andrea Kellerman- Haunted hay ride

Roniesha Black- Haunted house

Brooke Privett- Being chased by a chainsaw at the Kennett Haunted House

Amanda Truetken- Haunted house as a kid

Kevin McMeel- Realizing he was too old to trick or treat

Sarah Dumey- Six Flags Haunted House (YIKES!)

Tony Fouts- Watching his brother Freeman dress up as a prostitute

Cassie Humphrey- Getting lost in a haunted house maze

Marquelia- Clowns at Six Flags, (she hates clowns)

Richard Berry- Was born on Halloween…scary enough?

Ashley Bennett- Haunted house

Jessica Ibendahl- Graveyards

Stacy Estes- Haunted house, worker stole stuffed animal and chased her

Contra and Swing Lessons- Two wonderful styles o learn while having fun! Come out and learn a new dance or two, and have fun with your fellow Brothers.

Financing your chapter and its events- This workshop will highlight innovative ways to gain money for your chapter and fund your events.

Applying for Applause and Dough- Chapters always need money to run events but coming by that money isn’t always easy. Sometimes chapters earn a pat on the back. This workshop will explain how to apply to Nationals for money and awards.

Habits of very successful chapters- There are chapters that have been around for almost seventy years and are still going strong! Come learn successful habits of chapters so your chapter can be around seventy years from now.

APO in your resume- Many Brothers do a lot of work in APO and want to show off their great work and talent. This workshop will highlight some key ways how to include your efforts in APO in your resume.

Massages- Life as a Brother can sometimes be stressful and difficult…so why not learn some massage techniques! This workshop will demonstrate some simple safe methods of massage so you can relax and de-stress. (SOMEONE BETTER GO TO THIS!!!!)

Toast Song in ASL- The toast song is an important staple in the APO history. It tells a lot about us and what we do. This workshop will teach you the toast song in American Sign Language—a nice new way to close your chapter meeting.

Boston Phonetics- “Go pahk yah cah in da Harvad yahd.” Sound familiar? When people think of a Boston Accent, this is the first sentence most people come up with. Come have fun and learn some of the familiar slogans and phrases from a real Bostonian.

Information from