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Telecom Cabling

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Telecom Cabling. Telecommunications cable types. Telecom Cabling. Cable types: Quad or JK. Telecom Cabling. Quad cable is a typical residential style cable. It may also be called “JK” cable. It is called quad cable because it contains four conductors.

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telecom cabling
Telecom Cabling

Telecommunications cable types

telecom cabling1
Telecom Cabling
  • Cable types: Quad or JK.
telecom cabling2
Telecom Cabling
  • Quad cable is a typical residential style cable.
  • It may also be called “JK” cable.
  • It is called quad cable because it contains four conductors.
  • The four conductors are color coded as Green, Red, Black, and Yellow.
telecom cabling3
Telecom Cabling
  • There are times when it will be necessary to incorporate 4 pair UTP into a quad style outlet or plug.
  • The next slide shows multiple ways of terminating plugs using 4 pair and quad.
telecom cabling4
Telecom Cabling
  • Pin outs for UTP and Quad
telecom cabling5
Telecom Cabling
  • Note the use of “T” and “R” when discussing telephone circuits.
  • A telephone is simply a circuit like a battery. It has a Positive (+) and a Negative (-) part.
  • In telephony we use tip (T) to show positive and ring (R) to show the negative side of the circuit.
telecom cabling6
Telecom Cabling
  • Pin-outs RJ-11. Note that the center pins of a plug carry telephone signal.
telecom cabling7
Telecom Cabling
  • When simple premise is color coded, two-wire telephone plugs or the first pair of a multi-pair plug commonly have the tip wire coded green and the ring coded red.
  • In four wire plugs, the second pair isblack (tip) and yellow (ring).
telecom cabling8
Telecom Cabling
  • For a third pair, white (tip) and blue (ring).
  • For larger numbers of wires, more complex schemes such as the 25-pair color code are used.
telecom cabling9
Telecom Cabling
  • Residential Color Code (USOC), uniform service order code.
telecom cabling10
Telecom Cabling
  • Green before Red, Black before Yellow
  • Christmas and Halloween.
telecom cabling11
Telecom Cabling
  • How would we wire 4 pair UTP (blue, orange, green, and brown) to a quad style jack?
telecom cabling12
Telecom Cabling
  • Answer: white/ blue to green, blue/white to red, white/orange to black, and orange/ white to yellow.
telecom cabling13
Telecom Cabling
  • STP cable (shielded twisted pair).
  • 4 pair cable with an overall foil shield and each pair is shielded.
  • Used in areas where interference can occur (e.g. a machine shop) or T1s.
telecom cabling14
Telecom Cabling
  • STP cable, notice it has a small metallic wire.
  • This small metallic wire is called the drain wire and is usually ground to the patch panel.
telecom cabling15
Telecom Cabling
  • Note that with shielded cable we must use a shielded jack and a shielded patch panel as well.
telecom cabling16
Telecom Cabling
  • In some instances we install a screened cable called ScTP, this also has a drain wire.
telecom cabling17
Telecom Cabling
  • 1- conductor
  • 2-insulation
  • 3-cable jacket or sheath
telecom cabling18
Telecom Cabling
  • Cable construction:
  • A typical cable is constructed with copper conductors which are covered with insulation and are then covered with a jacket or sheath with a rip-cord inside the jacket as well.
telecom cabling19
Telecom Cabling
  • How do you know what type of cable you have?
  • The cable jacket is labeled every 4 feet.
  • This is important information for the installer.
telecom cabling20
Telecom Cabling
  • Because cables installed in a building can be a source of toxic fumes and flame spread during a fire, the type of material used in the jacket and insulators is important.
telecom cabling21
Telecom Cabling
  • It is so important that it is regulated by several government agencies and we are required by law to install the correct cable type in the correct place.
  • Lets look at the types of cable jackets we use in our industry.
telecom cabling22
Telecom Cabling
  • There are essentially three areas into which we install our cables:
  • PLENUM CMP (P denotes plenum)
  • NON-PLENUM (general purpose) CM
  • RISER CMR (R denotes riser)
telecom cabling23
Telecom Cabling
  • Aseparate space provided for return air circulation for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning
  • Typically provided in the space between the structural ceiling and a drop-down ceiling.
telecom cabling24
Telecom Cabling
  • A plenum may also be under a raised floor. In buildings with computer installations, the plenum space is often used to house connecting communication cables.
  • Because ordinary cable introduces a toxic hazard in the event of fire, special plenum cabling is required in plenum areas.
telecom cabling25
Telecom Cabling
  • Plenum cable is usually about 3 times more expensive than non-plenum cables.
  • This a huge consideration when installing cables.
telecom cabling26
Telecom Cabling
  • In the U.S., typical plenum cable sizes are American Wire Guage (AWG) sizes 22, 23 and 24.
  • Plenum cabling is often made of Teflon and is more expensive than ordinary cabling.
  • In the event of fire, its outer material is more resistant to flames and, when burning, produces less toxic smoke than ordinary cabling.
telecom cabling27
Telecom Cabling
  • Here we see cable designations:
  • The white cable indicates that it is a CAT 5 patch cord.
  • The yellow cable is type CMP and the pink cable is CM.
telecom cabling28
Telecom Cabling
  • RISER-used in vertical tray applications such as cable runs between floors through cable risers or in elevator shafts.
  • These spaces cannot be used for environmental air.
  • These cables must self extinguish and must also prevent the flame from traveling up the cable in a vertical burn test.
telecom cabling29
Telecom Cabling
  • Cables used in vertical riser shafts must have the CMR listing.
telecom cabling30
Telecom Cabling
  • Some high pair count cables (100 to 2400 pr.) may be PIC (plastic insulated cable)types.
  • This type of cable has a 25 pair color code with no tracers so it is very important to not let the pairs untwist.
telecom cabling31
Telecom Cabling
  • General Purpose -Will burn and partially self extinguish.
  • Not for use between build floors or in air plenum spaces.
  • Often these cables are used for workstation cables and patch cords.
telecom cabling32
Telecom Cabling
  • Can CMP cable be substituted with CMR cable for horizontal runs?
  • Can CMR cable be substituted with CMP for use in vertical riser shafts?