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Shel Silverstein. Trystan Beacham. Shel Silverstiens Biagraphy.

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Shel Silverstein

Trystan Beacham


Shel Silverstiens Biagraphy

Shel Silverstiein was born September 25, 1930 in Chicago, Illinois. He is a poet, singer-songwriter, musician, composer, cartoonist, screenwriter, and author of children’s books. He had two children a girl named Shoshanna and a son named Matthew. His daughter died when she was 11. Shel Silverstein died at the age of 68 on May 8th or 9th in Key West, Florida of a heart attack. (Shel Silverstein) Shel Silverstein’s religion is Jewish. He served in Japan and Korea when he was in the US Army (Shel Silverstein).


Shel Silversein's poerty

He wrote the book of poetry called where the Sidewalk Ends. He wrote 11 books of poetry in his life. (Shel Silverstein) Shel Silverstein’s poetry is for kids. They are funny and people like them. Shel Silverstein’s first poetry book was where the Sidewalk Ends. (Shel Silverstein Biography)


Hug O'War

I will not play at tug o' war.I'd rather play at hug o' war,Where everyone hugsInstead of tugs,Where everyone gigglesAnd rolls on the rug,Where everyone kisses,And everyone grins,And everyone cuddles,And everyone wins.

By Shel Silverstein

I think that it is a good poem. Its about someone wanting hugs instead of tugging on a rope.