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Are you IN to make this The Best Year of Your Life ?. Family · Fitness · Freedom · Fun. Ocean Avenue . Look at the entire presentation to see some SURPRISING DETAILS……. http ://www.2minutemiraclegel.org. What if we could…

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Ocean Avenue

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ocean avenue

Are you IN to make this The Best Year of Your Life?

Family · Fitness · Freedom · Fun

Ocean Avenue

Look at the entire presentation to see some




What if we could…

  • Provide you with a SOLID BUSINESS in which you represented a line of products that literally EVERYONE wanted & was SIMPLE to share?
  • Allow you to get PAID to simply PARTY & have FUN?
  • Provide you with an All-Inclusive Vacation for your ENTIRE family every 4 months ….For FREE?
  • Provide you with a Residual Income that could CHANGE your life?

Go to http://www.2minutemiraclegel.org

for more information now !

Want to know how fat burning supplements, fitness products, and skin care treatment can ABSOLUTELYCHANGE YOUR LIFE ??

Would you care to LOOK at it?


Franco Cavaleriis the creator of the WAV System, continue on to learn about these ABSOLUTELY amazing health and fitness products.




  • Undenatured all-natural, high - bio-available Whey Protein
  • Glutathione Pre-cursor
  • For Anti-Aging
  • Raspberry Ketones
  • No Artificial Flavors or Sweeteners
  • WAVSmart
  • High Fiber/Greens Blend
  • Natural Vanilla-bean Flavor
  • A delicious MEAL SUPPLEMENT and Convenient Shake!
  • Slow release protein for satiety

WavBeyond: All natural ingredient that delivers powerful inflammatory and anti aging effects.

WavSmart: A naturally sweetened supplement of protein and fiber which delivers multiple sources of nutrition. It is designed for every single person in the family from adults, children, and seniors.

Proven Products that WORK!



  • Raises Serotonin levels- it is a mood enhancer
  • The Best Fat Burner (Metabolizer)
  • Curb Your Appetite
  • WAVFocus
  • 6 hour Power Pack
  • Stable Non-Jittery Energy
  • B Vitamins & Amino Acids
  • Orange Creamsickle Flavor
  • WAVMPower:
  • Reduces Inflammation
  • Helps Relieve Stiffness
  • Helps with Recovery
  • Rebuild Body Tissues
  • Pain Relief

AND… the “2 Minute Miracle Gel”!

shelly maguire

- Had Cystic Fibrosis as a child

- Is the Ice Elements Product Creator

- Book Author “Dancing in the Storm”

Shelly Maguire


I feel so fortunate to partner with Ocean Avenue and their brand, we will fill the world with beautiful people.

She is the creator of the popularskin product called the 2 Minute Miracle Gel.


2 Minute Miracle Gel contains

- Antarcticine

- Amino Acids

- Aloe Vera Extract

Only Sold by Ocean Avenue!

It is a:

- skin exfoliator

- cleanser

- hydrator

- toner

- primer

- pore minimizer

This anti-aging skin cream brings the skin PH back into balance. This plays a CRITICAL role in achieving long-term lasting results..

2 minute miracle gel

2 Minute Miracle Gel

This miracle exfoliating skin gel helps to maintain your skin moisture content even . 8 hours after application from the inside out.






Personal Product Experiences:

OK …. So who has 2 Minutes available for a quick


relationships do matter

Relationships Do Matter


Who do I know that wants to spend MORE TIME with their family ...plus...do things that they




Relationship Marketing

Ocean Avenue Parties

Simply throw a FUN party for your friends, and share with them the incredible

2 Minute Miracle Gel & how they can Earn FREE Vacations for their family

Then help THEM throw an Ocean Avenue Party for THEIR friends & watch your business grow!

Get PAID to PARTY and more…!



H20 Compensation PlanGlobally Accepted: Speed of a Binary Plan- Stability of a Uni-level Plan

10 ways to get paid

10 Ways to get Paid…

Retail Commissions: On all of your retail sales

Wholesale Commissions: Between 5% and 15% of the total of all your customer orders.

Fast Start Bonus: 10% Cash Bonus paid weekly on your personally enrolled orders

Ocean Team Commissions: Up to 20% on the Binary on your Pay Leg to an unlimited depth.

Uni-level Bonus: Receive bonuses down to nine (9) levels deep.

Uni-level Matching Bonus: Earn matching bonuses of up to 20% on the Uni-level bonus

Generational Leadership Bonus

Global Pool: 1% of Worldwide Uni-level Business Volume (shared by qualified Diamond Ambassadors and above)

Additional Bonuses & Rewards:

9. 3xFree Program: Our 3xFree program gives you the opportunity to get your products for free!

