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New SAC Chair Training

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New SAC Chair Training - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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New SAC Chair Training. Thank you for serving!. Handouts. New SAC Chair Training PowerPoint SIP/SAC Timeline Agenda Minutes Punch List Sign-in sheets Bylaws SAC Membership Form SAC Additions/Deletions Monitoring Form Sunshine Law FAQs Definitions Acronyms

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new sac chair training

New SAC Chair Training

Thank you for serving!

  • New SAC Chair Training PowerPoint
  • SIP/SAC Timeline
  • Agenda
  • Minutes
  • Punch List
  • Sign-in sheets
  • Bylaws
  • SAC Membership Form
  • SAC Additions/Deletions Monitoring Form
  • Sunshine Law FAQs
  • Definitions
  • Acronyms
  • Items Omitted: A+ Guidelines, Climate Survey, Election Information
sac calendar
SAC Calendar




sac agendas minutes
SAC Agendas & Minutes
  • Agenda
  • Minutes
  • Meeting Punch List
  • Sign-in Sheet


  • Sample Bylaws come from statute
  • Sample Bylaws (red items) are the minimum standard; these must be in all schools’ bylaws
  • Schools can add more bylaws as long as they do not conflict with the red items of Sample Bylaws
  • Article I: Name
  • Article II: Purpose
    • SIP & SAC Funds
  • Article III: Members
    • Stakeholders
    • 51%
    • Elected vs. Appointed
    • Majority vote of Quorum
    • 2 unexcused absences
  • Article IV: Duties
    • SIP & SAC Funds
  • Article V: Officers
    • SAC Chair & Secretary
    • SAC Chair is appointed by principal, approved by SAC quorum
    • SAC Chair provides agenda; Secretary keeps minutes
  • Article VI: Meetings
    • 3 days notice of meetings and items to be voted upon
    • Quorum is simple majority
    • Minutes must be approved at the subsequent meeting and sent to SIP office
  • Article VII: Committees
  • Article VIII: Parliamentary Authority (Roberts Rules of Order)
  • Article IX: Amendment of Bylaws
climate survey
Climate Survey
  • More information in January
  • Window: Feb 1—March 30
district advisory council
District Advisory Council
  • Ensure attendance at this monthly meeting
  • Ensure reporting of DAC minutes
  • SAC members can share this duty
  • DAC Website
  • More information in March
  • Window: April 14—May 14
sac membership
SAC Membership
  • The SAC Membership must:
    • be comprised of 51% or more non-Volusia County Schools employees;
    • consist of a diverse makeup of varied ethnic, racial, and socioeconomic groups;
    • contain a variety of stakeholder groups including parents, teachers, support staff, students (for middle and high schools), principal, community members, and business partners.
sac membership1
SAC Membership
  • The SAC Membership Rosters must be updated four times annually
    • Sept. 17 (to confirm SAC membership for the current school year)
    • Dec. 4 (to check SAC membership at the mid-year point)
    • April 2 (to confirm SAC membership before elections)
    • May 21 (to update SAC membership for the coming year after elections)
sac membership2
SAC Membership
  • Any member who has two consecutive, unexcused absences must be removed from the membership roster
    • Each time SAC Membership is updated, two forms must be updated and emailed to the School Improvement Office
      • SAC Membership Form
      • SAC Additions/Deletions Monitoring Form
sunshine law
Sunshine Law
  • SAC meetings operate in the Sunshine; public must be allowed to attend
  • All meeting agendas, including items to be voted upon, must be shared at least three days in advance with all SAC members(Email)
  • Meetings must be face to face
  • Any action involving the expenditure of SAC funds must be voted upon
  • Any action involving the School Improvement Plan must be voted upon
  • Voting cannot occur unless a quorum is present
  • A quorum is defined as a majority of the membership roster
sunshine law1
Sunshine Law
  • Refer to Sunshine Law FAQs
  • No conversation or communication (verbal or written) may occur between two or more members of a SAC on any matter which foreseeable action will be taken by the SAC.
    • No SAC member should discuss any SAC issue with a SAC member unless at a SAC meeting
  • Assume all notes, emails, documents or other records created by a SAC member during or outside of a SAC meeting are a public record subject to inspection by the public. If you create any such record, you responsible for providing the original or a copy of it to school improvement contact for your school.
  • To refer to these training materials,
  • See New Chairs Training ppt on site
  • See SAC Chairs Training on site
  • Possible materials for SAC Binders
  • Definitions
  • Acronym List
sac resources
SAC Resources




  • SAC Quick Reference Info:
  • Roberts Rules
  • Forms
sip toolbox
SIP Toolbox




  • SIP Quick Reference Info:
  • SIP Volusia Toolkit
  • State SIP Website
  • SIP Data
  • SIP & SAC Calendar