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Creative Programming. Five Star Chapter Excellence. National Initiative What does a great chapter look like? A Star Rating System will be used to assess the quality of service or overall experience one should expect to receive from Jack and Jill . Five Star Chapter Excellence.

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Creative programming

Creative Programming

Eastern Region Programming

Five star chapter excellence
Five Star Chapter Excellence

National Initiative

What does a great chapter look like?

A Star Rating System will be used to assess the quality of service or overall experience one should expect to receive from Jack and Jill

Eastern Region Programming

Five star chapter excellence1
Five Star Chapter Excellence

A National Task force of Past National and Regional Officers was formed to establish comprehensive guidelines to aid chapters in understanding National Excellence requirements in the key categories of:



Chapter Operations


Community Service/Philanthropy

Eastern Region Programming

Five star chapter excellence2
Five Star Chapter Excellence

A Rating Scale will be included with every category.

Based on achieving an Excellent rating in a particular category, the chapter will receive a gold star from the National officer with input from the Regional Director.

Chapters achieving this rating will need to demonstrate that they have excelled in all key areas.

Eastern Region Programming

Five star excellence in programming
Five Star Excellence in Programming

  • Success Measurements

  • Adheres to National Program Initiatives

  • Adheres to Regional Program Initiatives

  • Adheres to Local Program Initiatives

  • Recognition by NEB for Excellence in Chapter Programming and Chapter Program Book

  • Articles/Photos in UP THE HILL

  • Articles/Photos in SCOPE

  • Chapter Programs that highlight Educational, Social, Recreational, Cultural, Civic Health Issues, Legislative Issues and Leadership Development

Eastern Region Programming

Five star chapter excellence3
Five Star Chapter Excellence

Programming is the heart of the organization.

Successful Programming leaves everyone looking forward to the next activity as it is a chance to get together again with friends.

Eastern Region Programming

Include required activities
Include Required Activities

  • Founders Day (January)- Honor Charter Members, Rededication Service, Jack and Jill Workshops

  • Father’s Appreciation Day (April)

  • Jack and Jill Day (September) Family Worship, Chapter-wide Family Outing or Dinner

  • Carole Robertson Memorial Day (September)- Memorial Service in honor of Carol Robertson, age, 14, who lost her life as a victim of the 16th Street Baptist Church as a result of the tension in the area. Ceremony can include a candle lighting ceremony and a reading of the poem, “To Carol”.

  • Associates Appreciation Day (February)

  • Black Family Day (May)- established by Dr. Eva Wanton, 13th National President

Eastern Region Programming

National programs
National Programs

  • National Leadership Project –encourages chapters to partner with Boys and Girls Clubs of America to implement leadership training of community youth utilizing the Teen Leadership and Development Guide Training Modules.

  • National Day of Service- Volunteering on Martin Luther King’s Birthday

  • The Thompson Family Fund (National Service Project)- Every chapter is asked to donate $50 each year to the fund

  • Dismantling the Cradle to Prison Pipeline- National Legislative Initiative

  • Youth Service Recognition- Recognition for greater than 25 hours per year will be awarded

  • Teen Leadership & Development Initiative- Sixteen Leadership Modules for teen groups and now ages 8-12 also.

Eastern Region Programming

Eastern regional programs
Eastern Regional Programs

  • Regional Mother’s Conference

  • Four Cluster Workdays throughout the Region

    • Teen Cluster Day included

    • Module Support

  • Leadership Day Summit

    • for Grades 8 through 12

    • Module Support

    • Includes a Community Service component on Martin Luther King Jr.’s Birthday Weekend

  • Teen Conference

    • Includes a Community Service Component

Eastern Region Programming

Local chapter programming
Local Chapter Programming

  • There is a Strong Relationship Between Programming and Membership

  • New Members are attracted

  • Members are invested when their children are interested

  • Involvement increases

  • Research and tap the strengths and talents within your chapter

Eastern Region Programming

Include core elements
Include Core Elements

  • Educational

  • Legislative/ Civic

  • Social

  • Recreational

  • Community Service

  • Cultural

Eastern Region Programming

Creative programming

Think Big

Think Big

Our Children Deserve It

Eastern Region Programming

Creative programming

Think BIG

  • If activities are clearly something they can do everyday, should it be a part of your programming?

  • If an activity is something you can do everyday, think of how it can be enhanced to be extraordinary.

  • Get to know the members and spouses’ talents in your child’s group and other groups.

Eastern Region Programming

Think of the needs of your groups
Think of the Needs of Your Groups

  • Is it a small group?

    • Create intimate activities

  • Are there lots of boys, one girl ?

    • Remember to include activities for both genders

  • Are there clicks? Are children hesitant to welcome new children ?

