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Accuplacer Writing Test

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Accuplacer Writing Test. Essay Sentence Skills. Accuplacer Essay. The ACCUPLACER  writing test that UTEP administers for placement purposes and Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements is called WritePlacer  Texas.

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accuplacer writing test

Accuplacer Writing Test


Sentence Skills

accuplacer essay
Accuplacer Essay
  • The ACCUPLACER writing test that UTEP administers for placement purposes and Texas Success Initiative (TSI) requirements is called WritePlacer Texas.
  • When you take a WritePlacer test, you will be given a topic and asked to write an essay about it. You will have to plan, write, review, and revise your essay in 60 minutes. Essays are scored on the overall quality of your writing and scores range from 0 to 8.
instructions for the essay
Instructions for the Essay
  • You will be asked to prepare a multiple-paragraph essay of 300-600 words on a specific topic. You should use the time available to plan, write, review, and edit what you have written.  You must read the assignment carefully before you begin to write.
  • Your writing sample will be scored on the basis of how effectively it communicates a whole message to the readers for the stated purpose.  Your score will be based on your ability to express, organize, and support your opinions and ideas, not the position you take on the essay topic.  
characteristics considered
Characteristics Considered
  • The following five characteristics of writing will be considered:
  • Focus
  • The clarity with which you maintain your main idea or point of view.
  • Organization
  • The clarity with which you structure your response and present a logical sequence of ideas.
  • Development and Support
  • The extent to which you elaborate on your ideas and the extent to which you present supporting details.
  • Sentence Structure
  • The effectiveness of your sentence structure.
  • Mechanical Conventions
  • The extent to which your writing is free of errors in usage and mechanics.
instructions for the essay5
Instructions for the Essay
  • Be sure to write about the topic indicated and use multiple paragraphs.  You may not use any books or papers or other reference materials during the test.  Remember to review your writing and make any changes you think will improve what you have written.
tips on writing the essay
Tips on Writing the Essay
  • You will be given 60 minutes to write your essay. Proctors will go through the instructions and then tell you to put your cursor in the box. Time will then begin to count down from 60 minutes.
  • You will not be able to draft an outline on paper after you read the prompt and before you put your cursor in the box. You will be able to use scratch paper once you have started your essay to draft an outline or brainstorm ideas.
  • You can also draft an outline or brainstorm ideas on the computer but be sure to erase all writing except your finished essay before your time is up.
tips on writing the essay7
Tips on Writing the Essay
  • Topics are described in such a way that you must take a position either for or against an issue. Often you are given one pro and one con to get you started. Remember to take just one side (for or against) and support it. The best way to approach an Accuplacer essay is to prepare a basic five paragraph essay.
Six Steps for Writing a Basic Five Paragraph Essay(From Del Valle’s Six Steps for Passing a TASP Essay)
  • 1. Analyze the assignment. (Identify SOAP elements [we will review on a separate slide] and all specific instructions.)
  • 2. Write a Thesis Statement which answers the assignment’s question.
  • 3. Decide on three points to support your thesis statement.
  • 4. Write an introduction which includes the thesis statement and demonstrates awareness of SOAP elements.
  • 5. Turn each of your three points into a well-developed paragraph.
  • 6. Write a conclusion which restates your main points in different words. Do not introduce new points in your conclusion.
soap elements
SOAP Elements
  • S = Subject (What you are going to be writing about)
  • O = Occasion (What format you going to use – i.e., letter, speech, or essay)
  • A = Audience (Who are you writing for – i.e., a teacher, your peers, a committee)
  • P =Purpose (What you hope to achieve with your writing – i.e. persuade, entertain, describe, inform or argue)
just start writing
Just Start Writing
  • If you cannot get started writing, sometimes you just need to get ideas flowing. Just start writing and KNOW that you will allot yourself time at the end of your 60 minutes for revision and editing. You will be typing your essay in a basic word processing program. You will be able to make changes.
  • Note:To leave a blank line between paragraphs, press the Enter key.Do not use the Tab key.
sample essay topic
Sample Essay Topic
  • Some schools require each student to participate in an organized school sport chosen by the student. People at these schools argue that athletics is an important part of the educational experience and that there should be a rule requiring participation. Others argue that students should be free to decide whether or not they wish to participate in organized school sports.Write an essay for a classroom instructor in which you take a position on whether participation in organized school athletics should be required. Be sure to defend your position with logical arguments and appropriate examples.
outlining a basic five paragraph essay
Outlining a Basic Five Paragraph Essay
  • Your position - pro or con (Your introductory paragraph will include a statement of each of your supporting points.)
  • Supporting point #1 (In your second paragraph you will develop this point.)
  • Supporting point #2 (In your third paragraph you will develop this point.)
  • Supporting point #3 (In your fourth paragraph you will develop this point.)
  • Conclusion (In your fifth paragraph, you will include a restatement of each of your supporting points as well as a restatement of your position – pro or con.)
outlining exercise
Outlining Exercise
  • At this point in the presentation, each student will outline a basic five paragraph essay for the sample topic previously given. (5 minutes)
  • One student then will be asked to volunteer their outline – so that it can be written on the board and discussed and revised.
watch your time
Watch Your Time
  • Watch your time for when you have about 15 minutes left. It is CRUCIAL to your score to carefully review what you have written and amend your introduction if necessary so that it matches the body of your essay. This means that you must introduce each of your supporting points in your introduction. Also make sure that your conclusion restates your introduction in different words.
  • It is also very important to your score that you do a separate review for subject verb agreement, spelling and punctuation.
good paragraphs make good essays
Good Paragraphs Make Good Essays
  • Each paragraph must have a clear, well supported topic sentence.
  • The topic must be sufficiently developed, using examples, reasons and definitions.
  • Sentences should be in logical order.
  • Special terms should be defined.
  • Unnecessary words should be left out.
good paragraphs make good essays16
Good Paragraphs Make Good Essays
  • Transitions should be used, especially between paragraphs so readers will follow your train of thought.
  • All pronouns should have clear antecedents.
  • Subjects and verbs must agree.
  • Each sentence must have a clear subject.
  • Spelling and punctuation must be correct.
english course placements based on accuplacer writing scores
English Course Placements based on Accuplacer Writing Scores
  • Essay Sentence Skills UTEP Placement

