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Aroma Therapy PowerPoint Presentation
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Aroma Therapy

Aroma Therapy

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Aroma Therapy

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  1. Aroma Therapy Elise Maurides Mrs. Rice 8th grade

  2. Question Does aroma therapy decrease someone’s heart rate?

  3. Hypothesis If I let someone smell lavender, which is said to relax you, for thirty seconds, then their heart rate will decrease.

  4. Abstract • In my project, I wanted to see if aroma therapy really worked. I went to the store and found out that lavender is said to relax you. I decided that I would test people’s heart rate before smelling the lavender and after to see if it slowed the heart rate down.

  5. Materials List • Lavender • Q-tips • Timer • Pencil • Paper

  6. Variables • Independent- The person smelling the lavender. • Controlled- The amount of time the person smells the lavender, how much lavender I applied to the Q-tip. • Dependent- The person’s heart rate.

  7. Step by Step Procedures • Go to the store to buy the lavender • Find people that will let you test them in the experiment • Gather any other materials you need before testing • Find the person’s heart rate • Pour the lavender on a Q-tip • Tell the person to close their eyes and let them smell the lavender for 30 seconds.

  8. Step by Step Procedures cont. • Test the person’s heart rate after they smelled the lavender • Record the data • Then repeat for however many people you decide to test

  9. Data Table

  10. Graph

  11. Results • Evidence: My evidence was the results in the data table from the experiment. • Claim: I claimed that after smelling lavender a person’s heart rate would slow down

  12. Conclusion • My Hypothesis was correct. After testing each person their heart rate did slow down. Some heart rates slowed down a lot, while others only slowed down a little. There was only one person in my experiment whose heart rate did not slow down at all. This was my first test, so I made sure to test as many people as I could to get accurate results.

  13. Application • This experiment has proven that aroma therapy really does work. In real life you could use this many ways. If you are having trouble falling asleep you could mix in the lavender with some water. You would then put it in a spray bottle, and then spray it on your pillow to help relax you before bed.

  14. The End