a debate is religion good or bad for the psyche l.
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A Debate: Is religion good or bad for the psyche? PowerPoint Presentation
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A Debate: Is religion good or bad for the psyche?

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A Debate: Is religion good or bad for the psyche? - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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A Debate: Is religion good or bad for the psyche? Purpose of Religion: Allows for the unexplained to seem less frightening and more known Provides an explanation about humans’ creation and a hope for life after death Religion is bad. ~Addiction~ Addiction: general facts about addiction

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a debate is religion good or bad for the psyche

A Debate: Is religion good or bad for the psyche?

Purpose of Religion:

Allows for the unexplained to seem less frightening and more known

Provides an explanation about humans’ creation and a hope for life after death

religion is bad addiction
Religion is bad.~Addiction~
  • Addiction: general facts about addiction
    • Mood alteration: our thoughts and senses change.
    • tolerance: A result of physical addiction. Requires more doses for same level of affect as the first time.
    • Withdrawal: When our bodies know that the substance they are addicted to is not present.
religion is bad addiction3
Religion is bad~Addiction~
  • Religious addiction: Religion alters our mood and in result, it can be addictive.
  • Religious addiction can be a bad thing
    • Examples can be seen in extreme religious cases (ex: religious suicide- the destruction of the twin towers, cults-hazing, and extreme self-deprivations-fasting)
    • Follows the same steps of general addiction

(Ryan, Dales)

religion is bad addiction4
Mood change with drugs (marijuana)

Mood is increased by smoking: everything seems right and fulfilled.

Mood is decreased when not smoking: all that is thought of is the marijuana and what is felt when smoking it.

(Ryan, Dale)

Mood change with religion (Christianity)

Mood is increased when doing “praised” religious activities (example: evangelizing, praying, attending church)

Mood is decreased when not performing in acts involving religious activities

Religion is bad~Addiction~
religion is bad addiction5
Tolerance with drugs (marijuana)

The more a person smokes marijuana, the more marijuana it takes for them to feel the high.

The more it takes to make the feel the high, the more dependent they become on the drug.

Tolerance with religion (Christianity)

The first attendances to church seem very fulfilling. The more people do religious activities, more involvement is required to obtain the same “high” they received in the first few religious activities.

The more religious activities they are attending in order to get that “high”, the more they are becoming involved with the church making them dependent on the religion.

Religion is bad~addiction~
religion is bad addiction6
Withdrawal- involved in drugs (marijuana)

The more people gain a tolerance to marijuana the more they feel depressed and left out when they aren’t around it.

When away from marijuana all the user can think of is marijuana. (example: marijuana clothing, leaf symbol stickers, marijuana “leader” posters- Bob Marley)

Withdrawal- involved in religion (Christianity)

The more religious people become the more they become obsessed with it. (example: cell phone ringers that are Christian hems, shirts and notepads with Christian sayings, Christian symbol stickers on the back of a car, and Christian leader posters-Jesus)

It is seen in their every day life

Religion is bad~Addiction~
religion is bad similarities to addiction
Religion is bad~similarities to addiction
  • Addictions take over people’s lives and make them forget about their priorities. Many drug addicts end up in rehab.
  • Religion is bad because it can be an addiction and completely take over someone’s life. This could cause extreme actions such as religious suicide and religious killings.
religion is bad a health issue
Religion is bad~A health issue~
  • Private devotion such as praying and studying the bible has been shown to be associated with depression.
  • Some religions solely rely on their God to make them better when they are ill instead of seeking medical care which could seriously threaten their health. That is if God decided not to take care of them.

(Orgar, Wayne pg 1-99)

religion is bad taking it to the extremes
Religion is bad~Taking it to the extremes~
  • Court case: In Atlanta there was a trial where men were arrested for beating their children. The said their support for the way they acted came from the scriptures. As they were being led away they shouted “don’t stop beating your children! It is God’s will.”
  • This extreme interpretation of the bible caused extreme actions and an extreme ending in jail for the men.

(sick or healthy religion?)

religion is good how it provides benefits
Religion is good~how it provides benefits~
  • Provides us with a sense of protection.
    • When religion is being practiced, or faith is obtained through religion, there is a belief that a greater spirit or being is providing protection. Therefore, there is no need to fear life or death. It helps humans to live life to its fullest.
  • It provides happiness by allowing the bonds socially to grow.
    • The same religious people connect socially with one another for they share the same religious beliefs. This provides people with a sense of belonging and acceptance which is a great antidepressant.

(James, William)

religion is good how it provides benefits11
Religion is good~how it provides benefits~
  • There is supportive evidence showing that religious people enjoy a better mental and physical health.
  • This is believed to mainly be caused by the social aspects of religion.
    • Example: social gatherings during church services, religious fairs and carnivals, religious dinners and studies.

(Posner, Gary)

religion is good how it provides benefits12
Religion is good~How it provides benefits~
  • Religion is mainly based on trying to improve people’s lives.
    • Christianity-improves Christian's lives by offering hope. It also improves others lives by giving to charity and holding fund raisers for charity events.
    • Judaism- improves people’s lives by trying to make the world a better place in the present. They try to fix the world into a better place in order for everyone’s lives to be more peaceful.
religion is good enriches children s behavior
Religion is good~Enriches children’s behavior~
  • When it comes to children, it has been proven that religion is a healthy practice. The belief that there is something greater and more powerful than them affects their behavior for the better. It teaches them self discipline.
  • When they have religion they know how to value life and they know they believe there is a reason behind the things they do.
    • By obeying their parents they are pleasing God.
    • By not stealing they are following God’s commandments.

(Chopich, Erika)

religion is good its affects on families
Religion is good~Its affects on families~
  • Studies show that religious men who are frequently practicing their religion have lower blood pressure and a lower mortality rate.
  • Husbands that are active in their religion have been shown to have lower divorce rates.
  • Children who worship with their families are less likely to be included with alcohol, drugs, and gang activities.

(Is Christianity Healthy?)

religion is good provides a myth
Religion is good~provides a myth~
  • Mythology provides a background, almost a culture, which people look up to and relate their own personal history to.
  • A myth also provides heroes for people to have as idols and role models.
  • Religion is like a myth because it provides a background (people might say “I’m Christian” “I’m Jewish” “I’m Muslim”) and a hero for people to look up to (Jesus Christ, God, the Virgin Mary, Allah…etc)
  • Religion is beneficial by providing a myth. This allows people to feel associated with a certain group. When there are people who back share the same beliefs, it allows for great comfort and a decrease in depression.
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