0-2 N/A BASK 0303 (at EPCC)

3-4 N/A ENGL 0311

5 20-120 ENGL 0311

6 N/A ENGL 1311 and

ENGL 0111

7-8 N/A ENGL 1311

  • Essay Sentence Skills EPCC Placement

0-4 N/A BASK 0303

5 20-79 BASK 0303

5 80-120 ENGL 0310

6-8 N/A ENGL 1301

sentence skills section
Sentence Skills Section
  • When taking the Writing Accuplacer Test, the Sentence Skills section will only be required if you score a 5 on the Essay. In this case, the score you get on the Sentence Skills test will indicate whether or not you have satisfied the Texas Success Initiative (TSI). What you score on the Sentence Skills test does not affect your UTEP placement.
  • If you score a 5 on the Essay and then you score an 80 on the on the Sentence Skills test, you will have cleared TSI. This has been the TSI policy since November 3, 2003.
sentence skills sample questions
Sentence SkillsSample Questions
  • Sample Questions 1 through 7 are Sentence Correction. The following directions apply to these first 7 questions.

Select the best version of the bold part of the sentence. The first choice is the same as the original sentence. If you think the original sentence is best, choose the first answer.

sentence skills sample questions20
Sentence SkillsSample Questions

1. Ms. Rose planning to teach a course in biology next summer.

  • planning
  • are planning
  • with a plan
  • plans
sentence skills sample questions21
Sentence SkillsSample Questions

2. The baby was obviously getting too hot,then Sam did what he could to cool her.

  • hot, then Sam did
  • hot, Sam did
  • hot; Sam, therefore, did
  • hot; Sam, trying to do
sentence skills sample questions22
Sentence SkillsSample Questions

3. She hoped to find a new job. One that would let her earn money during the school year.

  • job. One that
  • job. The kind that
  • job, one that
  • job, so that it
sentence skills sample questions23
Sentence SkillsSample Questions

4. Knocked sideways, the statue looked as if it would fall.

  • Knocked sideways, the statue looked
  • The statue was knocked sideways, looked
  • The statue looked knocked sideways
  • The statue, looking knocked sideways,
sentence skills sample questions24
Sentence SkillsSample Questions

5. To walk, biking, and driving are Pat's favorite ways of getting around.

  • To walk, biking, and driving
  • Walking, biking, and driving
  • To walk, biking, and to drive
  • To walk, to bike, and also driving
sentence skills sample questions25
Sentence SkillsSample Questions

6. When you cross the street in the middle of the block, this is an example of jaywalking.

  • When you cross the street in the middle of the block, this
  • You cross the street in the middle of the block, this
  • Crossing the street in the middle of the block
  • The fact that you cross the street in the middle of the block
sentence skills sample questions26
Sentence SkillsSample Questions

7. Walking by the corner the other day, a child, I noticed, was watching for the light to change.

  • a child, I noticed, was
  • I noticed a child watching
  • a child was watching, I noticed,
  • there was, I noticed, a child watching
sentence skills sample questions construction shift
Sentence SkillsSample Questions: Construction Shift
  • In Construction Shift questions, you are asked to rewritethe sentence in your head, following the directions given. Keep in mind that your new sentence should be well written and should have essentially the same meaning as the sentence given.
8. Being a female jockey, she was often interviewed. Rewrite, beginning withShe was often interviewed...

The next words will be

  • on account of she was
  • by her being
  • because she was
  • being as she was
9. In his songs, Gordon Lightfoot makes melody and lyrics intricately intertwine.

Rewrite, beginning withMelody and lyrics...

Your new sentence will include

  • Gordon Lightfoot has
  • make Gordon Lightfoot's
  • in Gordon Lightfoot's
  • does Gordon Lightfoot
10. It is easy to carry solid objects without spilling them, but the same cannot be said of liquids.

Rewrite, beginning withUnlike liquids,...

The next words will be

  • it is easy to
  • we can easily
  • solid objects can easily be
  • solid objects are easy to be
11: Excited children ran toward the loud music, and they told others about the ice cream truck outside.

Rewrite, beginning withThe excited children, who had run toward the loud...

The next words will be

  • music, they told
  • music told
  • music, telling
  • music and had told
Answers to Sample Sentence Skills questions:

1 (d), 2 (c), 3 (c), 4 (a), 5 (b), 6 (c),

7 (b), 8 (c), 9 (c), 10 (c), 11 (c),