10. Ocean Avenue Vacation Club: Vacation points are accrued through various business activities and customer sales—this is a reward program, not compensation!

To view more information about the compensation or vacation plans, go to http://myoave.com/EmpowerYourHealthNow/Secure/Opportunity/Opportunity.aspx

h 2 0 compensation plan h ybrid unilevel 2 commission engines to drive your business

H20 Compensation Plan: Hybrid-unilevel2 Commission Engines to drive your business

1. Weekly - Dual Ocean team

Your Immediate Income

2. Monthly – Uni-level Your Long Term Residual Income

9 Levels with Full Dynamic Compression

Get paid up to 20% on your Pay Leg to Infinity!

now that you look so good have money coming in how about a family vacation

Now that you LOOK so good & have Money Coming in……How about a FAMILY VACATION?

Ovātion is our way of uniting families& friends to

create memories to last a lifetime.

Every month Ambassadors Earn Vacation Points which can be used for any of our signature vacations.

Ambassadors can qualify for an All ExpensePaid Ovātionin as little as 90 days!

For instance….On June 28, 2013, hundredsof guests attended our Ovātion Family Trip.


Some of our BEST Family Memories come when we’re on vacation…

…Why not create tons of MEMORIES for

YOUR FAMILY with Ocean Avenue?


why ocean avenue

Why Ocean Avenue?

Clear Vision

Proven Leadership

Solid Science

Incredible Products

Unique Culture

Proven System

Strong Community

Family Oriented

Global Presence



global presence

Global Presence

Within one year’s time, Ocean Avenue was in these 9 markets…They also had generated $10 Million in sales!! Does this tell you something about the POTENTIAL GROWTH of this business??









New Zealand

And MANY more to come…

getting started is as easy as 1 2 3

Getting Started is as easy as 1-2-3

1. Activate Your Business

for only $49.

2. Select your Starter Pack:

Good: Ambassador Pack

Better: Gold Pack

BEST: Pearl Pack

Ice Elements StarterPack

3. Get on auto-ship

Monthly minimum of $50.



Bonus for purchasing AMBASSADOR Pack:

  • 15% on Wholesale Customers for Life
  • Bonus for purchasing Gold Pack:
  • 15% on Wholesale Customers for life.
  • 15% on First Order Bonus
  • Paid as minimum of Gold Qualified for LIFE (15% in Binary)
  • Bonus for purchasing Pearl Pack:
  • 15% on Wholesale Customers for life.
  • 15% on First Order Bonus
  • Paid as minimum of Pearl Qualified for LIFE (20% in Binary)
  • 20% Check Match for LIFE
why join with the pearl pack

Why Join with the Pearl Pack…


  • If YOU enrolled with a Pearl Pack:
  • You have a good amount of Product to Build your Ocean Avenue Business RIGHT
  • You’re set to receive a Higher Payout
  • If YOU enroll someone with a Pearl Pack, you get:
  • Paid 15% F.O.B. = $225
  • Paid 20% Binary Pay Leg = $240
  • Someone… ANYWHERE in your Binary Pay Leg Downline enrolls someone with a Pearl Pack:
  • YOU’RE Paid 20% Binary Pay Leg = $240
  • (Capped at rank - up to $75,000 weekly)

= $465

Power Leg

Pay Leg


2 Minute Miracle Starter Pack

· 15% on wholesale customers for LIFE

· 15% on first order bonus

· 20% in the binary for LIFE

· 20% check-match for LIFE

Bonus for purchasing

· 24-2 oz. Ice Elements

2 Minute Miracle

· 60 sample containers

· 60 product info cards

· 12 sample spatulas

· 1 product booklet

· Cosmetic Wipes


Or you can choose a smaller package to start your business which is listed on the following website:


time to find your ocean

Time to find YOUR Ocean…

There are 3 types of people:

I want to try the products and perhaps become a retail customer

Iam interested in the business… but have a few questions…could become a representative (ambassador)

I am ready to get started RIGHT now!

(want to become wholesale customer)

THINK BIG…Come and join one of the fastest growing companies now!


we hope to see you on the beaches of our world

You can’t become who you want to be by continuing to do exactly what you’ve been doing.

If you are passionate about something, pursue it, no matter what anyone else thinks. That’s how dreams are achieved. The only place where your goals and dreams are impossible is inside your own head.  Once you’ve dreamed of it, you’re halfway there.  So go ahead and follow through.  Let your dreams be bigger than your fears and your actions louder than your words.

We hope to see YOU...On the Beaches of OUR World!

<<< Come And Find Your Ocean Today >>>

This presentation was presented by an independent Ocean Avenue ambassador..