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‘ Friends of ShowTime’ ShowTimeTickets Supplier Loyalty Program PowerPoint Presentation
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‘ Friends of ShowTime’ ShowTimeTickets Supplier Loyalty Program

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‘ Friends of ShowTime’ ShowTimeTickets Supplier Loyalty Program - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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‘ Friends of ShowTime’ Supplier Loyalty Program. The Industry. Ticket Re-Selling - $5b dollar industry Major players – TicketMaster, ebay (StubHub),NHL, NFL, MLB,, Viagogo Industry forecasted to grow by 12% per annum over next 5 years

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Presentation Transcript
the industry
The Industry
  • Ticket Re-Selling - $5b dollar industry
  • Major players – TicketMaster, ebay (StubHub),NHL, NFL, MLB,, Viagogo
  • Industry forecasted to grow by 12% per annum over next 5 years
  • Exponential growth in Europe forecasted
  • Regulatory changes are freeing up the market all over the world as ticket reselling is embraced by consumers
what is friends of showtime
What is ‘Friends of ShowTime?’
  • A dedicated group of close supporters of ShowTime
  • Help with the Purchase of Tickets’
  • Helps ShowTime with buying the volume and quality of tickets that our customers’ desire
  • Membership Club that provides unique benefits to Friends in return for their support
who is showtimetickets com
Who is
  • Leading Ticket Re-Seller in Canada
  • Vancouver based – privately owned and operated
  • In business for over 22 years
  • Member of National Association of Ticket Brokers (NATB)
  • Buys & Sells hard to find tickets to sporting, concert and theatre events
how does it work
How does it work?
  • You provide ShowTime with a personal Credit Card to help with its ticket buying
  • You submit monthly Credit Card invoice to ShowTime – we pay it directly for you
  • In the odd occasion that the Tickets we purchase using your card get sent your home you forward tickets to ShowTime
option 1 credit card program
Option #1 Credit Card Program
  • Valid credit card – US and/or Canadian
  • Name and Address must match
  • ShowTime uses for buying for multiple events
  • You receive and then send/email monthly cc statements to ShowTime – we pay directly to your account
  • Dedicated card is better in order to reduce buying failure (avoids need to do credit card balancing personal purchases with company buys)
benefits of credit card program
Benefits of Credit Card Program
  • Earn Points/Airmiles on your account – you can redeem for Free Airline Tickets & other merchandise (specific to the card you choose)

All quality cards reward cardholders with points good for airline travel or other goods. 

  • Improved Credit Rating
    • We pay your card on time each month which will help you improve your credit rating and credit limits. For those of you who do not have a credit card or significant credit history ,credit cards are an excellent way to build up a good credit rating
  • Annual Card Fee Payments for Dedicated Cards - Exclusivity
    • We will pay  the FULL annual card fees for any Amex green and Avion US cards dedicated to the ShowTime Business 
    • we will pay 50% of annual fees any other gold cards left exclusively for us to use/manage
friends of showtime rewards for joining
Friends of ShowTime ‘Rewards For Joining’
  • $100 ShowTime Gift Card
  • 5* $25 Gift Cards that you can send to 5 Friends & Family good on purchase of ShowTime Tickets.
  • 10% discount on all ticket purchases with ShowTime for any events
  • Last Minute Club – unique ‘ticket specials’ for events ‘in and around’ downtown Vancouver
option 2 money mart address list
Option# 2Money Mart – Address List
  • Set up account at Money Mart with deposit of $200 – (cash will be forwarded to you in advance by ShowTime to fund the deposit)
  • using your own address, check off option for ‘managing your cc statements on line’
  • You have nothing else to do
    • Statements are managed online by ShowTime
    • You have no risk or obligation other than providing address
  • We will pay a $50 cash spiff
referral fee
Referral Fee
  • If you Refer another individual who subsequently joins the program you will earn another $50 Gift card
contact information support
Contact Information & Support
  • Program Manager
    • Colin Hanes 604-688-5000 ext 8265
  • Program Co-ordinator
    • Zuzana Palovic 604-688–5000 ext 8989

company contact information
Company Contact Information
  • Address

835 Beatty St Vancouver, BC V6B 2M6

  • Phone 604-688-5000
  • Email: