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Dressage 101

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Dressage 101. What is Dressage All About?. Dressage is a French word for Training. It is the basis of all training and can help any horse and rider from any discipline become better in his/her discipline.

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what is dressage all about
What is Dressage All About?
  • Dressage is a French word for Training.
  • It is the basis of all training and can help any horse and rider from any discipline become better in his/her discipline.
  • Dressage has different levels which range from the Introductory level which is for when you first start, to Grand Prix, which is for the very advance riders.
arena layout
Arena Layout
  • The standard Dressage Arena is 20x40m and the large Arena is 20x60m.
  • Intro Level – Training Level tests are done in a standard arena and generally 1st level and up tests are completed in a larger arena.
  • The arena is laid out with letters all the way around it in order to direct the rider when and where to go and make the different moves.
the levels
The Levels
  • Intro Level
  • Training Level
  • 1st Level
  • 2nd Level
  • 3rd Level
  • 4th Level
  • Prix St. George
  • Intermediare I
  • Intermediare II
  • Grand Prix
  • Each Level has 3 tests.
in dressage as a beginner you are expected to wear
In Dressage as a beginner, you are expected to wear…
  • light colored breeches
  • Black gloves
  • Tall boots (dress or field) or black paddock boots with black half chaps
  • Dressage Shirt (it looks like a polo, but zips up around the neck)
  • Black belt if no jacket
  • Jacket of a conservative color, with Dressage Tie & Pin (optional, at schooling shows)
more advance riders are expected to wear
More Advance Riders are Expected to Wear…
  • White gloves
  • White breeches
  • Black fitted dressage coat
  • Dress Boots
  • Dressage Shirt
  • Dressage Tie & Pin
what s expected
What’s Expected?
  • Each Level and test has different moves and different expectations.
  • The higher the level the more is expected of the horse and rider.
  • You are judged on your equitation, use of aids, communication with your horse, if you keep your horse forward, how well the moves are completed, if your horse keeps a constant rhythm, and how you handle different situations.
what s expected1
What's Expected…
  • Intro (Test A &Test B)
    • Walk &Trot, 20m circles
    • Free Walk
    • Contact, no loose reins
    • Stay on course
    • Use of Corners
    • They are in Control
    • Forward
    • Equitation (your body position)
  • Intro B adds 20m canter circles
what s expected2
What’s Expected…
  • Training (Test 1-4)
    • Walk, Trot, Canter, 20m Circles
    • On the Bit
    • Plus all of Intro Level, but better