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Grass Shears

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Grass Shears. Questions and answers about grass shears. What are grass shears for?.

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grass shears

Grass Shears

Questions and answers about grass shears

what are grass shears for
What are grass shears for?

Grass shears are for cutting grass easier. Some of them are on a handle, so you can use them easier, but some are short ones which means you need to lean down to use them on grass. With grass shears you can cut grass and small tree branches easily.

how do grass shears work
How do grass shears work?

Grass shears work similarly to scissors. You need to squeeze the two handles shut and the result is the scissor part is closes and open when you open the handles.

how are grass shears used
How are grass shears used?

Grass shears are used usually during spring, summer or fall for cutting grass that has overgrown or for tiding it up so it can grow more and better. Grass shears can be used for roses or bushes too though.

who is likely to use grass shears
Who is likely to use grass shears?

Any person can use grass shears, so you can’t say who would most likely use garden shears. Most often a gardener would use grass shears though. A person that has a garden but doesn’t have a gardener would use grass shears, but if a person has a garden and does have a gardener then the gardener is more likely to use grass shears.

will garden shears be used once a few times or lots of times
Will garden shears be used once, a few times or lots of times?

Garden shears can be used many times, because they are usually good quality. If you keep them in water, scratch them and physically destroy them, then of course, you will most likely me able to use them once.

And again…

will grass shears be used regularly or occasionally
Will grass shears be used regularly or occasionally?

Grass shears are used whenever grass or bushes grow too tall, then they are cut down with grass shears. The grass or bushes still continue to grow, so grass shears are used quite regularly. If it’s a good summer, then grass shears would be used more often than in a bad summer.

how useful are grass shears
How useful are grass shears?

Grass shears are very useful, especially if they are long ones. With long ones you don’t need to bend down to cut the grass, but with the short ones you do. By bending down and cutting the grass with the short grass shears, your back might start to hurt, so tall ones are more handy. The tall ones are more expensive though, because they are better.

With bending

Without bending

what might t he grass shears look like in the future
What might the grass shears look like in the future?

Grass shears might be changed in the future, but it matters whether or not a person will make a new model of them.The changes a person might make is the safety. This is important, so who ever uses them can be safe and not get hurt by cutting their fingers. Right now anybody can accidently hurt themselves easily.


what can be improved on the grass shears
What can be improved on the grass shears?

As I said, the safety could be improved on the garden shears. It is really easy now to cut yourself with the garden shears, because the sharp part is right open. If that would be prevented somehow, then it would be better.

how can the risks be minimized of the grass shears
How can the risks be minimized of the grass shears?

The risks of the grass shears can be minimised not only if the safety is changed, but also if the right person uses the garden shears. If it is a irresponsible person that is working with the grass shears, then there are pretty big risks that the person can get cut. If a responsible person is working with the grass shears, then they are unlikely to get hurt.

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