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Primary One Literacy

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Primary One Literacy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Primary One Literacy. Phonics – Starting sounds. Making the Links between the Classroom & Sports Hall. The “Big Picture” of the Curriculum at Foundation & Key Stages 1. Curriculum Aim …

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primary one literacy

Primary One Literacy

Phonics – Starting sounds

Making the Links between the Classroom & Sports Hall

the big picture of the curriculum at foundation key stages 1

The “Big Picture” of the Curriculum at Foundation & Key Stages 1

Curriculum Aim …

The Northern Ireland Curriculum aims to empower young people to achieve their potential and to make informed and responsible decisions throughout their lives…

How can we use curricular subjects through PE to achieve this?

learning through movement
Learning Through Movement

Why do some children do so well and others fail?

How do we keep our pupils in the most receptive state for learning?

We teach children what to learn but do

we teach children How To Learn?

Do we use different teaching styles to suit different learning methods?

How might we use the sports hall to reinforce curricular skills?


Linking physical literacy with starting sounds

Connective learning between the classroom and gymnasium

‘Children to associate a visual picture with the starting sound of word while being physically active.’

how we as coaches linked what teachers were doing in class to the gymnasium
How we as coaches linked what teachers were doing in class to the gymnasium

Visual aids 10% - Hear

Sounds50% - See

C 90% - Do

  • Classroom
  • PE Hall

Making the link


Key Stage 1: P3. Teacher: Mr Paddy Hardy. Date: December/January 2012

  • The Arts:
  • Role play – Pirates.
  • Make – Pirate Hats, telescope.
  • Famous People – Black Beard, Henry Morgan etc.
  • Use a range of materials, tools and processes to realise their ideas and intentions.
  • Develop a sense of the world by engaging in a range of creative and imaginary role play situations.
making the links between the classroom sports hall

Making the Links between the Classroom & Sports Hall

P4 – Classroom to PE Hall & Visa Versa - Owen Mooney


Connect Learning through the Topic of Numeracy from the classroom to the PE Hall with a Focus on Multiplication & Angles

Linking PE to the Classroom through All Cross Curricular Topics


Develop Methods for Reinforcing the Topic of Multiplication through Classroom & Physical Activity Based Interactive Activities

Linking Angles through the medium of Physical Actions in the PE Hall


Thought Provoking, Creative & Innovative

School/Teacher/Children & Coach Relationships

why multiplication
Why Multiplication

Topic Being Covered by Mary & The Class

Multiplication – Interactive Whiteboard

Multiplication Story

Multiplication & Scoring in PE – 3 Videos

why angles
Why Angles

Complicated Linking

Attacking & Defending Questioning

Use of Space

The Defenders Back - 3 Videos

connecting learning to pe
Connecting Learning to PE

Connecting PE to the Classroom

Teacher & Coach Relationship

the future
The Future…

The belief is that we now live in an intelligence economy, not a knowledge economy.

It is how well people can think, solve problems, communicate and work in teams that are more important than simply how much you know.

We must provide opportunities for developing children’s Thinking Skills & Personal Capabilities

If we do not act, the obesity epidemic will continue, helping to fuel the looming health-care crisis and lowering the quality of educational achievement of our children.

There is abundant evidence that regular physical activity benefits the brains and bodies of school-aged children.


Go Raibh Maith Agat

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