    • Think of ice breakers to help children get to know others

    • Use the modules to help children socialize with others

    • Talk with your own children about their behavior

    • Listen to concerns

Eastern Region Programming

Need additional help
Need Additional Help

  • Look to your right, look to your left……

  • Jack and Jill is a network of wonderful women

  • Make friends and share ideas

Eastern Region Programming

What are the resources within your chapter
What are the Resources within your Chapter?

Your chapter has treasures in it.

  • Check with membership

  • Survey mothers about interests and talents

  • Have a mother in a different age group conduct an activity for another group

  • Illicit help from fathers to conduct a module.

  • Your ideas………………………

Eastern Region Programming

How about resources outside of your chapter
How About Resources Outside of Your Chapter?

  • Explore activities with Sister Chapters through your Chapter President

  • Create partnerships with other organizations (Sororities, Fraternities, Children’s Defense Fund, Boys and Girls Club, Toastmasters, etc.)

Eastern Region Programming

Keep records of activities
Keep Records of Activities

  • Hand in Activity Reports monthly (Your Editor can use this for an article in UP THE HILL or SCOPE)

  • Take pictures of activities

  • Scrapbooking

  • Powerful Recruiting Tool

Eastern Region Programming

Age appropriate activities
Age Appropriate Activities

  • Keep age groups separate as much as possible so children get to know and bond with children in their age group

  • Think of activities that will be of interest to your child

Eastern Region Programming

What does a chapter program chair do
What does a Chapter Program Chair do?

  • Plan Program Committee Meetings


  • Report Upcoming Events at Chapter Meetings and other correspondence

  • Coordinate Chapter wide Programming

  • Facilitate the Chapter Age Group Program Calendar

  • Works with the Age Group Leaders and Mothers in planning

Eastern Region Programming

Chapter program chair
Chapter Program Chair

  • Keep Chapter aware of program requirements and updates

  • Prepare the Jack and Jill Program Hnadbook

  • Follow the checklist provided on the website under forms.

  • Submit your Chapter Program Handbook to the National Office and your Regional Program Chair by November 1st

    • There is a fine for late submission

  • Use your resources if you need help –

    Your Program Committee

    Your Regional Program Chair

Eastern Region Programming

Chapter program chair1
Chapter Program Chair

  • Additional Forms to Manage Chapter Programming Tasks

    • Liability Release Forms

    • Medical Information Forms

    • Chapter Program Handbook Checklist

    • End of Year Program Assessment

    • Youth Service Recognition Form

    • Activity Planning Workshop

    • Activity Report and Evaluation Form

    • Passport to Leadership Certificate

Eastern Region Programming

The mothers
The Mothers

  • It is the responsibility of each and every Mother Member to participate in the planning of the overall group activities

  • It is also the member’s responsibility to have children participate in all activities (not just the ones they like) and notify the leader of the activity if they cannot participate.

  • Teens should be assuming more responsibility and planning their own activities

Eastern Region Programming

The mothers1
The Mothers

  • Complete Activity Evaluation in a timely manner.

  • Include photos which can be submitted to your Chapter Editor for UP THE HILL and SCOPE

  • All activities are published in the Chapter Program Handbook which is distribute to mothers at the beginning of the year

Eastern Region Programming

Father s auxiliary
Father’s Auxiliary

  • It is imperative that our children have many opportunities to learn from male role models.

  • Utilize the help of the Dads

  • Include Dads where possible

  • Be sensitive to the fact that some Dads may be unavailable (SHARE)

  • Remember to stroke Dad

Eastern Region Programming

Associates and best practices
Associates and Best Practices

  • “Been There, Done That” - Use the help and expertise of the Associates

  • If you don’t have an Associate Group, talk to the Regional Associate Chair Robin Ott for direction.

  • Show appreciation for your Associates.

Eastern Region Programming


  • Senior Teens must complete 12 or more Modules for the 2009-2010 Program Year.

    • Six Financial Modules

    • Six Leadership Modules

  • Children 8 to 12 years old may complete 6 financial modules

    • It is recommended that you incorporate 6 modules into your programming for 8 – 13 year olds.

    • Children 8-12 years old are not required to do Leadership Modules although you can modify some activities and it is a great introduction.

  • Find Resources to help you get Modules

  • Seek the Expertise within your Chapters

  • Seek Experts outside of your Chapter

  • Eastern Region Programming

    Ideas to share
    Ideas to Share

    Eastern Region Programming

    Creative programming

    • Logging into the Jack and Jill website

      • Go to

      • Go to Member Login

      • Type in your ID number #

      • Password is jackandjill

  • Explore the site. You will find the forms and other resources you need.

  • Eastern Region Programming

    The eastern region is dedicated to creating and maintaining five star chapter excellence
    The Eastern Region is dedicated to creating and maintaining Five Star Chapter Excellence

    Quizzes and giveaways
    Quizzes and Giveaways

    Jack and Jill Jeopardy Game

    Eastern Region Programming

    Here to support you
    Here to Support You

    Kim Adams

    Regional Program Chair

    Eastern Region Programming